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Sahaj Marg(tm) and Whispers: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Taken and Translated from a comment by Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Inserts and additions by 4d-don are in "red italics"

The aliens are back!! The aliens are back!!

Same old FEAR and TEMPTATION mechanism used by religions since the beginning of recorded historical or mythic time, and by its "priests", their prophets and Mediums: the story-tellers, the word-charmers, the inventors and merchants of the opiates of fantasies.

Since man witnessed forces in Nature, (s)he mystified and pesonified them, naming them gods, demons, spirits, egregores, etc... and then finally, a monotheistic "GOD" and ITS negative counter-part, the "DEVIL", the personification of "evil" ... Most religions are not "mono" at all, but are in reality, dualities ... not UNITY or ONE !!

Sahaj Marg(tm) is not very unique at all ... just another dual religion with aliens, spirits, heaven (brighter world), and a hell of "re-incarnations" ...

...surrounded by "THEM", the eternally divisive and warring religious flakes and fluff!!
"By their fruit, one will know them!"

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Whispers: decryption (4)

Mankind races to its ruin, divine punishment comes, it will be the Apocalypse. But a new breed supported by the SRCM emerges and will save the world ...

About, "... of what will tomorrow be made?"
The Sahaj Marg (tm) answer is:
(Quotes from Whispers From the Brighter World, as channeled by an anonymous French Lady Medium)

"A new cycle begins with this century, which will mark humanity. After much turmoil, the darkness will give way to light for many. We are all working here to set up structures to suit the distant future, but that is already being written in letters of gold. " (21.12.2000) -

" The history of the earth is very old and very rich. It
(she?) has known advanced civilizations. Aliens (extraterrestrials), as you call them, came to implement exploration sites and build interplanetary relays. Some still exist, although they don't have their origianl usefulness any more. The pyramids are among them. (...) A very important invasion will occur (...). These beings will bring tremendous expertise that will leave stupefied the poor earthlings, with their great ideas on everything, which are, in large part, false or null. These beings come to protect the universal balance from the actions of men and from the huge risks
they take with their so-called progress, alarming for several reasons. " (4/3/01) -

" A new world and one completely different from what you currently live, will exist in future centuries. (...) A new world is being prepared. You cannot imagine. It is out of the range of your understanding. (...) If there are some vestiges left of your civilization, perhaps it will be studied with curiosity. This is so since the beginning of time. Everything evolves and renews itself. " (11/03/01) -

" It's a vicious cycle that will never end and will, sooner or later be stopped by a power foreign to this planet which will have no other means to stop this dangerous escalation, harmful to the universal equilibrium. The lower instincts of human nature are difficult to counter. The strong method (heavy-handed method?) will have to be imposed one day (...). " (13/09/01) -

" Upheavals without name must occur so as to clean up this world, a long enough time, leaving finally emerge the chosen race, capable of establishing a new world corresponding to the expected standards. " (10/11/03) -

" Let us work for this evolution, time is running out, humanity is in danger in many ways.
What emerges from this cesspool will be strengthened and enlightened. " (07/01/04)

Let us Summarize!

We must clean up this world, what emerges from the sesspool will be strengthened and enlightened. The darkness will give way to light. After a long enough time will finally emerge the chosen race: a very large invasion will occur, a power foreign to this world, what you call aliens (extraterrestrials?) , will bring tremendous expertise to protect the universal balance and will make a new world, completely different and out of reach for your understanding.

The aliens are back!

W e had forgotten them a little, lost sight of them. But the Babuji from Whispers says much about an invasion of aliens, a power foreign to this world is going to happen.

But then, what about the chosen generation, our "indigo children"? Are these the aliens about which he speaks? Are we already invaded by little green men? Could these invaders be our own children indigo? Or are they collaborators of our invaders? Is this the beginning of the war of the worlds?

It swims rapidly into science fiction ...

For the record (anecdote?), we note in passing that the pyramids have become relics of (some) interplanetary relay. The pharaohs were then aliens? The Egyptians who built their tombs, were they equally little green men?

Beyond the immense qualities already mentioned by the medium of Whispers, let us add that she is totally ignorant (according to her own "messages") ...

The New World

The New World which promises Whispers will be completely different. It will be cleaned, strengthened and enlightened. It will match the standards set, and will be a new structure that is emerging in letters of gold, out of the reach of our understanding. It will protect the universal balance, with a prodigious knowledge.

It's a little light (fluffy? flakey?) ! The imagination of our dear medium leaves a lot to be desired. She is never as good as when it comes to criticizing our world of today. But when it comes to speaking of the future world, it is the minimum service: it will be different, incomprehensible ... but it will correspond to "set standards". Phew, we are assured! But what are these standards? Mystery ...

Our uncultivated medium definitely does not have much imagination ...


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