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Sahaj Marg's "Stupid Freedom" or Egregores?

Comments on an article taken from the Sahaj Marg Newletter for North America:
Echoes from North America.

The Blind leading the Blind. Both fall off the cliff and into the Precipice

Comments from 4d-don
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Diana Waycott, SRCM (California-1997) Regional Co-ordinator, West Region

Whispers from the Brighter World has brought to light aspects of our spiritual practice that heretofore were hidden to us. (It was just made up by the "anonymous French Lady Medium") One of these aspects is the concept of an égrégore. This term is defined in Whispers from the Brighter World, Vol. 1:

An égrégore is a kind of group mind (a kind of ?? See Frank's - ex SRCM's zonal-in-charge for the Netherlands analysis of "Groupthink" at Sahaj Marg.) which is created (How is it created? Magically? or "through a command from a "leader"? When does the "egregore" become "autonomous"?) when people consciously come together for a common purpose. (What is the real purpose of the Chari Clan? (Spiritualism? Nationalism? Business?). The leadership of SRCM (California-1997) who will attempt to control the "autonomous" egregore, are now in court with Babuji's family for control of the MISSION. Will your "egregore" unite them? NO! So far, Chari's "egregore" has done nothing but "divide".) Therefore it has the characteristic of having an effectiveness greater than the mere sum of its individual members. (That effect can be for "good or bad" or "positive or negative" for the group, or for their families, their friends, the so-called "enemies of spirituality" (according to Chari), or society at large. Look at the examples of other religions who have used egregores (or "archangels") in history, and the atrocities committed by normally "sane" people, under the control of such "autonomous" egregores. Research it!! Before you un-wittingly set the egregore loose on your "friends, family, and your children".) It can also refer to the psychic and astral entity of a group. (Tell the truth! Or do your research more deeply! An egregore is an "autonomous" psychic entity!! You will not "control it". Study crowds or mobs in a "protest" and historical events such as crusades, revolutions, terrorism (9-11), wars, sports, hunts (animal, human), etc... and see the "autonomous" aspects of egregores or "groupthink", and the "good or bad" that is created by such "egregores" or "groupthink".

Whatever happened to: "At Sahaj Marg we seek only the ULTIMATE?" Are you now seeking the "lowest common denominator" of GROUPTHINK, the collective mind of all and anyone who joins your group for any and all reasons and purposes? What is your experience with "egregores"? What is your experience in filtering out "deviants" and/or "manipulators" of people, who now use Sahaj Marg, and other neo-religions, as their "market", with all kinds of other "therapies" for sale, such as astrology, psycho-genealogy, numerology, Emotional Free Therapy (EFT), etc.)

Prior to the release of this book, we all certainly felt the benefit of being together at gatherings of abhyasis. (marketing to the "mob" mentality makes the "crowd" easier to control. Are abhyasis now into "sensuality", or the "feeling the benefit" of events (any event), and not the ULTIMATE?) Now, as I read Babuji’s message (below), (the message is, in reality, from an un-professional, "anonymous French Lady Medium" who claims to channel messages from the deceased Spirit of Babuji and other un-named SPIRITS of the deceased.

We should now see "egregores" in the explanation and in the "promotional material" that states what Sahaj Marg really is. Will we? Will the preceptors now tell the new recruits about "egregores"... before they become "involved"?)
I feel that he is telling us more about the extent or the reality, on a spiritual level that such a group can have. (Sahaj marg is not seeking the ULTIMATE anymore, but is now into the POWERS and the "Principalities". It is now just a RELIGION!! Same old, same old! (story)... Not as Babuji wanted for his "mission".

"Oh! the Bliss!!" , "Whee! we all belong to an autonomous egregore, and obey an "anomymous French lady medium" who writes our BIBLE. or ... "No "stupid freedom" in Sahaj Marg!! ")
Personally, I am encouraged that such a bond ("autonomous") does exist between us and furthermore that its effectiveness extends beyond the mere physical limits that we can only perceive as humans. (Does it extend to the MIND or to the SPIRIT? Will you now as a group, attack the "temples, churches, ashrams" of other religions or "spiritual groups", as was allegedly recently done by your group (SRCM (California-1997) at the Babuji Memorial Ashram? Will your egregore, being autonomous, control your actions as it does the members of other "religious groups". Will you be "free" with (as Chari says), your "stupid freedom", to say NO!!, and stand "alone" as a true "spiritual" seeker, or commit the atrocity with the GROUP under the control of an autonomous "egregore" or groupthink.

Now wait and see what your egregore does with the rebellion of "youth", or the disrespect of the "misfit", and wait and see how it attacks and destroys the dreams of the "un-co-operative" mate, in assistance with the unwitting abhyasis, under the guise of "cleaning" the desires of their "mate". To destroy the communal dreams of a couple or a family, is to destroy the "relationship". How will you protect the dreams, the hopes, the desires of your mate, your family, friends, and their children from your autonomous "egregore"? How will you stop the greedy, the deviant, the ruthless, the violent, in the "GROUP" from effecting the "egregore"?)

Therefore when we come together, we not only strengthen ourselves, we strengthen others (in our group and outside) and we strengthen our spiritual path in the context of the world, letting God’s love radiate out (That is not true. Under the control of an autonomous egregore, you will do as the GROUP does and that historically has been "tragic".) This October’s gathering at our Molena Ashram is our next opportunity to strengthen this. (does that not sound "naive" and a little "dishonest" ? or SPIRITUALIST... giving yourself over to an "autonomous psychic entity", an "egregore", under the name of "Raja Yoga" or SPIRITUALITY? Even the Catholics don't do that anymore, because we (the people) removed that POWER from the pyramidal Vatican in the 12th Century, thanks to enlightened people like Thomas Aquinas (1225-74), Roger Bacon, and Rene Descartes, and later, thanks to the Protestant Reformers (Martin Luther (1483-1546 and John Calvin (1509-64) et al . Sahaj Marg is a loop back to the Dark Ages of Magic and Spiritualism before the Age of REASON.)

A specific force emanates from these days, which man cannot assess. (We, "man", can assess these "forces", but you don't seem to be able to, and hence you seek the drowsy navel-gazing safety of a GROUP-think (egregores are of the "mind" as is hypnosis, and half-sleep or day-dreaming state).

It seems that some habituated abhyasis prefer a spiritualist "opiate" state, and would desert their family and friends, the poor, their own social environment, as well as the "green environment" of their area, as well as the ideals of their national egregore: their "stupid freedom" as your Master calls your "freedom". (not his) )
. As any participants, he benefits from it, but this fact goes well beyond by developing our Mission égrégore. (autonomous!! The benefits will be for the "egregore" or the "leader" who tries to "control" the GROUP. NOT for Society or Mankind. DO you want all other religions to start using "egregores" (archangels) again and wage "holy wars"? ... As Freud would say: "The MONSTER is of the ID.") These days, which bring our brothers closer surge of heart, have an incomparable positive impact. (Or negative! The Egregore is "autonomous"!! The use of "egregores" is called SPIRITUALISM ... not SPIRITUALITY! Who Dares oppose the EGREGORE?? Who in Sahaj Marg is still FREE to oppose the Master? Who will defend our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters from the Sahaj Marg "gay bashing" Egregore? Who will protect the children from the "egregoric manipulation" of deviants from within the "sisters and brothers" of the group? How will infiltrators with "different purposes" (selling or promoting "alternative therapies") be kept out of the "egregore" or the "groupthink"? If many in the GROUP (including the Founder and family members) are emotional, depressed, suicidal, will the "groupthink" or the egregore make others emotionally ill? Are the emotional states also "transmitted" by the SYSTEM of Sahaj Marg? How many diagnosis of "mental illness" in Sahaj Marg? Could it be systemic? The "EGREGORE" or the GROUPTHINK?

When one has an egregore, one has "rituals". One is to pray for "favourable egregore", as decreed by Chari. Now you have prayers for a "favourable egregore" and a prayer for "peace" even though the FOUNDER of Sahaj Marg stated explicitly that Sahaj Marg is not to obtain PEACE.

Since the population of the globe is reaching "cancerous" rate and that "India and China" is responsible for almost one half of that. One can take a lesson from the Catholics of the 1950's, (the beginning of the INFORMATION AGE for the masses) who, after having been "decreed" by the POPE to not use "artificial birth control" , but to only use the "rhythm method, said: "NO" ... and that was the end of the Vatican' s control of the masses through their "egregore". No more "breeding for the sake of the RELIGION" so as to increase the "numbers" by arranging marriages, and getting the "adherents" to BREED ... as with Sahaj Marg ! When will Sahaj Marg Become "environmentally (planetary) conscious" and limit their "cancerous growth" in other countries? We don't need more "BREEDERS" here!!

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