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What They Say About Chari and His Sahaj Marg(tm) !!

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: Ce Qu'ils Disent de Chari, on his blog in Europe: La Fabuleuse Épopée du Sahaj Marg.

Comments and clarifications by 4d-don are in "red italics"

What They Say
About Chari

"Let us not commercialize our Mission", by Dr. KC Varadachari, or: "I am away from the Chariji made ​​by his followers", by Sister Kasturi, etc..

The criticism
s are strong and are coming from all directions.

As early as 1970, Dr. KC Varadachari (friend of Babuji, preceptor and guru-in-waiting, now deceased) expresses his concerns to Babuji about the commercialization (drift) taken by the SRCM. His son, KC Narayana, (ex-preceptor and board member of SRCM) left the Mission in 1991, accusing Chari of (falsely) proclaiming himself as the spiritual representative of Babuji. In 1995, Kasturi ( the only "Saint" in Sahaj Marg, according to Babuji ... more of interview: here) makes the same complaint, adding that abhyasis are responsible for this cult of personality.

Michael, former American preceptor, (member of editing and publishing team) completes these criticisms with an analysis of the consequences it has produced: an atmosphere of individual competition for the favors of the master Chari, in which all means are good. Jean-Francois (ex-preceptor (with his wife) of Chari, and now with Kasturi, writing) added that Babuji demanded love and trust, while Chari demands blind obedience and service to the Mission. Clark Powell, (ex-preceptor of Chari and writer for SRCM: (Sahaj Marg Companion) like Michael, is frustrated by the power of the inner circle of Chari who took over the reins of the organization.

After 20 years of practice, Madeleine (ex-preceptor with Chari) dismantles the legend of Sahaj Marg which states that the (so-called) transmission exists only within the SRCM, providing evidence that it has existed since time immemorial and now exists in many other spiritual movements.

In 2005, reviving the fears of Doctor Varadachari 35 years earlier, Frank (ex-preceptor, Zonal-in-charge for Chari), Netherlands), Elodie (Switzerland) and Christian (France) are offended by the mad financial quest undertaken by Chari to the detriment of the spiritual quest: sale at auction during satsang, a book sold for 300 ($250.00 USD) announced as the Bible of Sahaj Marg ...


- Chari, or the Industrialization of Spirituality in the West


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4d-Don said...

Here is a comment from Delhi, India, to an article on this blog, dated Jan. 18, 2008 called: "SRCM Myth Begets Other Myths"

Although this comment is sent "anonymously" from IPS# 117.197.171.#, (NIB-National Internet Backbone), he names members of his family, one of whom is allegedly a preceptor of Sahaj Marg.

Anonymous said...

respected sir,

I reside in jalandhar. My father Col. K.P. Jauhar has been a follower of your mission since a really long time. He is a retired army officer. He is a preceptor too. I am not a very firm believer of your organisation although i respect the preachings of Swami vivekananda a lot while my father is not just a firm believer but a fanatic of your organisation. I wanted to ask you simple questions.This is not in context of going against my father. I obviously love him and respect him a lot. But his attitude makes me doubt towars the preachings of the master whosoever is right now (again no disrespect intended cause i know very little of your organisation). questions are as follows-

1) does your organisation teach the preceptors to abuse their wives and their children? if yes why? and if no then what is the criteria of selection for the preceptors?

2) does your institution teach the people how to abuse their elders? ( here my maternal grandparents are concerned.)

3) does your institution teach how to point out the failures in other people's life? (concerns me cause once i could not do well in a subject and flunked an exam but i tried again without my fathers support cause of the constant nagging he did till my second attempt and then topped the exam)

4) does your institution teach how to demean people who are less fortunate and poorer or of low caste than you are.(concerning the people who work at our place)

5) does your institution instill how to demean/ disrespect people who worship god and their methods of praying.( concerning my mother who has to listen to my father who keeps saying that whatever her methods are for praying to God are worthless but still she keeps quite cause she wants peace at home)

If answers to any of my above questions is true then i would like to protest against your institution, and if no then i would like you to speak to my father directly about these concerns cause no matter how much meditation you people do there is no effect on him atleast and i do not think he is fit enough to preach meditation methods to others..

Thanking you,
your's faithfully

Tue Mar 20, 12:51:00 PM