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Sahaj Marg's Pithoragarh Ashram! Spirituality or Spiritualism and Nationalism?

Taken from Echoes of India Vol. 1, Issue 4 (July 2008) Article called: "Another Himalayan Gateway: Pithoragarh"

4d-don's Comments in
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The valley district in which Pithoragarh (population 41,157 - in 2001) is located, called "Little Kashmir", is the main town of a region that borders both Nepal and Tibet. (hence its geographical value to "nationalist" businessmen). Pithoragarh, till recently, was part of Almora district, in Uttar Pradesh. It was given the status of a separate district on February 1,1960.

This region as many other parts of the world will soon realize the "spiritual" as well as the survival value of "water". Tourism, even "spiritual tourism", does not "add" to the water supply!! Religious developers, don't pave our earthly Paradise, and don't develop in our Natural environment, more "God-seekers" portals to a man-made fantasy called the "Brighter World", destroying Nature as a "tribute" to the folly that comes from the fanatical MIND of the religious and their flawed theology. (ie... "God is MALE" and now, there are "portals" to get to the "Brighter World" where the faithful must "MEET", disregarding their "carbon footprint" and at great cost to the local environment)

Where once there was Nature, there is now the so-called "Natural Path" of the city businessmen, with its "un-natural" structure, and its un-natural spiritualism, that was originally called the "easy path" by the Founder in his Autobiography. The "quick and easy", and all "natural", MacDonald's fast food of Spirituality. The natural path comes into the "natural environment" and brings "numbers" of spiritual Tourists who will leave behind physical "garbage", intellectual corruption (their theology and philosophy), and their emotional mess (the divisions in the Mission and the dis-respect of other religions and other people: i.e. the bloggers), and not much SPIRITUALITY but a lot of SPRITUALISM for sale ... Please, build your Ashrams and your mythical dimensional "portals" in the cities, so you and your "fans" won't have to drive far, so as to "take off" on your imaginary communal trip to your fantasy Brighter World. Or is it imaginary? How cultish has Sahaj Marg become? How cultish will it become in the future, after Chari?? Learn to "disobey" now!! Your leadership is beginning to sound like some other apocalyptic "cults".

Those of us who isolate ourselves from the world of cities, and live in or near the natural "environment" (mountains) do not want the corrupt solutions of those gurus of religion and industry, who make such a mess of life on the outside, in the industrialized cities. Leave the simple folks and their "simple nature" in PEACE and take your crowds back to your industrialized "cities" ... Please don't build your Ashrams of absentee landlords, in our "natural" world as you leave behind only material, emotional and intellectual "garbage" and not much spiritual depth. (egregores, groupthink, becoming a "living dead", getting messages from the dead, court cases, violence, disrespect of other "religions", etc..) We don't need the tourism that will bring those crowds to our little towns in the name of being spiritual, natural and/or peaceful. They (crowds) are neither!! Crowds (numbers) create "problems"!! Water (shortage) and garbage (sewage, pollution, social and religious problems, etc) are just the most obvious to the "locals".

See this notice here: (Charity money well NOT!! )

The so-called: Natural Path (Sahaj Marg) does not seem to be attuned with Nature and its "life-giving" as well as destructive force. First there was a flood in 2008, at their LMOIS (school) and at Babuji's Memorial Ashram (which Chari's group allegedly took violently from Babuji's family (see here with photos) and appeals for "Charity".)

And now this notice:

We deeply regret to inform you that due to total lack of rains in the hills this year, there is a very acute water shortage in Satkhol. As a result, Rev. Master has instructed us to cancel all the permissions given for the rest of this year. Satkhol ashram remains closed for all visitors until further notice.

Satkhol Registration Team

As Pithoragarh is 150 km from Satkhol, see guidelines for visiting Ashram:

Another Himalayan Gateway!!

Chari said:

"I have called an ashram a centre of light. There is an old
tradition that God permits, when He (The ONE, as Vivekananda called the CREATIVE, is not a Male) thinks (the ONE does not "THINK" as it is beyond MIND) the time is ripe, certain doors to be opened to the brighter world. (and if one is 5 feet to the right or to the left of the "certain doors", the dimensional "portal", one apparently can't get into the "heavenly", Brighter, or blissful world??). One can suppose that before the Ashram was built, there was no "door" or "portal" at that location.

The first
door is, of course, (of course?? lol lol First the megalomaniacs make up a fantasy and then they "believe their fantasy"... lol lol ) the great personality who comes to establish these doors. (now there are "doors" to open ?? Established by a "great personality", such as Babuji or Chari? Himself? How "humble" !! Sahaj Marg is getting weirder by the minute!! Ah the folly of the MIND!! ) He (capitalized as if a personality made of carbon, was the equal of the ONE Creator or the ALL!) gives the teaching. He gives the message ("He" gives the message to an anonymous French lady Medium? I don't think so!! His (Babuji's) messages are in his books! These "whispers" appear to be made up by the MIND of the MEDIUM, not the SPIRIT. There is not enough "depth"! ). He gives the call. (myth, fantasy, spiritualism. There is no "call"!! Get REAL as in the "central region of" REALITY!! Is it not "dawn" yet? (pun on "REALITY at DAWN", a book by Babuji. Maybe we should change that to: "REALITY at DON!") And to make people come and assemble at one spot from where they can take off, ("take off", eh?? Give me a break!! How "cultish"!!) we create ashrams. (and churches, temples, rituals, fantasies, mysteries, etc... to entice or intimidate the "locals"?? Fear and temptation?? ) In a very real sense, it is the gateway into the brighter world. (not "real" at all... this is a story, an illusion from the "mind" of Chari) provided it is used properly." (and properly will be how Chari will make it up (on the spur of the moment), and tell (or sell) you later in a book, for a price!! The game is "selling books" and FEELINGS!! or "sensations" of being "insured or protected beyond the grave" ... hence Sahaj Marg, like all religions is into "sensuality". Religions offers a deal with the ONE (and/or the ALL) where one party, the ONE, has not agreed, and has certainly not "signed"). The contract or deal (beyond the grave) claimed by Sahaj Marg and SRCM (California-1997) (and Chari) is "useless"!! It would not even stand in the courts of mortal MEN, unless there was "corruption" ... The ONE does not play in the silly fantasies and the games of MEN, not even "capitalist nationalist businessmen", who can attract funding to build "structures" of Matter at a great cost to society and at a greater cost to the "environment" of the planet. For what? A gateway to the "Brighter World"?? Silly!! What are they hiding?? Every place is a "gateway" to "elsewhere"! Call it "Brighter" or not!

The Catholics and the Muslims and most religions do the same: they build hospitals, schools, and churches for marriages, funerals, and then for day-cares, retreats, etc... (for free of course ... NOT!!)

So let's see: When the abhyasis get the "message", and they get "the call", they will all go and "assemble" at the "door" and "take-off" to the "Brighter World"!!!

Now, if you believe that, please tell your REAL "friends and family", so they will know where you are going, and tell them why: so you can "take off" for the Brighter World!! Does this not begin to sound like the apocalyptic: "Heaven's Gate" cult and/or the empire-building: "Solar Temple" cult (see also here (wikipedia) ? It is not very Raja Yoga or any other "system" of meditation!! Sahaj Marg is sounding more like "SPIRITUALISM" and like most "Cults of Personalities" ;-O

Thus spoke our Master (Chari) when he inaugurated the Pithoragarh ashram on December 19, 2004. (see full speech) (see photos and see the water, sewerage potential problems.)

The ashram is situated at an altitude of 5400 feet (up-stream) in Pithoragarh district 150 kilometres north east of Satkhol ashram. Designed by Master himself, the ashram (does not) looks like a pearl in an oyster nestling among the sub-Himalayan hills with Nepal on the east and Tibet on the north. Besides the meditation hall that accommodates five hundred, there are also other facilities like Master's cottage, (another "cottage" for the Master!! Ah! the simple life at SRCM (California-1997). How many cottages does Chari now have? Are they used by the poor and the homeless when Chari is not there? Or are they left "empty"? Built with Chari-ty dollars? Charity for the Indian "well-to-do"! Chari is like a "POPE". Who will pay for all these Ashrams and cottages? One is reminded of Pope Leo X (1475-1521), who's extravaganzas (birthday parties) brought about the Protestant Reformation!! ), a kitchen and a room.

Pithoragarh will be a tribute to the folly of medieval (feudal) religious thinking that lingered until the 21st century, just before the "transformation" ... The Question begs: Why an Ashram THERE? That spot looked a lot more "Natural" before the Ashram!! And we could all visit it (a few at a time) any time we wanted. Now one has to be SAHAJ MARG to feel the man-made structures that are there, all designed by the MIND of MAN! In the name of, and for the sake of the name of ONE, Please Leave some of the Natural world "natural"... please!! As a species, we don't have to develop EVERY PLACE!! We can leave some "home" for other species! How about an ashram home for the "homeless"!!

See Expansion plans for Molena Ashram at: Molena Ashram! Austerity of Expansion?

From Molena, Georgia city data for the (SRCM California-1997) Ashram, Head Office for the USA)

Drinking water stations with addresses in Molena and their reported violations in the past:

SHRI RAM CHANDRA MISSION (Population served: 25, Groundwater):
Past monitoring violations:
  • Monitoring, Repeat Major (TCR) - Between JUL-2000 and SEP-2000, Contaminant: Coliform (TCR). Follow-up actions: St Public Notif requested (DEC-18-2000), St Violation/Reminder Notice (DEC-18-2000), St Public Notif received (FEB-23-2001)
  • 2 routine major monitoring violations
  • 2 regular monitoring violations

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