Monday, December 10, 2007

A Chrismas Song of Nature, Harmony and Peace

A Christmas Song of Nature, Harmony and Peace

by 4d-don

Here is a more "Natural" and Spiritual Song for ALL (not just the Christians) at Christmas...

Although it speaks of towns in the "near east", (the Traditional place of origin of the Christmas Story, although many of the Christmas "myths" and "rituals" are European) it can be "modified" (like SRCM), and the names of other towns and/or countries be included....such as other revolutionary and/or "war zones"...Tibet, Chile, Columbia, etc...)

By 4d-don (SOCAN)
Key of E (Capo 2....Play D) in 4/4 Time-Folk

I hear the bells of Christmas day
Although there are no steeples around
And all of nature bids me stay
To live in harmony and join in the Sound (Shabda?)

Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong
In excelsis ex Uno pluria
Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong
In excelsis e pluribus Unum

I pray the Star lights Bethleem
I pray the city lights don't burn you down
I pray the world one day unites
To live in harmony and join in the Sound

I pray for Peace in New Salem (Jerusalem)
I pray the Gods of War, don’t burn it down
I pray in Peace we all abide
And live in harmony and join in the Sound

I pray for joy throughout the year
I pray the sounds of joy don’t drown out the tears
I Pray in light we all abound
And sing in harmony and join in the Sound.

Translation of the (non-religious) latin phrases:

"In excelsis Ex Uno Pluria"= "In the Highest, from ONE, many"

"In excelsis e pluribus Unum"= "In the Highest, from many, ONE"

Are we doing Masonic (Illuminati) Social engineering??? lol

I hope so! Away with RELIGION!! In with "logical" (greek - "Logos") spirituality!! (not "Faith-based" spirituality which is just Religion in a different "coat").

J. Krishnamurti: "Faith leads invariably to violence!...When you seperate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence."

Religious Agendas:

For those who don't know, the "e pluribus Unum" the "motto" of the USA, was on all the US money from it's creation (in 1776, making it the country with the longest lasting state "constitution" in existence today) until 1956 (the Nixon era) when the words "In God We Trust" was adopted as the motto and placed on some of the US money. The "religious right" was successful in excluding the "non relgious" phrase (e pluribus Unum) from some US Money but the US bills still have the Masonic All seeing Eye atop the pyramid.

The "SEPERATION of STATE and GOD" is also under attack in the USA, as in India (and elsewhere) where the "religious right" is trying to bring back the (fundamentalist) MANU laws that gave India the "caste" system with the "Brahmin" caste and their "sanskrit" language, at the top of the Pyramid...

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