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SRCM named for Babuji, Not Lalaji! (Autobiography of Ram Chandra)

Taken from"Autobiography of Ram Chandra" blog with comments by an abhyasi of 18 years (with Chari) who is a research psychologist and psycho linguist. (For more from Baubji's journals, see Autobiography of Ram Chandra blog)

Christian said (to Elodie):

The autobiography of Ram Chandra that I currently read is published by the SRCM Shahjahanpur, i.e. by the Indian faction of the SRCM, and not by SRCMtm (California-1997) of Chari.

As you will be able to discover in the part of the Introduction reproduced below, neither the autobiography published by SRCM(tm) (or....SRCM (California-1997) , nor the autobiography published by the SRCM (Shahjahanpur) are complete. The first would correspond to approximately 20% of the manuscript of Babuji, the second to the remaining 80%. You will also see that the Chari faction acts since the beginning by applying principles contrary to the lesson of the Master. (Introduction, pp. xiii-xiv), and one thus should not be surprised at today's result (divisions).

I am currently in possession of 4 volumes - rare and obtained by the purest of chance, which correspond to Part I (1 volume) and Part II (3 volumes) of the autobiography. The end of the 4th volume evokes a project of publication of a Part III, which is perhaps the publication in progress by the Shahjahanpur faction. I am unaware if Part I comprises more than one volume. It seems to be sufficient in itself, although there is a 13 years vacuum in the journal entries between the first two volumes.

This absence of 13 years, between the death of Lalaji and the preparation of the creation of the Mission, is evoked in the “Leading article notes” of the second volume, that I also partially reproduced below by Babuji himself:

p 238
"The things went on. They grew subtler and subtler, and almost indescribable. Every subtle state was waiting for a yet subtler one. (...) By the method of the Master I found new life everyday. I do not know whether "life" will be an exact exposition of my condition. So the diary remained silent for years together."

It therefore seems that I am in the possession of the complete document for the Parts I and II:

Part I: early life, adult life, at the feet of the Master, Journal (1928 - 1932) - vol 1 1899-1932 (2nd Ed 1980 1500 copies)

Part 2: Instructions and spiritual teachings received from Master
- vol 1 : 1944 May/Sep (1st Ed 1987 3000 copies) - Preparation
- vol 2 : 1944 Oct - 1945 Mar (1st Ed 1988 3000 copies) - Declaration
- vol 3 : 1945 Apr - 1955 Jun (1st Ed 1989 2000 copies) - Contribution

SP Srivastava decided to publish it after Babuji's death, in reaction to that published by Chari. The hostilities were really "out in the open". He (SPS) had obviously received full authority on behalf of Babuji to make the necessary changes. At this point in time it was noticed that SRCMtm (SRCM - California 1997) was in a rush to publish the initial unrevised version to make sure that it was indeed their property with the copyrights.

The autobiography of SRCM (tm) (of Chari) must probably contain Part I volume 1 in its entirety, which was published before the death of Babuji, then it is incomplete for the continuation. It is seen that for SP Srivastava also there was to be only one single successor to Babuji. It is interesting to read that the others (apparently) try to harm to him, i.e. the family of Lalaji, Chathurbuj, Thakur Singhji, etc. Yes, but thereafter, all the names were withdraw from the text and replaced by a code “letter-number” to avoid this very controversy. One thus never knows who acts, and it is a pity because one would have seen more clearly. I hope to soon have access to the complete unaltered document, if Babuji's family wants to communicate it to us for research.

"The Autobiography of Ram Chandra -- Part II, Vol. 3" (SRCM Shahjahanpur, 1st ed., 1989. 2000 copies).

p 11 (29.04.1945) Intercommunication by Lalaji
"(...) elders used to transmit to the heart; and then would take up the points of organic, cosmic, and beyond that, returning at the end to the points below the heart (...). In view of the changed times it is needed to take up these points also simultaneously."

The elders had transmission available and this is not an invention of Lalaji. They also had approaches that were higher than the organic and cosmic regions: Why would they have the ability to work on these areas without having the ability to position one another mutually also available to them, also through this work?

"I instruct that after cleaning the heart-plexus, these lower plexuses be taken up and cleansed thoroughly, but not brought to the state of awakening. After cleaning these the organic region be cleansed. Thereafter training be kept continued from the heart onward again, as the method already laid down traditionnally."

Babuji constantly receives instructions on the method and under the influence of this information produces a synthesis technique called Sahaj Marg.

There is much talk, as here, of ancestral techniques.

Why say that Lalaji and Babuji have invented on one hand, and on the other hand recognize the validity of intercommunication, when these interconnections claim that the former had already knowledge, method and access? (because: Babuji works directly under instructions from these interconnections: How does Chari?).

The method described in this paragraph is not that practiced by the SRCMtm as prefects do not affect the points lower than the heart.

These issues should be cleansed and activated, it seems.

If they are only purified (or, as the SRCMtm not worked since it seems they are automatically assumed by the higher centers), the adept is delivered without the protection of the environmental pressures and of his own internal pressures.

Progress is thus made virtually nil because these pressures oppose each other mechanically.

The spiritual structure of the individual obtained with a method that does not support the lower centers from the outset is that of a tree without roots, and ... without autonomy (it seems, autonomy produces monsters of the Ravana type ... one is confident that some Ravana would cause some damage to all these hypocrites by exposing them for what they are: "bleached tombs" (Biblical reference) of the kind that existed 2,000 years ago).

p 21 (20.05.1945) Intercommunication by S. Vivekananda

"As you are to have a registered body 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission', call a meeting of the persons who are to be the members of this body to start with. (...) The body will be called 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P. - India)'".

Very probably the proof of one more lie: The name 'SRCM' is not given by Babuji with the name of his master to honour him, as we are told in the historical myth of the SRCMtm, but is given by "Vivekananda", and very clearly with the name of Babuji ( "You are to have a registered body" + " 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur" and not Fatehgahr. It is nowhere written that this organization must be founded in memory of Lalaji in the text that I read. moreover, in the context Babuji is invited to base this mission for main street. This idea / intercom comes after visiting the ashrams of the Shri RamaKrishna Mission, whose emblem is similar to that of the SRCM).

The SRCM was founded by 'Babuji' and named by "him" with his own name.

The roots of the Cult of the Personality are already there in 1945 and before (and think of all these supreme souls who do not stop "incensing" with praise, while in the beginning of his journal, he saw himself as a shit: A defence tactic? And why one or the other assumptions (intercommunication, delirium)? And why not both?).

Then we could always argue that Babuji had 'accidentally' the same name as his master and that it was not narcissism as the emblem states "In memory ...".

This is the same sleight of hand when one means "god" and "guru" with the same term "master".
God is a creation of man, and religion, a creation of God: It takes a master and a disciple to get the god-man at the root of religions.

What is the purpose of religions, because they have a purpose other than to avoid going to hell and going to paradise?

Except to reconnect the world of demons and angels to the biological reality, it is not possible to understand, but the story becomes transparent when it comes back to this vital reality.

p 30 (08.06.1945) Int. S. Vivekananda
"You have not to live long in this world."
Failed. What is the value of the predictions of these dis-incarnate "messengers"?

p 34 (13.06.1945) Int. S. Vivekananda
"The time is fast approaching when your supremacy will be establish everywhere."

300'000 abhyasis ?? (probably closer to 100,000) 60 years later, vs. many billions of Christians et Muslims.

Pathological Megalomania?

p 35 (13.06.1945) Int. Lalaji
"The real way is the 'easy way' (Sahaj Marga). The nomenclature somehow does not appear quite good to pronouce."

Sahaj Marg was born a June 13, 1945, and that is' Lalaji 'who chose the name of the baby.
The translation from English is not 'natural way', but 'easy way'.

p 35 (15.06.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"Registration must take place. All the rules of this society must be put before me."

p 36 (18.06.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"You are starting a new religion, destined to be that by the Grace of the Governing Agency."

The 'Governing Agency'...
Another lie: Sahaj Marg is indeed a religion, not new, nor spirituality superior to the others.

It was so in the spirit of the designer of this movement from the outset whether the designer is Vivekananda or Babuji or the 'Governing Agency'.

So the current pitch (by all the SRCM's and their "schisms" ) is a pipe dream.

The SRCMtm can no longer hide that it is a religion: It has just actualized the project that was already there in 1945.

By the way, who first prophesied the end of religions?

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