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Chari's views on India, the USA, the World, Women, etc...(2001)

This is from a transcript that was handed-out by preceptors of SRCM (California), Chari's Clan, headquartered in Chennai, India. (Nov, 2001)
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It offers an insight in the world view of Chari, the current self-appointed Guru of SRCM (California) and President of the SRCM (Chennai) registered in California in 1997. SRCM (California) is a splinter that allegedly took-over the organizational structure and properties of SRCM (Shahjahanpur) that was founded and registered in India, in 1945 by Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur. Chari's SRCM (California) was registered in Californial, in 1997 and a court dispute began with the family of the founder and the Board of Directors of the SRCM (Shahjahanpur). The Board of Directors accepted the son of the Founder, Umesh Saxena as the legitimate successor of his father, Ram Chandra. That case will be decided and ruled on at the end of Sept, 2008 by the Supreme Court of India.

THE TRANSCRIPT (only the highlights and the paragraphing are mine)

November 18th, 2001 Chennai Airport... en route to New Delhi

Commenting about the Indians in the USA: (Transcription)

India is a land where you can enjoy money. You fellows make it and put it away. Here, for one hundredth of what you get there, you can really People who live in west, the rich people, they make a merit out of this. I mean, if you want to employ a driver, it would probably cost you as much as And he will have overtime. And he will come and sit with you in your drawing room. If you are a drinker, he will drink your beer. He wont even ask you. He will go to the fridge, pull it out and he will ask you Hey boss, you wanna beer? And he will address you by name. You know, my uncle was FAO (Foreign Services), what do they call it? UNDP expert in Jordan. He built a 1 sq. km forest in the desert at a cost of USD 1 billion! Long ago. It was a showpiece for Jordan. All the VIPs, the king took there & he was the kings personal friend. 1 Sq. Km, eh! And they were going to extend it! And he had a driver who had a long Arabic dress He would come in and say Batern I am thirsty. Go help yourself. And he was paid a fat sum, you see. And I think in those days, when I was a humble executive in TTK, he would probably do 50 times my salary a driver! So, I asked my uncle Whether you will ask your driver to come and sit in your room? Here you have to brush against beggars, against cheats, against crooks, because you are out here for nothing more than money. And, that is what I am saying, you just keep moving to a bigger house, financing your mortgage, and finally after 20 years, you want to come back and you find that you have 50 K in the bank, some 75 K in pension funds, which you will get when you are 66, and nothing else. And I wonder what the hell you have been doing with the money you earned? Paying the banks! Typical American life. And to delude themselves with the feeling that they are having fun, gallon flagons of ice cream, giant jumbo bottles of Pepsi, and frozen pizza which you can warm in whatever-you-call-it! Now, we even get French fries! Shiva Shiva. At least, if they wisely save some money and come back, it is a good thing. Is it not? But they do not even do that.

November 21, 2001. (7 a.m.) Dehradun

(While addressing a family, about to be newly introduced to the system, after he had spoken to them about the system for about 1 hour)

It is an important thing this that when we accept a Master, we accept Him completely. It is not that He is only a Master for spirituality, and we look to others for other things. I have had migraine from the age of 16. So, once Babuji asked me about this, and I told Him that I have had it for a long time. He took me to a Hakim (Muslim curer), who gave me some medicine. Now this medicine needed to be boiled in water, and when we did that it used to gut the whole place with an awful smell. Whenever my wife used to prepare the medicine in the kitchen, the smell used to spread throughout the house. My father used to come running and ask what is this? What are you doing here? And then he used to say that the guru is only for your spiritual needs & you have no business to be taking medicines from Him. But, I never stopped it. After a while, Babuji asked me if there was any improvement & I said, there was none. Then, He said Now it is in Gods hands. Perhaps God did take mercy on me later, that my migraine stopped on its own in a few years! 8:20 a.m. Nationality should be used for the right purpose. We are all different, yet we are one should be the attitude. Instead, we say There is no difference between us and hence we are one. This is wrong. It is strange as to how soon the mighty become powerless. The USA used to be terrified of the Soviet. Today, the US is lording over the world because there is no opposition. I expectI anticipate the US to break up. I mean, take Yugoslavia. When it can break up, when Slovenia, which is half the size of Kerla (a small state in India) can manage itselfand Croatia is even smaller than Slovenia, can manage itself, why not? Texas is a huge state. So is Alaska. It will all (He gestures with His hands as if a whole is getting split into so many fragments). For a democracy, there needs to be a balance of power; Whether it is a country or the world. In todays world, there is no balance of power. That is why the US is lording over the world. There is no opposition. It is no good for the world at all. (Someone begins to argue) Master says emphatically See, I am not talking about economics, politics, history or geography. I am talking about the fundamental principle of the need for balance. We are (ideally) talking about a world where everyone is happy because everyone has, and things are shared. We are not even thinking of such an aim. India is a happy country. Politics has not had any effect on the average person in India. If anything, for the average person, the election is a means of earning money. He will take Rs.50 from 3 parties, promising each one that he would vote for them. So, democracy does have a way of redistributing the wealth! In India, there is a saying Aaya Ram, Gaya Ram (Ram came & Ram went). Politicians come and go, and it has absolutely no effect on the common man. The politicians fight in the parliament, fight each other, and the people are untouched, and happy! Politicians come and go, but the situation has remained unchanged for the past few hundred years. It is a very amusing country. (Pause) When the Iraq war was fought, the US did not spend one penny! Saudi gave USD 9 billion. France gave $3 billion. So, all these stupid countries gave money, and they (USA) replenish all their weaponry, test all the new weapons at these peoples expense! (Pause) When you have interest, you will remember what you hear. Babuji used to ask I do not remember what you say myself, but how do you remember? But now, I find that I do not remember what I say myself! (To someone new who just walked in during his breakfast, wanting to spend some time with him) I am going to satsangh now. We have puja at 9oclock. I should be back by lunch. (The new person asks whether he can come back and meet Him). Master says Yes, Yes. Please come back. I am here to serve you. Please come during lunch (The humility with which He said this was amazing). Someone told Master that there are no preceptors in their center, to which Master quipped There are 4 preceptors here also, but there seems to be no results either. So, just continue the work.

November 22, 2001, 8 a.m. (Dehradun)

While looking at the blueprints for the upcoming meditation hall at another close-by city, Master asked a couple of financial questions. After some hesitation, someone said Master. Cannot say this in public. Master declared unequivocally that He wants absolute transparency in accounting. He said this forcefully enough to prevail well over the mild protests put forth. Then, one quipped, all right, Master. We will put it up on the notice board. Master said you are either in this extreme or in the other extreme. There has to be a balance. While talking about the size and dimensions of the meditation hall, Master was clear that the size should be such that it caters to the immediate needs and should not plan for large gatherings that happen occasionally. When someone asked him about the shape of the meditation hall needing to be rectangular in shape, Master agreed and said that the current idea is to be modular. It should be capable of being extended. What is the use of going in for a hexagonal shape! (A few days later, I observed that the shape of the meditation hall in Satkhol is Pentagonal! And Master touched upon the topic of how there will always be a restriction at Satkhol on the number of people at any time. In elaborating on the reason for this constraint, He said It is not a problem with food. I can feed 100,000 people. It is the water. Currently, we use up about Liters of water every day. We cannot afford to consume any more, for it will upset the availability of water supply.) Later, He pulled up a preceptor and said You walk away from sittings, you give 10 minute sittings, and you have started a girl at the age of 13 saying that she is very special. When he protested, Master said that the source of Ganga needs to be at some height for the water to reach so far! 12:30 p.m. On why a lady cannot be a Master Babuji said that a Master of that caliber gets orders from above, and their work includes that of destruction. A woman is not capable of such destruction. All this talk about equality between men and woman the more they talk about something, the less they will get it. Equality is different from equalization. There are high pressure and low pressure areas. In the process of equalization, the wind flows from here to there, and this process if what creates the climate. If the pressure were the same everywhere, there would be no climate. This is the way of nature: Inequality Equalization Inequality Equalization (alluding to a low pressure building, winds blowing from other high pressure areas, another low pressure building up, etc.) Today you see American woman trying to do everything that the male does. They join the navy seals. It is not a job for them. I might offend the woman here, but God did not create both as equals. Each have their own sphere of functioning. On wastage When someone offered Him a paper napkin (after He had eaten something, He refused and wiped His mouth with the towel on His shoulder. He said I do not use paper. I am a believer in not wasting. (Someone commented about the wastage in America). Master said that there is a tremendous amount of wastage there. He had heard from someone that 56% of the New York Times gets recycled, unopened & unsold, and yet they were making a profit. And when they recycle, they will write it so prominently, in bold as RECYCLED. In India, everything is recycled at least a 100 times. On Caution, in the USA When He was staying at one of the best hotels in Grand Canyon last year, the toilet seat was a bit raised & once you open the flap, it was written in red Caution. This water is not potable! Master said that He took a photograph of it, and gave it to somebody and asked him to send it to the president of the chain of hotels and ask Whom is this sign meant for? I mean, Are Americans so dumb that this has to be told to them? This is all because of the fear of lawsuits. (Somebody quipped about the incident when McDonalds was successfully sued for a million dollars when someone spilled hot coffee in her lap & sued that the coffee was too hot). Master said Yes, Yes. And they want the coffee piping hot, mind you! Now, there is also the case of smokers suing the companies because cigarette smoking harmed their health, When everyone knows this is a fact! In America, Sue and be damned! On manufacturing & Exports & the many products being imported from China Now, it is the thinking to manufacture what they can do well, and earn through exports. And import things that they cannot manufacture well. It is better than manufacturing bad goods for themselves. (Someone asked Master to confirm that weeping is not good, spiritually speaking) Weeping is not bad, per se, but it should not become a habit. We usually weep when we are in pain or in misery. Such weeping is out of self-pity and is absolutely useless. We should not weep at our own weakness, and misery. But you will see people weeping when they are happy. It is due to a feeling of gratitude that wells up from within them, which brings tears to the eyes.

November 25, 2001, 8:45 a.m. (Satkhol)

Before the morning satsangh, the door of the meditation hall was left open, and Master asked someone to close it. After this was done, an abhyasi walked in, leaving the door open again. This was closed, only for the same scene to happen yet again! Master said In the West, they have a habit to leave things as they were. If a door is open, they will leave the door open. If a door was closed, they will close the door behind them. They will leave things as they find it. This practice makes life very simple. There are many things we should learn from the West. It is the Indians who have the arrogance to leave things any which way. Some closes a doorSomeone opens a doorIt is a mess. (LaterAn abhyasi recalled a dream in which he saw Lalaji asBabuji as Love, and Chariji as Discipline). Master recalled Babujis directive in Paris (1982) to Him to bring discipline into the mission. But there are several people still in the mission who are undisciplined. So saying, He turned and looked at a girl who was sitting right next to Him (As if He was saying this to her). And almost immediately, she began to wipe off some tears from the corner of her eyes. And Master, looking at this, said: Now, Dont you start. I do not understand woman at all. Say the slightest of things harshly, and they begin to create a scene. It appears that I should only talk about superficial things like the food, the weather, etc. to them. Anything stronger than that, they cannot take it. I do not know what Mami (referring to His late wife) will think about all this. Maybe she will pull me up for what I am saying now, once I get to the brighter world. I do not know whether I am going there or not, but she is there. Babuji is saying You are doing good work. So continue doing it. You have built Satkhol. Go on, and build more places like this Master said that, in 2005, we would have a new ashram in Uttar Kashi, which is the place where the Sapta Rishis(the Seven Sages governing the Universe) came down to the Earth to meditate. He also talked about an ashram in the place where Pathanjali had his ashram

November 26, 2001, 2 p.m. Satkhol A(irport):

What is the use of this life? It seems pointless M: It is like asking what is the use of sleeping? Perhaps in a larger life, life and death are like waking and sleeping. The day can be compared to life. I am not saying it is. Only a comparison A: (Says something again about how life remains pointless) M: But why do you feel so bad about it? A: But there is nothing so good about it either M: Good and bad: These are things that you do not feel when you are in balance. Suppose this tree is there, and it thinks that it cannot walk! If it has a mind, it would feel bad? A: Yes, MasterIt would feel bad. M: Suppose that mind is regulated? Happiness and sorrow, good and bad, bliss and misery, these are the effects of an unregulated mind. Instead of the pendulum swinging between the extremes, try to bring it a rest, and then see the effect. (Pause) It is said that the cells in the body changes every 28 minutes or so! But we feel the same always. I am always the same to myself. This fixity in our feeling is false. But if that fixity is not there, I cannot exist as myself. Take a clock that has all these moving gears. There is a large gear that moves, and say, a small gear that goes around it 16 times for each rotation of the larger gear. This is also rotating, that is also rotating. Is it the same? No. Is it separated? No. It is like, we feel fixed since we are on Earth. We do not feel the motion. When we move, it is relative to Earth, which is fixed. And the moon moves by itself, but is fixed relative to the Earth. And similarly the Earth moves around the Sun and the solar system around the galaxy. This is called the universal dance. There is harmony between everything. Now, if the harmony is disturbed in one place, it will result in destruction. Every movement has to be connected to something fixed. Like a wheel moves but is connected to an axle, which is fixed. I have told once that if you need to destroy a structure, find the weakest point and create a small explosion. That is enough. It is not necessary to use a huge force. To destroy a wheel, cut the axle and there is no wheel! If you start chopping away at the rim At the time of Mahapralaya, all that would be required is to create an imbalance. One transmission to create the imbalance, and that is it! (Pause) Once a boy asked me What do you do in Meditation? And I said Nothing! The boy asked But how can you do nothing? I told him Try it. It is very difficult! In meditation, we successfully do nothing. The other way to do nothing is like a decrepit fellow who is lying in his bed, doing nothing. That is to do nothing unsuccessfully. This is to successfully do nothing. I am in this dress right now (He just had a sleeveless banian and a towel over His shoulders). It is 20 degrees Celsius now but I do not feel cold. For here, this is right. This is because there is balance inside me. In Madras, 30 degrees Celsius would be normal, and 20 degrees would be cold. Bliss is perfect balance between happiness and unhappiness, good and bad. There is a story in the Upanishad about Samsara (Sanskrit word for The journey of life). A man is falling, when he grabs a tree root and holds on. He looks down and it is a pit full of poisonous snakes. He looks up and sees a rat gnawing away at the root he is holding on to. At this time, a bee drops a drop of honey onto his lips. He tastes that and feels happy, forgetting for the moment, both the rat and the poisonous snakes beneath. Samsara is depicted thus, in the Upanishads There are people who stay in a pit of very poisonous snakes for a world record 36 hours, 100 hours, etc. Nothing happens. When there is balance within, they will not do anything. There is another story about Surrender in the Upanishads. A man is falling in the dark and he holds on to something, and he is hanging there. Not being able to see in the dark as to how deep it is to the ground, he continues to hold on, in spite of the immense pain in his hands. And when morning comes, he sees that he is only two centimeters from the ground! Therein comes the necessity for surrender and faith, and letting go. It could be that snake pit from the other story but that is where faith and surrender comes in. An abhaysi there recollected a talk given by Master in Pithoragarh in 1989. The contents of that talk is written here, as it gave a lot of insight on how to be, in His presence: There are two things that we should be able to perceive Transmission and Radiation. Transmission is a willed activity by the Master, whereas radiation is an involuntary process that happens due to His elevated spiritual state. When there is stillness in the body and stillness in the mind, we will be able to perceive these. This stillness should also be associated with awareness/consciousness of the presence of the Master. And when we are able to be like that, the Master also feels that the person is ready to receive and is able to give. This consciousness of the Master is very essential. Even the Master has had a chowkidhar (watchman for His home) for the last 8 years in His home, but he is not going to get anything, because the consciousness is not there. Whereas a person coming from Timbuktu or Africa for one month undergoes total transformation.

November 28, 2001, (Noon Satkhol)

Babuji has said that if we are able to remember Him for 7 days continuously, then it cannot be stopped. The process will continue ever after. Here, the ever after is also after death. A: But how to make those 7 days? M: You do not remember because you do not make it yours. We do not say My Master, My Mission, My method. We say I am part of this mission. See? Whereas, we say this is my car. You should make the mission yours, the work yours. There is no ownership at all in India. People do not think of things to be theirs. You travel in a train, soil the toilet and leave it like that because you do not feel it to be yours. It is okay is the attitude. The next guy will clean it. How do we care attitude is what prevails. Some foreigner who visited Bharath (Another name for India) said that he was not able to find one Bharathi. It was all Marwadi, Gujarathi, etc. (pause) Do you know that about 36% of the men in Europe now are not capable of having children? Initially, people in Europe did not want to have children, because of the responsibilities involved. And nature seems to co-operate. It says you do not want to have children. Okay. Now you are not able to have children. (pause) The real idea is to have, without pocessing. You can pocess only very small things. Say, a diamond It is very small. How rich can a rich man get? Whereas, take the Himalayas. Everyone can have it and enjoy it. If you want something that everyone wants, you cannot get it. On how He found the Himalayan ashram: If you let the divine do the work, then, everything will happen. Either the divine can work or the ego can work. Both cannot co-exist. In the morning, Master was dressed in a very simple but strikingly simple shirt, with a beautiful blue, pullover. Someone commented that His coat was good. Someone else said the same thing, to which Master quipped People say Your coat is good. Your jacket is good. Nobody appreciates what is inside.

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