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Spiritual Capitalism at SRCM (Sahaj Marg) tm

Spiritual Capitalism at the SRCM and Sahaj Marg

With the Christian Reformation, the practice of offering "indulgences", a sort of "spiritual" credits or "blessings" to assure a "favour" from the "Divine ONE" in this life or in the "afterlife", was stopped and the "Protestant" movement with its "democratization" of the Christian Church structure blossomed and moved to the New World after taking root and gaining a foot-hold in Europe.

What is happening in Sahaj Marg is a loop-back to "Spiritual Capitalism", or to the days when "indulgences" could be granted by, or bought from, a "holy person" as if they (the so-called "holy person of position") had a special or prefered place in the ONE God's Creation. It would be the the equivalent of the sun shining more on those who gave money or gifts to the Church than on those who didn't, like the poor and the sick for instance.

Here is an e-mail that is circulation among the "abhyasis" asking for "$1,200.00 US for the brithday of the Master, Chari. The comments are from Christian, of the Spidi blog who was an abhyasi for 18 years and is now looking into the ISRC as a "spiritual" path. Christian is a PHD and research psychologist.

Here is the full post on the Desperate Abhyasi blog in Europe:
(I translated the comments from French)

Christian said...

Dear Sister / Brother:

“MASTER’S 81st BIRTHDAY GIFT”We have to announce, with Rev. [revenue?] Master’s permission of course [I love this one] something [read well the intro, bacause we don't know more at the end] He [Capitalized, so "Idolatry"] is going to offer to us on His [idolatry] 81st birthday which falls on the 24th of July, 2007 [in case the next one falls on Jan 3, 2009].

A project is being developed and executed [developed, I understand- execute, I don't see- specially that when a project is executed, it is no longer a project] to give to all of us abhyasis [abhyasis alone? I suppose they mean all the adherents to SRCM tm, because everyone who practices a "spiritual" discipline is an abhyasi if we stick to the true meaning of the word] -

"Master's 81st Birthday Gift" [What is this??!!] which will be available to all who wish [to pay 1200$] it on His [idolatry] 81st birthday at Tiruppur, India [first information]. In case you think this is our gift to the Master, please disabuse [??] yourself of this thought, for it is His [idolatry] gift to us, which He [idolatry] assures us we can use again and again throughout our life [whoa! they hit a major blow this time, so what is it, then??!!]. For the moment, that is all we are permitted to say [Ah! Ah! Ah!] , except that donors who donate USD 1,200 to the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation will be the first recipients [AH! AH! AH! Admit it! They are arrogant. The intoxicate you by making you chew on anything while asking you for $1,200.00 US. But don't imagine that it's your gift to him, it's his gift to you! And you'll swallow that? If so, you are "dumber" that you think. You'll probably find yourself with a CD ROM or a "bobsit" that you'll have paid $1200.00 US]. Please complete [as if they were sure that you would make a donation] the attached SMSF (India) - Corpus Donation Form and include it with the donation remittance [so there] -

You may learn more about the Birthday Celebrations on the Mission’s web site

[I checked it out and there is nothing new to learn: I told you at the intro. It seems that Chari has seen 1000 moons and therefore now has supplementary powers. I wonder how many indivuduals have seen 1000 moons. and I hope that we won't have to donate $1,200.00US to all of them!

As they say:"the importance and significance of this most auspicious occasion cannot be over emphasized" - [Sure, there is nothing more and nothing less than the occasion to ask you if you are really sure that you gave everything you have]

You decide, do you want to give to that or to the "real poor" and the "real needy". Is this Religion or Spirituality?? It certainly is SPIRITUAL CAPITALISM where you buy favours (blessings or indulgences) with money!!

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