Monday, March 12, 2012

Sahaj Marg(tm), Religion and Spiritualism Divides; Spirituality Unites (maybe)?

Taken and translated from an article by Elodie: "La Religion Divise, La Spiritualité Unit"?, on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comment by 4d-Don: Much as Chari insinuates that religions are hypocritical, we can now say the same about his version of sprituality, or should we call that "spiritualism"?? (with an Anonymous French Lady Medium, egregores, Messages or "Whispers" from the spirits of the dead, etc...) ... We could add that "some" spiritualists are also "deceitful" to the point of dishonesty (see the REAL History of Sahaj Marg).

This is what they (Chari, et al) call and register as: Sahaj Marg(tm) or the "Natural Path Meditation"; not the original society registered in Shahjahanpur, India in 1945, by Babuji, but a "trade-marked" (for trade and commerce?) Sahaj Marg(tm), a product, or a "copy" registered with the same name in San Luis Obispo, California, USA, in 1997.

Sahaj Marg teaches this "division" to the children in their curriculum: see
Lesson X of their Value Based Spiritual Education (VBSE) ... or See the complete VBSE here.

March 12, 2012

"Religion divides, spirituality unites"?

Here are some excerpts from a speech of Chari entitled "Attach Yourself to the Heart", February 11, 2012 before the abhyasis gathered for an "International Scholarship Training Program":

“(…) In my mind, it is religion that divides people more than any other single force.

(…) All religions claim that God is in their religion.

(…) Then why do we fight about my god and your god?

(…) How can there be religious wars? Because people never thought, you see. They were drunk with their religious fervour, [with] whatever their religious chief or their king said.

(…) Religions have only dogmas, have popes, have priests, have whatever else you call them; they dictate to us.

(…) That is why in Sahaj Marg we have no priest, we have no temple, we have no worship. Only my heart. (…) So spirituality says, meditate.

(…) This is all that Sahaj Marg is, this is all that Sahaj Marg requires, and this is all that is possible to take you to Him who is inside you.

(…) And for that I thank my master. I thank my master who is in my heart, who is my God.

All religions have the same God, yet there are religious wars.
It is religion that opposes most men among themselves, says Chari; because religions have a pope, priests, temples, cults and dogmas. None of this exists in spirituality: Sahaj Marg, it is just meditation, Chari says in all seriousness.

Chari has a God, it is Babuji. Sahaj Marg has a pope, it is Chari. It has its priests, they are the preceptors (and prefects?). (And Sahaj Marg has "spiritual soldiers"... see here) SRCM has temples, these are the ashrams. Sahaj Marg has (or "is") a cult, it is the sadhana and its daily abhyas (practice) (prayer, meditation and cleaning, obedience, service, etc..). It has a dogma, obedience to the Master and service to the Mission.

The best evidence that Sahaj Marg has turned itself into a religious dogma, it is precisely this training undertaken by the abhyasis (International Scholarship Training Program).
If it was just about meditation, they would have no need of such training.

The God of Chari, it is Babuji, and it is he who says it (see above for his own words). I can not believe that other religions share the same God with him. Besides, it is also Chari who opposes religions and spirituality, and turns his followers against religions.

Is he then trying to create a new war between religions?



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