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LACK of OXYGEN- The Cause of the SPIRITUAL Experience at SRCM (California-1997)?

Comments to recent speech by Chari: Change in Weekly Satsangh Timings

Comments by 4d-Don are in "red italics"

Although these changes are really for "financial" reasons, Chari still tries to claim that they are for the sake of the "spiritual" growth of the abhyasis as he continues to increase the "material" worth of the MISSION, reveling in its material comfort built with "charity" dollars from around the world. That is the material Mission built by Chari, populated by "not quality people" according to the words of Chari (see below). The Master has not done his work according to the philosophy of the Mission of Babuji. According to Babuji, the Master is responsible for the spiritual growth of the adept, that is the reason for avoiding unfettered (or cancerous) growth or "commercializing" of the MISSION. The true spiritual work cannot be performed by the Master if there are hundreds of thousands of abhyasis to grow spiritually.

But more importantly, the SPIRITUAL experience, claimed to be "divine", in the Sahaj Marg meditation could be attributed to the "shortage of OXYGEN" intake by the abhyasis during meditation. That "oxygen shortage", Chari inadvertently admits takes place in a statement which he assigns to Lalaji. That lack of oxygen could explain the emotionalism of the followers of Sahaj Marg, and their inability to deal with LOGIC (due to the now mal-functionning tool of the "oxygen shortage(d)" brain), and it could explain their submissive and obedient behaviour, their addictive tendencies, and hence their ability to be manipulated. This is what Chari calls "using the heart to think" . The heart is a PUMP (a slave), not a "nerve or control center". So in other words Chari says: DON'T THINK!! Or in Chari's venacular: "THINKING is the enemy of Spirituality!!" NOT!! Thinking is the enemy of "manipulators"!!

An old friend used to quote one of her teachers: "Would you rather be Plato or a contented pig?"

Without "thinking", we descend to the level of "animal instincts" and act accordingly. Babuji did not stifle the thought process. With Chari, acting as pigs or other animal (lion, spider, wolf, sheep, etc...) is the only choice the poor adept has, as thinking, (western) civilization, and even the (thinking) bloggers are maliciously made out to be the "enemies of spirituality". Hence, they (the abhyasis) are then called: "not much quality" and have to be "trained" so as to make them "obey" as they are discouraged from THINKING for, and by themselves!

Since Chari, according to his own words in this speech, sees more "no quality" people in Sahaj Marg, most of the "quality people" must have left SRCM (California-1997), I guess, because I see many "quality people" elsewhere! And I find that more and more, "quality people" are not members of "religions" or so-called "spiritual groups" but are more spiritual in REALITY!

Religions and Spiritual groups (autocratic pyramidal structures) seem to turn "quality people" into "not quality people", even according to the "structure", and according to the words of the leader (Master and President) of the structure (SRCM California-1997) . Such is the modus operandi of the "autonomous psychic entities" summoned by prayers or incantations by the abhyasis. These "autonomous" entities are the commonly called: "egregores" or "groupthink". No DIVINE manifestation there!!

Elodie (from the French blog: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg) said:
How can one trust a Guru who has misled for 45 years?

The chairman of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission is claiming to restore the quality of Sahaj Marg by reducing the amount of abhyasis. This seems much too simplistic. That quantity adversely affects the quality is an accepted fact. But the reverse is not automatically acceptable.

To advance the weekly satsangh to 7 :30 AM does not restore the quality of the teaching of Sahaj Marg.

Who is stupid enough to believe it does?


Change in Weekly Satsangh Timings

Talk given by Master on 31st May, 2009 at New Delhi, India


Nobody thought of discomfort, nobody thought of food, drink. And when we entered Shahjahanpur, or we alighted from the train that we traveled by, our hearts were ready to burst!

I'm sorry to say that I don't see this nowadays. (Nobody is "obeying" the autocrats? Good! There is hope for Mankind! It does not mean that there is less SPIRITUALITY or realization of REALITY! Just people thinking and acting as "adults" not as SHEEP! ) And perhaps it is my fault that I have permitted timings to be changed, routines to be changed, requirements to be weakened. (now the warning of Dr. Varadachari finally comes to mind about focusing on the "Material", wealth, comfort, numbers, (quantity, not quality) "COMMERCIALIZATION" of the Mission, etc...and Chari does not like what he has created, leading his sheep into the "MATERIAL", not SPIRIT! ) Being led to believe (still blaming others, the enemies inside??) that if our requirements are stringent, people will not come. We have made the mistake (Chari made the mistake) of not obeying Babuji's principles where he said, "I want quality, not quantity." I believe that somewhere along the way in the past forty five years, this mistake was made by me first, (Finally, yes! After "twenty-five years", not "forty-five years" (Babuji passed away in 1983) of leading the "gullible and naive" off the SPIRITUAL path and into the divisive MATERIAL development path of the BUSINESSMEN of RELIGION) that we (...not "we", but "Chari" ...against the warnings and protests of others in the "inner circle" of Babuji ) started thinking of numbers and not quality so that today we have a great deal of numbers and not much quality. (you don't have to tell us. We are the families of the gullible ones you led off the path of the ONE-ness ... your sheep are still "emotional" and the METHOD is not fixing their emotionalism, their lack of compassion, forgiveness, their "arrogance", etc... WHERE IS THE LOVE AND BROTHERHOOD promised by Sahaj Marg and the Masters of SRCM? Is Sahaj Marg just another religious SCAM that promises a lot but gives nothing but division and tension, and stress in the families and society at large, and emotionalism and arrogance to the abhyasis who are then considered by the same Masters of SRCM (California-1997) as: "not much quality".

As, by your own admission, you, Sahaj Marg and SRCM (California-1997) did not deliver on your part of the "bargain". Then, do the right thing, and give back the "charity" dollars you took to build your "Ashrams, Private School, retreats, ranch, castle, etc... These charity funds were taken and used for "your comfort" as you mention in this speech. You can well afford to pay your own way. This "charity" was taken from our country and accumulated under our "tax-exempt" legislation meant for legitimate "charity"!! Wealthy Foreigners can find their own "charity" dollars which they seem to spend without accountability elsewhere, such as in their own country. One should not travel around the world on "charity" dollars. Pay your own way, and pay your taxes as a "business", not as a "charity"! Your "entourage" of businessmen and family, can afford to pay for their own travel, lodging, food, cost of seminars, etc ... just like the poor "sheep". Call it a "business expense"! The "business" is the incursions into other markets for the nationalistic "glory of India", as you teach the children in your "PRIVATE Boarding school" built for the benefit of the children of the wealthy, not for SPIRITUALITY, and certainly not for "charity".

This is not a comment about any individual. It is a comment. And as we say in English, "Let him wear the cap whom it fits." (WEAR THE HAT... IT FITS) It is sad, because now when we converted the time to Nine AM for satsangh on Sundays, people take it very easy, you know. It's as if they're going to work or some obligation - not to themselves, but to the Mission, to their prefect, whatever. That it is something that has to be tolerated, something that has to be done, something that has to be undergone. (And who demanded "OBEDIENCE" to the dogmatic commercial slogan "3M's" (Master, Mission, Method? CHARI? His Son? Who is the MASTER here at SRCM (California-1997)? )

So we wake up relaxed, we have our nastha [breakfast] or whatever, we come with full stomachs. We serve breakfast, which is a big mistake. And so when we sit for meditation, most of us are full in the stomach, empty in the heart (That should be that there are no perceptible "spiritual qualities" (love, forgiveness, caring, brotherhood, charity, kindness, etc ...) in the abhyasis' "BRAIN". The heart is a PUMP (slave) for blood, not an instrument for analyzing, thinking and responding to stimuli from inside and outside the body ... Now the "brain" is also made out to be another "enemy of Spirituality" according to Chari!! The enemy within. But it is the BRAIN that decides to go and MEDITATE, not the heart. There is no UNITY in the Spiritual SCAMS such as Sahaj Marg ... always "divisions"... even inside!! It will self-destruct due to "entropy".) , worries in the brain, snoring - most of us. It is sad. Because we are like steam locomotives where there is no steam! The locomotive itself cannot move out, how will it pull a train? (Where did the steam go in Sahaj Marg? To feed the 3M's. And it seems that the PEOPLE are tired of it. Maybe they are starting to THINK! If there is no new energy coming from the "ONE", (the "male" God of Chari) and Chari and his preceptors are simply "re-hashing" the energy of the masses of "sheep" back to them, then that autonomous "egregoric" situation will eventually destroy itself through an increase in "entropy". The masses will eventually see through the commercial "slogans" and tire of the MATERIAL trappings of comfort, and opulence and "spiritualism" being proselytized and sold by them (the preceptors) to the world, as SPIRITUALITY!!)

Therefore I am bringing some changes as of today, officially. Sunday satsangh will be at 7:30 am wherever we may be, whether we are in the Himalayas, or in America, or in the deserts. 7:30 am without fail. There will be no breakfast, no tea, nothing served before satsangh. At 9 am, we will have what's called brunch, which is something like - you know - breakfast and lunch, in between! It will be adequate. There will be limited service of food, in quantity. (Opulence (not the profits?) will now be sacrificed because of "financial" considerations, not because of SPIRITUAL considerations. The food will still be "SPICY" and not RAJA Yoga! Hence still making the "diners" (and our family members) arrogant!) be There will be no second service, no second helping. (Will you now give "saved" money to the POOR?? or will you simply purchase more "golden lions", marble, 14 ft ceilings in the PRIVATE schools for the wealthy, Lawyer fees, more development, or profiteering from "foreclosures" or the blood, sweat and tears of the working poor, etc..."? ) Because the purpose during your ashram existence should be to keep body and soul together, so that the soul may evolve, whatever may happen to the body. We're not here to feed you. (... and obviously not to feed the poor or to make the world more SPIRITUAL, but more MATERIALIST and more in comfort, luxury and opulence. ) We're here to stimulate the presence in your heart (Presence in your heart? What presence lives in your PUMP? Is it "conscious"? Is it a LIGHT? Is there a LIFE after this one, from which you got this message from the ghost of BABUJI in a "channeled message from the French Lady Medium who channels the Commercial Scam of the Sahaj Marg BIBLE you call: Whispers from the Brighter Word" messages? Is there a "BRIGHTER WORLD"? YES OR NO!!) through your own effort by following the ten maxims. (A change from what Babuji called them: "Commandements"... not "maxims")

So there will be brunch at nine o' clock. If you are here for the whole day there will be what we call high tea at three o' clock - again adequate. Not filling, (less food, same price) but in a spiritual sense, fulfilling. There will be dinner if it's a continuous program for two to three days, which will be at seven thirty. This is Sunday - morning seven thirty meditation, evening five thirty or six as convenient. Not later. And this must be strictly followed. It doesn't matter whether there is one person or one million. (Chari can't stop being "dogmatic" and "fundamentalist" or "strict"... ;-)) ... To Chari, abhyasis are like children or sheep, they have to be controlled and herded from one pasture (family, society, country, etc.) to another (the material SRCM (California-1997) Empire))

Babuji Maharaj told me (bull-don't believe it! ) that Lalaji Sahib - our grand master or Adi Guru (Lalaji has nothing to do with Sahaj Marg according to Kasturi, the only Saint in Sahaj Marg, according to Babuji) - if he said Six Thirty satsangh, he was there at Six Thirty (And Babuji met Lalaji but a few times, so he must know!! NOT) . He commenced satsangh without thinking of how many people there were. It did not matter. Because his transmission, his tavajju, was not only for people who were present, it was for everybody in the universe. (Oh! The UNIVERSE now!! Little megalomaniacs and their: Master of the UNIVERSE mania!) He transmitted. (Chari should read about the SUFI "transmission" and it's use... It is not as he says... Read Lalalj and his "Naqshbandiyya Nexus" . Babuji was not a member or a preceptor of this group and only met Lalaji a few times.) And when he finished satsangh, he had one or two disciples - close, intimate, developed people, with whom he took a walk. Because during a sitting, there is oxygen shortage within the system and that has to be replenished. Therefore there was a walk. (So, don't drive after meditation or you could crash into others? Is there a shortage of OXYGEN during the METHOD? That sure explains the possible "drowsiness", halucinations, and many other experiences that have been attributed to the DIVINE by this clan of religious "businesmen" ... The "Scam" is now revealed and exposed by their main SALESMAN, Chari!! The SPIRITUAL experiences in Sahaj Marg are due to LACK OF OXYGEN !! According to Babuji, all "experiences" and sensations received during meditation had to be "pushed away" as they are the "addictions to the powers" whereby some remain blocked on the "path". Inducing a lack of oxygen to the point of "fainting" is a "children game" from centuries past that children still play at today, as some astute parents warn their children about the dangers of such "oxygen deprivation" for the sake of narcissistic sensuality. "No sex please, we are being spiritual and hence, "sensual" already, and are "holier than thou"! ( Induced "arrogance" using spices (Rajasic sensuality?), and lack of oxygen. (Hathasic sensuality?))

Babuji has described all his life with Lalaji Sahib, how Lalaji Maharaj was not well endowed in physical terms. He was not a rich man. He had a big family. (how big??) Babuji has very vividly said how even in the coldest winter of Fatehgarh, he used to sleep with his whole family under one torn blanket. (So did we! We were so poor that....)

We must come to understand, whether we are white or black, men or women, that a certain modicum of discomfort is essential for spiritual evolution. I remember way back, I proposed to Babuji Maharaj that we have a bus to convey people from Shahjahanpur station to the ashram. He said, "I like your idea, but I do not want too much comfort. It is against spirituality." (Another "enemy of spirituality"? Chari still misses the point and the message. It is the addictive properties of comfort that keeps one focussed on the MATERIAL, just like Chari, rather than on the SPIRIT, just like CHARI!! GIVE THE MATERIAL so the POOR can also have a SHARE!! BE SPIRITUAL, not "BECOME" spiritual tomorrow!!)

Illat, Killat, Zillat. Illat - what is Illat? What is Killat? What is Zillat? Roughly, you must have less than what you need, you must have less health than what is perfect health, and there must always be criticism about you. If you have fifteen annas when you need sixteen - one rupee - you are wise in expenditure. (this is the real reason for the "changes". The Financial Crisis) You spend only on essentials. Essentials. And perhaps you can even save some money. I remember when my father was in the railways and he had an income of eighty rupees a month in Jabalpur in 1935, -36 - seventy five years ago, almost. On that, he managed to save five rupees. But nowadays, we have people with thirty thousand rupees a month, fifty thousand rupees a month. They (YOU could you not focus on your SPIRIT rather than on "THEIR" foibles!! ) are perpetually in debt, perpetually worried about the future in which they have no faith, they have no faith in themselves. (You speak in generalities and you don't know THEM... You suck the MATERIAL from "THEM" by GUILTING "THEM"... you should be grateful they give to you... you should say "thank you" and respect THEM for their "generosity". Just think, if they did not give to you and volunteer for your MATERIALIST EMPIRE of "comfort" and opulence, "THEY" could donate that money and time to help the needy and the POOR!! ) They (you) are worried about their jobs; they are worried about their families. Because we have become intemperate in our habits. Sleep late - eleven o' clock, twelve o' clock, one o' clock. Rise late, five minutes before you have to go to work. What about meditation? Tomorrow. (What about the POOR? Tomorrow? TOO LATE!!)

I want to put that fire back in your hearts! (the heart is a PUMP ... the fire is OUT?) And it will not come with easy living or with policies in the Mission destined to please you. (it is destined to serve the "GODS OF MATERIAL and MONEY) If your manager or your boss pleases you, there's something wrong with him (or HER) . I learned this when I was in service myself. A popular manager is no manager. It means he's easy going, he lets you do what you want to do, what you think you should do, not what has to be done. (As in business, Chari is trying to get the poor to work harder for less so the "shareholders" can get richer. It is not for the benefit of the POOR, but for the Benefit of the MATERIALISTS. And as usual, "THEY" claim it is for our own GOOD!! NOT!! ) In Sahaj Marg, this will no longer work. I'm saying this only for your benefit - if you want to evolve to the highest possible limits within this human life. (There is only this LIFE?? Make up your mind ("Brain", not "heart")) This is the only life of which you are certain. (Is that right?? That is not what you seem to preach dogmatically, Chari!) We do not know whether there is a next life. (And what about the "Whispers from the Brighter World" ?? Is that sold under false pretenses?) It does not matter. Babuji said, in Sahaj Marg we have no concern with past lives and future lives. (You both seem to speak from "both sides of your mouth"... Why are you meditating if you are not concerned about the FUTURE LIVES or LIFE?) We are concerned only with this life because this we have, and this we can utilize for our benefit. (That does not mean for Material benefit, but for SPIRITUAL which is apparently ETERNAL and does not STOP, but continues eternally (no beginning and no end)) And this wisdom must come to you every day, in every day living.


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