Friday, May 14, 2010

Elodie (Europe) Replies to Sahaj Marg(tm) and to Chari's April 30, 2010 Speech!

Taken and translated from Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg, an article titled: Ego ou Humilité, à vous de Choisir (Ego or Humility? You Chose!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ego or humility? You Chose!

Chari read three messages (channeled) from Babuji at the 111th anniversary of his birthday celebration. These three messages from the "brighter world" have probably been transmitted by the French medium who predicted that Ajay Kumar Bhatter would never be president. Dated the 19th, 29th and 30th of April, they show us that Chari is still listening more than ever to the medium. The influence that this woman has on Chari is impressive, if he believes even a little bit in these messages.

Channeled Message number 1:

Our Mission is at a crossroads in its history; many steps have already been taken but it has yet to conquer the world, the hearts, and the minds of many people waiting for this kind of energy, which is quite special. The time has not yet come when it — this vibration — may be perceived and valued at its true worth. Some of our abhyasis, more sensitive than others, have begun to perceive their own subtlety, with respect to our principles and the messages that are given to them with the aim to precisely develop in them this ability to perceive the essential. Everything works in our way towards this flowering of the soul in its aspiration for the divine, the ultimate goal of its journey.

They are given the basic elements from the outset; it remains for our candidates (our abhyasis) to grow through their efforts and perseverance. This valuable asset is available to them. There are no long, no big shows; our method goes to the main thing, to the point, through interiorization, through regular practice as well as the assimilation of the principles characterizing it. Its benefits will become apparent with time; they will become obvious by the grace of God. Therefore everyone is responsible according to their faith in Him and in us, for the good of all. —Babuji Maharaj

Channeled Message number 2:

This gathering of faithful souls here below is touching. A true love song rises up to us. The birthday celebrations are valuable in this sense: to unite the hearts with a noble purpose. So many ugly things on this earth characterize it. This space reserved in our way, Sahaj Marg, is valued by us all here, up in the Brighter World and in the divine realms. May it never lose its place in the rituals of its own and be preserved in its full scope. Beyond this birth anniversary celebration, it is the whole Mission that rises to the occasion; it attracts the divine flow, illuminating the hearts. Be thanked, my dear son, for granting the event this place of choice in the course of your days. We bless you as well as all our brothers and sisters mindful of the special anniversary. We praise you, dear Parthasarathi, for keeping the sacred fire going. —Babuji Maharaj

Channeled Message number 3:

You are a leader of men, my dear son, a born organizer. This dimension gives you a special place in our Mission, where you will keep an iconic stature for centuries to come. Your personality marks people’s minds. We have touched the hearts and you will lift them up to the zenith in the context of a broad liberation movement, long awaited in this world of men, more than ever plagued by uncertainty and greatest confusion since time commenced, time immemorial. A complete transformation must occur to maintain humanity in a status conducive to its elevation, far away from the current criteria. The world is drifting, without morality, without a laudable goal for a majority of human beings, except that of pleasure in all its forms. A poor record indeed! The divine power will overcome these excesses of all kinds. May tomorrow’s world be united for the better in recognition of the unique power without which it would have been reduced to nothing, a long time ago. May peace reign in this world and unite the hearts for the good of all. We support you at all levels as far as possible, my dear son. Be calm in spite of everything: we care for you with much love. —Babuji Maharaj

The world is adrift, and there still remains (for Sahaj Mart(tm)) to "conquer the world" and Chari is a" leader", a "born organizer", the head of this vast movement of liberation.

So this is what Chari has chosen to transmit to the abhyasis who were celebrating the anniversary of Babuji. A message from a conquistador where there is a glaring lack of spirituality. His selection is revealing of his state of mind. It sounds like the leader of a totalitarian ideology that is about to go to war with his armies, a dictator launching a conquest of the world.

I must admit that the French medium knows how to flatter Chari's ego. He is a "leader of men", a "born organizer", who holds a "special place in the Mission", where he will retain the "stature of an icon for centuries to come". We believe that eventually Chari, drunk to the depths of his ego, has finally become a puppet in the hands of the medium, a puppet whose strings she's pulling.

Meanwhile, Cyril sent me a transcript of conversations between a group of French abhyasis and Sister Kasturi which took place in February. Spirituality deafens each and every individual words in these 25 pages, a spirituality of joy and happiness. No guilt, no effort, or work on the character or ego in any of these pages.

Sister Kasturi, the "saint" of Babuji's Sahaj Marg speaks very simply. She speaks of prayer and meditation, and immersion in Babuji. She is one disciple among all the other disciples, just that.

One Sahaj Marg, but two completely opposing views. How is it possible that two of the greatest disciples of Babuji to have come to radically different conceptions of Sahaj Marg?

On the one hand is humility, on the other the arrogance of an inflated ego.

Needless to tell you where my heart leads me.

See also: Analysis of Chari's 1982 letter to Babuji (by Christian, Phd psychology, 18 yrs an abhyasis with Chari)

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4d-Don said...

Hi All...

This is a rumour... with some un-confirmed information in it...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Intrigues and Synchronicities in the Sahaj Marg Lineage!" :

Could it be that Ajay had to resign after failing his test?

For obscure reasons SRCM set a target of at least 1000 abhaysis for Babuji's European birthday bash at Vrads (Egregores are greedy?)

Shortly before there were loads of reminders and extra buses etc. arranged to try to motivate more and more to go, with the statement that up till then 400 had registered, including children.

I don't know how many were eventually there, but it's pretty clear Ajay (as ultimately reponsible for Europe) failed the target miserably.

Could these targets be part of the reason for the hard sell tactics for the various meetings/seminars etc?

BTW Babuji's birthday party in Vrads was not free, but a Seminar for a fee, and alternative local (free) celebrations were forbidden.


Thanks anonymous...

You (the readers) decide!!

You most likely will not get any REAL information from this "divinely inspired" gang of SPIRITUALISTS! ...