Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Lesson in Ethics and Spirituality for all Sahaj Marg Followers

A Challenge to all Sahaj Marg followers of "good faith" and "Goodwill"!!

This is a comment left on
Elodie's blog (in French) in France by Christian, an ex-abhyasi of 18 years and a research psychologist (linguistics).

Hello Élodie,

It's good that you re-publish an article on this subject.

One must remind all one's readers that there are more visible manifestations than the subtleties (psychological mechanisms and psychosocial), which we have analyzed and unveiled on our blogs over the past months.

While our analyses could be discussed (which does not necessarily mean that they are debatable), these events are completely indisputable! That is the reality of the facts.

We must launch a challenge to all abhyasis Chari to give a justification for such extreme as well as a-spiritual acts-if such a justification is possible.

How do these people do they do to maintain their coherence other than by closing their eyes?
How can they adhere to the teachings put forward by Chari when the actions Chari has his henchmen carry out are these actions are also openly criminal, and as openly against this teachings he claims to give?

It's certainly easier to discredit our criticism with the back of his hand.

Also, let us forget the personal history of the dissidents such as those who speak out on the blogs, to consider the psychological and spiritual implications of such violence.

What do these actions mean for Chari's followers?
Do they realize by this account, in what they are trapped?

They must think about it, and once their ideas become clearer, confront their master.
Are they afraid of getting the door slammed in their face?

Do they believe that they will be damned for eternity, or that their souls will be condemned to be reborn endlessly because the Master has not helped him(her), solely because they have dared to doubt him or criticize his actions?

Do they accept this implicit blackmail, this terrorizing?
Do they have so little faith?

The most fanatic will say that this is not Chari but his followers who have taken the liberty to do this, believing to thus please their beloved master ...

These people were thus sincere, and their actions come from a good intention ...

But: Is Chari the true master in charge of directing the team, or is it his entourage who decides and directs the mission?

Does Chari not have, according to the rules and regulations of his sect, all the powers in his hands?

In that case, why did he not exert a veto against any violent action on the ashram of Shahjahanpur?

And even if the action would have taken place in his back, it is unlikely that he is not aware of it today, now that the ashram of Shahjahanpur belongs to the SRCMtm.

If he is aware of it, why has he not returned the property with an apology and compensate the victims?

Because it satisfies him, as it finally places this ashram in the hands of the SRCMtm?

Another hypothesis: He has not done so because he is the sponsor of this armed robbery.
He would then be the greedy and violent fanatic who was seizing the ultimate symbol of power that that had eluded him, to claim faultless legitimacy in the eyes of the ignorant world.

Feeling his ends approaching and seeing that a negotiated settlement would not lead to a victory in his lifetime, he would have preferred to forget all the basic spiritual tenets he had received from his master and that he pretend to teach.

His pyramidal project, his work, "his mission", would have been more important.

The end justifies the means: How is it different from the basic rules that run the world?
Nothing new to the SRCMtm, the bottom line is always the same.

This ashram of Shahjahanpur was the supreme test for Chari, established for his sole purpose by his master (Babuji) to titillate his greed and his fanaticism.

Had he succeeded, it would lead him to eternity.

A supreme test of detachment: Even this one, he failed.

But no problem, he continues to preach the necessity of detachment to his followers, who décérébrés (without brain, lobotomized, brainwashed, zombie) by the spiritual and mental control under which they have fallen, see no contradiction anywhere.

Thus the history of the ashram of Shahjahanpur reveals that the predators of the SRCMtm are not just lions, wolves or sharks: They are also vultures ...

Although I do not know the people in Babuji's (SRCM Shahjahanpur), and I do not necessarily agree with their beliefs, I sympathize and I hope with all my heart that justice will be done.

I hope that the criminals, if they do not get a sudden enlightenment and repent and correct their mistakes, will be unmasked and punished as they deserve.

I also hope that everyone understands his duty, regardless of the camp in which he finds himself: To shed light on this sordid affair so that the darkness stop progressing, and in order to wash their conscience and be able to resume their journey.

Similarly with regard to the (alleged) assassination of Babuji.

So I hope that all those who know something will find the resources to go into the trenches and engage in the battle for truth.

They should do it at least to the memory of Babuji, if not for future generations, this is called duty and sacrifice.



Anonymous said...

Merry christmas to all bloggers of SRCM. You all work harder than Chari everyday to keep us non believers well informed of his antics. Best wishes for 2008x

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous and to all...

A Merry Christmas to you all... I am hopeful that there will be more "non-believers" in the MYTHS of RELIGION if we continue putting out the "IN-Formation"...

It will bring the desired effect if it is the "TRUTH"...If it is not, it will bring out the TRUTH.

Thanks for taking the TIME... (MOTION, measured by the "ruler" called TIME is what we are playing with here in this SPACEMOTION or SPACE in MOTION...SPACE AND TIME are the effects of MOTION...)

My wish for 2008...

"MYTHS" for the seekers of FUN, the GOAL, and STIMULATION through emotional and intellectual TEACHINGS...(all sensations and not necessarily ethical or moral as we can see with SRCM)


WE RECEIVE THE "TRANSMISSION" from the DIVINE (ONE) at all TIMES...If it ever stops, we and ALL "disappears"...and as far as I can see, we and "something" are still here!!