Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Abhyasis of Sahaj Marg Who Read This Blog!!

Taken and translated from an article by Elodie: "Rappel Aux Abhyasis Qui Lisent Ce Blog" on her blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Link October 11, 2011

Reminder to
the abhyasis who read this blog

You respond to our arguments by saying that we do not know of what we speak, because we do not know what Sahaj Marg is, and that we have not experienced it.


Alexis and 4d-Don are the exceptions that prove the rule.

Cricri, Michael, Frank, Madeleine, Peter and Ines, Cyril, Paolo and I are all old abhyasis. Together we have spent more time in the SRCM than each of you. Some of us were preceptors, others had various responsibilities.

Rejecting our arguments on the grounds that we do not know of what we speak is to be like the ostrich burying its head in the sand, in the face of inconvenient truths. It is to want to remain deaf and blind to certain realities that you deny to the absurd, so as to not re-question yourself.


To doubt, to re-learn to think for oneself, to recognize after years in error that one has been wrong, to take a place on the sidelines, it is not easy. But we've been there, we demonstrate that it is possible, that one can rebuild, turn the page and move on to other things. You are not alone.


There is life after Sahaj Marg, one can live without it, and especially live better, much better.



Anonymous said...

Although i choose to remain anonymous, i too had experience of being totally committed to Sahaj-marg for almost five years.

I did the practice as prescribed. I traveled many times to india and other countries to see chari. I saw some things that were less than spiritual, and i chose to remove myself. It was very difficult for some time, however, i have joy in my life now and i am a free agent. I enjoy my freedom.

I am very grateful that i had some compassion inside and that i realized that whatever can happen to another can happen to me.

Sahaj-Marg encourages the elitist attitude and i am sorry to say that i was guilty in believing that i was part of a "special group" that was lucky to have found the guru.

Now, i like knowing that we are all the same and feeling connected with my fellow human beings.

Meditation feels much cleaner now...any experiences that i may have are completely mine and under no one else's influence.

I think it is dangerous to open ones boundaries to this group. That is what they encourage. I say take back your God given power.

Maybe some day i will be brave enough as you all and i will write a blog and help other people who struggle to free themselves from the entanglement of chari's web of deceit - and the power games of the preceptors.

It is my opinion, that anyone in this group is suffering from spiritual abuse. I pray that more and more people become free from this system of abuse. That more and more people will wake up and reclaim their power.

Love to all,

-- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Thanks for sharing.

You say: "I saw some things which were less than spiritual..."

Could you clarify?

I think you are right in your thoughts ... If you permit, I would add (for myself and myself alone ... Religion uses Guilt to motivate the disciples to evangelize, and they say: "Thy will be done!" (if the disciples will teach the message to the "un-believers", of course.)

I say in SPIRIT and with no guilt: "ALL will be done!" (at its own time and in its own space).

Once we truly want a "united" world, we will stand and belong to the WHOLE of Humanity in our spirituality. And we will also expose the corruption and the flaws of divisive religions and/or spiritualist or pseudo-spiritual groups, who claim to channel messages from "spirits" of the dead, and to offer rewards beyond the grave, and other such "flaws", i.e. Liberation or Salvation, forgiveness of the sins of other humans, or erasing of their samskaras, materialism, etc.

If religions DIVIDE, then spirituality should UNITE ... so as to be different from the divisiveness of Religion.

If Spirit or spirituality, is like "consciousness" and is really part of the natural REALITY, then all (or most) have it or have the ability to have it, experience it, feel it, whether or not all agree on the word chosen to define it: SPIRIT, soul, consciousness, etc ...

All humans (or most) now have or will develop self-consciousness, the ability to think, the ability to learn, to remember, to forget, to forgive, to invent, to be inspired, the ability to love, the ability to have and show tolerance, the ability to have and show compassion, even towards those who are not part of an "elite", our tribe, our clan, our race, our creed or our nationality, or our species ...

The forces of nature such as the sun shines on all ... or on most!! And rituals don't guarantee more "sun". Many humans now act as the forces of nature, for the good of all or of "most".

Sojourning on the interior path of SPIRIT, in our search for ONE-ness, ALL are "chosen" and all get "THERE" eventually through evolution. All will eventually realize that all units, now appearing as seperate units, are also realize-able as ONE WHOLE, a SINGULARITY. Some already have: Universal Consciousness. (the ability to see the ALL (Creation) as ONE ... a UNI-verse)

None or no-thing is really "left behind" or lost. It may be another aspect of the "conservation" laws of NATURE or CREATION. (conservation of energy, matter, etc.) And now conservation of consciousness ... All of creation may be "conscious", or alive.

For corruption to thrive for a time, all that is needed is for good men (and women) to do and/or say nothing NOW ... to stand idly by for a while ... To be SILENT today!! To delay ... To wait until tomorrow!

Just my reason for what I do ... why I spend my time "blogging" and exchanging ideas and experiences on spirituality, spiritualism and religion.


Don ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Don!

I have my life back and things are good. I have joy in my life and am very grateful that i was able to become free.

Detaching myself from this group, this practice was the most difficult thing that i have ever gone through. Once i left, it became very clear that it was all attachment and i promised myself never to return because i chose freedom and truth.

I grieved a lot and i tried a lot of things on my road to recovery...waited quite some time and then i contacted Michael. After talking with him...i "turned a corner" and felt free.

This past July, I tried to write a blog about what happened. I was not ready.

I prefer to give myself some more time to heal. I believe that the practice really messes with a person's mind. In my opinion you could call it brainwashing. I think it's dangerous.

I don't want to say too much because I believe that people might recognize me. For now lets say that i saw a lot of dishonesty, politics and abuse coming from the preceptors. (Control freaks.) I realized whatever could happen to another could happen to me. Chari (there is no term of endearment implied) does nothing if there are problems. He doesn't respond. In my opinion, the leadership in this group is terrible.

I hope to be able to write about it and be there for other people when the fall out happens. (When the old man dies.)

I am grateful to be free and have my mind, and my life back. I pray that others wake up and become free...take back their power. Stop being spiritually lazy in believing that one can sit back and have their "samskaras" erased.

That's all i have for the time being.

--Triple Gem

Anonymous said...

dear Don,
is it good to do meditate /cleaning /prayer or not? We follow the system according to Babuji sayings. What is your opinion.

4d-Don said...

To meditate is good but to meditate on "light" as if it was "god" or "Babuji" is not good, not true, and "materialist" as Light (energy) and matter are "equivalent" according to Einstein's E=mc(2)... Meditate to empower or realize your true "SELF"... nor to empower others or become "idolatrous".

To clean is like re-telling your problems (sins?) to family and friends or to a pshychologist, a bar-tender, a stranger... It has value the same as "confession" removes the guilt... (to go over an action or thought again in the MIND ... makes the actions easier to bear or to live with, without becoming tied to it or "obsessed" with it. Be clean!!

To Pray (commune with ONE, our ONE-ness or SPIRIT) is Spirituality and hence good ... to expect answers to our prayers from a "personalized FORM of SPIRIT" is drifting into "spiritualism" and not good ...

Beware of those who would give you rituals which are invented or "made up" by them. To be religious and pray to icons, saints, gods, angels, etc... and then to go and "kill" or slander the neighbours, as some who "PRAY" tend to do, is why religions have been seen as "hypocisy"...

Morality is not PRAYING... it is BEING (not "doing") something ...

There are those who play musical notes (frequencies of sound) and then there are those who are "musicians" (repeaters of other's (or their) choices of notes), and then there are artists who invent, make-up or get their notes from the universal "stream of notes" or by "inspiration" ... BE whichever you ARE!!

Taking the time and playing a musical note for the note's sake, is better than taking to time to "PRAY" (or playing) as a way to beg for something (material?) or to extract something from some mythical god of FATE ...

Pray as a WAY of BEING or as a way of making things in your control BE ... Prayer is not "casting a spell" or "buying off" the gods of fate... That is "children's play"...

BE a SPIRITUAL adult ... not a "spiritualist" or idolatrous child ...

There is real MAGIC in life don't sell-out for the "phoney" ritualistic magic of charlatans (who are materialists and Spiritualists in Religious clothing, which they claim is "spiritual"!! But see the material which is all around them also!!