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Marriage, Sex, Love... (Sahaj Marg(tm) and Master Chari's Pearls of Wisdom)

Taken and translated from an article: Marriage, Sex, Amour... Les Perles de Chari, by Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

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January 7, 2011

Marriage, sex and love ... Chari's Pearls of Wisdom?

! French Style

Ah! ... love, love ... (l'amour!!)

! Chari is not obsessed with sex and love, he just gives that impression ...

Judge for yourself
. Read these exerpts selected from his speeches from October 12th, to December 18th, 2010:


So you see, it is from below to the top or the other way down, when churches condone same-sex marriages, perform same-sex marriages. Soon a day will come when perhaps, in Athens or Barcelona or somewhere, you will find a man marrying a cow. (...) – Speech of 12/10/2010


The heart no longer features in our human equations — not even in the much vaunted field of love (l’amour). The heart has lost its place; therefore all the misery in the world, the divorces, repeated divorces, multiplicity of liaisons.


Today’s world is full of children who hate their parents. “I hate my Mummy. I hate my Daddy.” Why? Because Mummy and Daddy are not Mummy and Daddy; they are just sex partners who have produced me and have left, so that we have these beautiful institutions called single-parent family. How can a child have a single parent? So when you break what should be whole, you have destroyed. So you see, everything follows from love which has become degraded, de-humanized, and become merely an animal thing; of couplings producing unwanted babies, who at best are left on the church step for adoption, and at worst become children of parents who are not their parents. (…) – Speech of 14/10/2010


So, you cannot expect love without loving. Now in the modern world, it is very commonly used, “Darling, love me.” What does it mean? It generally refers to sex. It is only said in bed. But sex is not love. Love may be sex, but sex by itself is not love. You find it in the bazaars of any city or town or village. It goes by the name of love. And without love, if it is done, they still call it love-making. How can you make love? You can love but you cannot make love. So don’t be shy that I am speaking in front of ladies because you are all grown up, you all know what I am speaking about. It is possible to have ultimate sex through all your lives without ever having loved even your husband. Ditto for the males, who can do it probably much more, without ever loving their wives. And when this sacred bond between a husband and wife is misused like this, what to speak of the public? What to speak of morality?

Without love, true morality is impossible. Because then, like many people of the West, you just say, “Honey, it is just another hunger.” You are thirsty. You are hungry for food. You are hungry for sex. When skin touches skin there is no sin, and when two are agreed on it, it is allowed. Consensual sex, it is called you know, and everybody finds out; that is why sex is growing in such an enormous proportion. Everybody finds out that sex without love produces no result. Therefore you go on looking for it again and again in repetitive, sinful acts, it takes you nowhere. It is mere indulgence without any satisfaction, any emotional value. And as Chakrapani said in his morning’s speech, you become more and more hateful to yourself, and because you cannot hate yourself and harm yourself, you lash out at society. You become a criminal, you become a terrorist. “If I cannot kill myself, let me kill a hundred of them.” (…) – Speech of 30/11/2010

Now that is SIMPLISTIC!

This is the so-called Master who arranges marriages for his followers. Where is LOVE in his equation? Or where is the love in the "sheep" who leave and disrespect and divide their own families to follow this un-loving materialist "false guru" and his un-loving followers?

Why is "terrorism" not prevalent among the "French", and/or other "liberal" (non-religious) societies? China? Is "terrorism" a RELIGIOUS phenomenon? The other face of: "Thou shall not KILL"?

Are the RELIGIOUS really and truly "peaceful"?? Is Islam? Judaism? Christianity? Do they not divide by definition, claiming to be "CHOSEN", or "special", the "preferred of God" (Cain & Abel), and hence create an enemy who is then vilified and "demonized", and eventually to be "destroyed".

Chari calls us, the bloggers who disagree with HIM, the "enemies of Spirituality"... coming from a "materialist" and his gang of DEVELOPERS who spend their lives in, and at the trough of the MATERIAL, I take that as a "compliment" ... Let's get that straight. I am the exposer of SPIRITUALISM, I call it a "scam"... I am not its "enemy" as I let it exist. ... But, I am not spiritualist, materialist, nationalist, imperialist, or a magalomaniac like THEM (Chari and Sahaj Marg(tm) !!

How many houses and hotels and Ashrams (Churches) is enough for the addict to the material? No amount is ever enough to satiate the desires of the religious evangelists and/or the nationalist imperialist developers addicted to numbers and the material!

It is up to the people to limit their growth ... don't join them, and don't feed their materialist desires: numbers! to INFINITY. Infinity which has a beginning but no end (i.e. x=x+1 and/or x=x-1) ... replace it by BEING in MOTION in space for (not "to") ETERNITY, which has no beginning and no end. (see how ouroboros creates an n ... dimensional "torus" shape: ouroboros)

... in other words, Liberate them from their infinite materialism and their SPIRITUALIST scam, by replacing it with an eternal SPIRITUALITY, a REALITY with no beginning and no end, no goal, no gang, and no "ultimate" ANYTHING! ... Just BE!! The Journey is the THING!! ;-))


People are not scared of sex, of SIDA (AIDS); they are scared of marriage. Why are you scared of marriage? A shrug is the answer. And there are so many couples where I have met the husband and the wife, and they say, "My suitcase is packed." "But," I say, "you have been married eighteen years, twenty years, fifteen years." "Yes, but you know how it is, Chari." That is the answer. Does this point to a happy, adjusted, real life, or does it point to some sort of artificial life when we all think we are happy, when we all think we are modern, living in a family as a group? And, like the world, we are expecting separation and unhappiness all the time.(…) – Discours du 18/12/2010

sex and marriage, Chari would do well to read one of our French philosophers, Luc Ferry and his book "The Revolution of Love. " It describes the transition from the traditional marriage, a patrimonial institution which united two families, their property and their names in a marriage of love, a social manifestation of the loving bond between two people.

it is precisely because we began to marry for love that we began to divorce and re-marry. The legacy of this revolution is also the failure of "marriage for life", and thus the normalization of divorce and step-families (or "extended families").



Michael said...

I have said it before:

So Much Talk - So Little Love...

Love is silent. Love does not speak or judge.

Love simply IS!

...And such uneasiness about sexuality! Such public outcries against sex can only come from one who thinks about sex often.

Those who so vehemently and outwardly denounce sexuality, clearly have not embraced their own inner humanity. They are embattled within. In declaring sex as evil, they suffer a never ending internal war between sex demons and misguided righteousness. They are at war with Creation itself. Perhaps it could even be said that THEY are the true enemies of Spirituality!?

- But, you must forgive them my friend. Such embattled souls cannot help themselves. Forgive them as they suffer from their own entanglements and cannot comprehend the damage they do with such talk of love and sex.

While they are correct in stating that Love is the answer - Love is silent. One must first embrace the silence and experience the love for one's inner humanity. Only then does the embattled spirit lay down its arms. When one finally makes peace with Creation with all its varied aspects the real Journey can begin.

Anonymous said...

we have a saying in India, "sau choohe khaa ke billi haj ko chali"

meaning, after eating 100 mouse, cat is going for haj. after destroying so many families, this crock is talking about love.