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Shahriah Law in UK? Manu Laws in India?

Reaction to Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, statement on Sharia Law

....And here I had just written a song of support for the not-so-newly elected openly gay Bishop, Eugene Robinson, from New Jersey. I wrote it in the "first person" as a "be like Christ" suggested therapy for the schism that is now dividing the Anglican Congregation.

Now the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Anglican equivalent to the Roman Catholic Pope, divides it one more time with his latest statements on Sharia Law. Is it a "smoke screen"? See:

Anglican Journal: site:

Or the Guardian:,,777972,00.html

Then I read of the political posturing of the Christian Moral Majority in the US, and of the Fundamentalist Political Power base in India with their attempts to get the religious "manu laws" legislated in India. Then I see their stand on "homosexuality" and I shake my head in "amazement".

With this double-whammy exploding inside the Anglican Congregation, thanks to their conservative "senile old fart" leadership, the PRIMATES we can now see how these bunches (gangs?) of "religious old farts" will finally lose the support of the "moderates" and the "liberals", in other words, the "MORAL THINKERS", in their respective communities.

Our governments should then support these moderates and file some "hate mongering" suits against those dissenting organizations, their "boards of directors", and the Primates, and go after the organization's "tax exempt" status and other percs from the "public coffers", meant for charities and other organizations that address social ills, not create some and then attribute it to a 2000 year old book. Some sections of the BOOK in question, they claim, were written by "unknowns" but all of it was "Inspired by their GOD". Can their GOD be supoenaed to testify and defend "HIS", as he seems to be a MALE, statements?

The "GAY and LESBIAN" communities are "out of the closet", and women are "out of the kitchen", and neither the Christian, the Muslim, the Indian or other literalist, elitist, religious "faith-based" isms, or more accurately, falsehoods/fantasies under the guise of "inspiration" from the "other world", are putting them back in.

There are now "out" gay cowboys in Texas (the home of Southern Baptism, and President G.W. BUSH), and "out" gay politicians (republicans?) in Washington as everywhere else in society, and although the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, does not see the "Pink" in his own community and/or the "rainbows" in his market places, they are there, and we, the bloggers, see and hear them thanks to the INTERNET and to some lesser degree, the "sold out" media that has to report some of it to "save face" as a legitimate "information" tool. The accepted stats for the "gay" population these days is that 7% of the general population is gay. A comparison can be made with various (450 species? ) animal populations that are known to openly practice homosexuality in one form or other.

The explicate message in the statement from the conservative American Anglican archbishops seems to be "The Gay's and Lesbians will be tolerated but their lives will "not be blessed", nor will they be ordained"!! The implicate message in the Archbishop of Canterbury's statement, if tactical at all, in the context of the events in his own congregation at this time, seems to indicate that Sharia Law is at least not "pro-gay" so it may be accepted by ALL! Or they have completely lost it and are not "defending the faith" as a smoke-screen to cover the "homosexual" issue. What a tangled web they weave!

It seems that, as in our current format of Representative Democracy, with it's so-called FREE elections that are "lost" rather than "won", indicating that the population is voting NEGATIVELY and is easily swayed, those who finally get the positions of power are not the CREAM OF THE CROP, but the most PRAGMATIC, or the most opportunistic who would sell their MOTHER for a better seat in HEAVEN! Sounds so RELIGIOUS does it not? As the Anglican religious LEADERSHIP, as many other religious leaderships, seems drunk with the little power it still has, and as it seems unable to 'THINK" properly in these "APOCALYPTIC" days of "pressure" partly created by their fantasized "END TIMES", is it not time for the congregation to take over the decision-making power in these , our most "feudal" institutions? The PEOPLE, the USERS, are the true "MASTER OF THE HOUSE". And now we have the tool to speak, to educate, to organize and to vote: the INTERNET

IS IT NOT TIME FOR "DIRECT DEMOCRACY"? (voting on issues with weighted votes)

With Direct Democracy, we can take away all of the vestiges of political power from these senile dying religious old farts who from their 'ivory towers, only meet the elite and the ivory-tower proponents and dwellers in other cultures and groups in their communities.

"They're taking the blessed, to HELL with the rest"

Someone should tell them (loudly in their deaf ears), that RELIGIOUS LAW is not corrupted by legalities, as all the words in these LAWS can be "properly" written so that they can't be opposed "intellectually", but RELIGIOUS LAW is corrupted by "faith based" inspirations supposedly given to "OLD MEN" by a "phantasm" or in a dream, that allows and/or even creates a corruptible system of "pressure". When the estate called the CHURCH has too much power, the CHURCH controllers, usually old businessmen, also have too much power. Then the other counter-balancing regulatory estates, such as the STATE, the MEDIA have too "little" power. It is no more difficult to corrupt the State, the Electorate or the Media, than the CHURCH...and when these two (Church and STATE) are ONE, then BEWARE!! In old age, with the onset of senility and dementia, NEW IDEAS such as the rights of "gays and lesbians", appear as a THREAT to the legacy of the RELIGIOUS ELITE, and is a condemnation of the cruelty they perpetrated on their "flocks".

The "intellectual terrorism" that has been used by religions on the masses, from instilling from childhood the fear of "real demons" under the guise of "love", to the marginalizing and demonizing of the homosexual community, should not be rewarded by tax-exempt status or other percs from the "public coffers". RELIGIONS that operate as "BUSINESSES" should be taxed as businesses.

SRCM and Chari is such an "ANTI GAY" fundamentalist faith-based business, where "obedience" is the main LAW for the serfs, so I guess all the ABHYASIS want to become like CHARI!! (who was a student of Vaishnava before his take-over of SRCM). We have messages from Kay, claiming that Chari seperated (broke up) a gay couple (his) and married one of them (his partner) to a "woman" to his pain and suffering and anger.

From one of Chari's Speeches:

On '''homosexuality''', the Master (please see referenced note - Chari requests all to stop addressing him as Master) of this system in a recent speech said that unlike the churches of the world, Sahaj Marg does not perform same-sex marriages. "That is unnatural", he said. God did not intend it to be thus, he added. He then said it was a personal comment. But there are things credited to Babuji Maharaj “If God did not want two sexes, he could have as well created one and seen that the world propagated by itself."... Why two sexes? he questioned. Apparently not so that one sex should marry among themselves, according to Sahaj Marg Masters. "So, what the church may allow, I don’t have to condone or accept", he said, not mentionning which churches condones or performs same-sex marriages. "To me", Chariji said, "it is a very blatant misuse of so-called privileges of the human being, fundamental rights, et cetera. Of course, if you claim it is your fundamental right to go the dogs, so be it! Even God cannot stop it.

Speech by Chariji "Balance-The Crux of Life" Jan 20, 2006 in Malaysia []

I now pray that when Chari goes to the Brighter World as he believes he will and, as he stated, that Babuji sends him to Venus, that he meets there, on this mythical goddess of LOVE, (or the home of DEMONS according to some Indian myths) some of the "gays and lesbians" he thinks are "NOT NATURAL"!!

May they take him as a "disciple" so he may learn COMPASSION!!


Song of support for newly-elected Episcopalian Bishop, Eugene Robinson


Key of Eb (Capo 3....Play C) in 4/4 Time -Bouncy Rock-a-billy/Country-Folk

If you think the way I act is twisted out of line
If you think the way I live my life is such a crime
C F G Am
Let me tell you buddy, it's not the truth, it ain't a fact
F G C C(stop)
I'd like to think that Jesus wouldn't do that.


F Dm
Jesus wouldn't do that
He's see the load we carry down life's track
C F G Am
And he wouldn't act so righteous, when my buddy scratch my back
I'd like to think that Jesus wouldn't do that

We're much the same, we spend our life just trying to make a buck
As we look out on the world from our four-wheel pick-up truck
Now don't you be too envious if I have a little luck
I'd like to think that Jesus wouldn't do that

Repeat Chorus...

It's written in the Book, the gates of hell are open wide
Love the sinner with his sin, love the gay man with his pride
Stop looking at the cover, read the story deep inside
I'd like to think that Jesus wouldn't do that

Repeat Chorus...

Like Jesus Christ upon the cross, we stand here crucified
Would the good man swing the hammer, would the rumours testify
And would I feel your gossip, every time I turn my back
I'd like to think that Jesus wouldn't do that

Repeat Chorus...

We feed our kids a steady diet of killing with the gun
We glorify the thieves and sing the outlaws on the run
We turn upon our neighbour if he has a little fun
I'd like to think that Jesus wouldn't do that

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