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Hope for the Teachings of Babuji

Taken from Elodie's blog: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg, in a article called: Hope Finally

Hope Finally!

The End of Despair

Three years ago, when I started this blog, I signed: "The Desperate Abhyasi". Because the drifting of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission seemed irremediably to lead the teaching of Sahaj Marg into the throes of power and the money kings.

What I did not know then, and what took me so long to understand, is that next to the trademarked Sahaj Marg ®,there survived in India, the real Sahaj Marg as taught by Babuji, with personalities such as Sister Kasturiji and/or KC Narayana, the son of Dr. KC Varadachari and many other obscure senior preceptors.

Today we know the truth, we have no more excuses. Everyone should resign from the Mission (SRCM California-1997) en masse , and abandon his/her guru to himself, and as well, his cronies. Everyone should go to meet the true defenders of the still-alive tradition of Sahaj Marg.

Narayana and Kasturiji have in their time, obediently followed the advice of Babuji and accepted the appointment of Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari to the presidency of the SRCM. It is because of the developments inside the Mission that they have kept their distance; because of the idolatry of the abhyasis towards their guru that they have withdrawn; because of the evolution of this same guru, for whom this (adulation) went to his head, that they have worked in isolation.

It is time to let as many people know, especially we Westerners who live away from India and its daily actuality. An alternative exists, there is no need for despair (any more), there is no more reason to hesitate, not even for a moment.

Those who oppose this, reject anything that is somewhat spiritual. One really has to see evil everywhere, to criticize Narayana and/or Kasturi. They do nothing but pass on the traditional teaching of the true Sahaj Marg, that they have received from Babuji.


* Kasturi (membership only)
* Narayana

Anonymous said:

You are right (for me)...

I have already left the Shri Rajagopalachari Church Movement and have begun a meditation with a "Kasturi" group.

Cri-cri said:

(Christian is an 18 year ex-abhyasis of SRCM who went to Narayana's ISRC for a short stint. Christian is a Phd in psychology and a psycho-linguist.

See his "French with some English" blog: Analyse de la SRCM)

Hello Elodie!

For the teaching of Sahaj marg tm to be effective and bring about the results promised, a teacher who cares and helps the individual abhyasis spiritually is needed.

This means that for 1 teacher, the amount of followers must be limited, under the penalty that the teaching becomes overwhelmed and unable to provide the service. Ask the prez, then, how many abhyasis they are able to "treat".

Chari the megalomaniac, wants a following with 9 zeros (billion) when he fails to manage a number with 5 zeros (one hundred thousand), and this (number) for the sake of the promise he claims to have made to his master, probably in his dreams.

Narayana is certainly aware of this and he does not want to accommodate all the abhyasis of SRCMtm, I do not know how it is for Kasturi, but let us have one's feet on the ground for 2 minutes.

First, the abhyasis of SRCMtm are completely brainwashed, (so mentally rotten) by the doctrine of Chari. How many years will it take them to liberate themselves from the mental toxins of that crazy man?

Second, you start from the idea that Chari's abhyasis are seeking spirituality, but is that true? They are victims of a system of marketing, seduction and fascination, and are in their (SRCM California-1997) mental grasp. That's what they sought, because if they had sought spirituality, they would also spontaneously be elsewhere, using their hearts.

Why are you looking for the abhyasis to leave SRCMtm?

Our actions aim at encouraging people to think, so as to restore the Sahaj Marg to the the SRCM. If all the abhyasis do what you propose, it is the destruction of Sahaj Marg that will result, where it still exists.


Sunday April 12, 04:51:00 PM

Peter said:

(Peter is an ex-preceptor of SRCM (California-1997) who is now a preceptor with ISRC (Narayana))

Hello Elodie,

I loved your comment ... And if I am not here to proselytize, because:

1 / It is not my style
2 / It would do nothing .. !
3 / To each his responsibility.

What is incredible is precisely that, despite the information on your blog, things have not moved ... ! After the SRCM, I met Narayana, and I was super riled against the drifting of the SRCM, and against Chari, and I thought of finding a sympathetic ear. Instead, Narayana (almost) died laughing. I did not understand ... ! I have been slowly understanding the message he wanted to pass on to me .. All those years spent at the SRCM, it was my responsibility ... What can I say? ! To each his own responsibility, we can not blame others indefinitely for this or that ...

Waiting for more...


Sunday April 12, 06:40:00 PM

4d-don said:

Elodie ...

You say: Everyone should resign en masse from the Mission, to abandon the guru to himself and his cronies. Everyone should go to meet the true defenders of the still-alive tradition of Sahaj Marg.

I agree with the first sentence.

But I would not counsel any person "to go and meet the real defenders of the stll-alive tradition (...) of Sahaj Marg".

It seems there are still many "distortions of the truth" among several senior preceptors, and even with Babuji at the very founding of Sahaj Marg, which could surface later in the character of the "followers". Then all should decide "day by day" if the Sahaj Marg deserves their confidence as a spiritual path to achieve the realization of the ULTIMATE (if that is even possible).

Can a "lie" lead to "truth"? Everyone has to choose and decide for themselves ... A path that divides the inside of the society (SRCM), and the outside that is the families of the abhyasis, and which seems to adversely affect the character of its followers, making them emotional, arrogant, and lacking in love for the neighbor, the family, friends, does not have "carte blanche" by those who have done the hard research.

There even seems to be a betrayal of the country (culture) of residence of the (foreign) abhyasis, in favour of a mock patriotism towards India. Several of the abhyasis who do not volunteer in their own societies, parishes and cities think themselves "blessed of the Divine" because they help the rich build "private schools" with 14 foot ceilings. Many of our "public" schools are "mobiles".

We must never suggest blind obedience to any spiritual/religious path that makes promises that can not be verified, such as REALITY, or their "REAL Beatitude", or other states without definitions, or even a seat in their mythical "Brighter World" (heaven?).


Monday April 13, 06:35:00 AM

Elodie said:

Hello all,

The teaching of Sahaj Marg, the true, may not be free from criticism, but this does not prevent me from feeling that the words of Sister Kasturiji are a breath of fresh air after years of wandering and despair.

At least acknowledge that.

Rather fondly,

Monday April 13 10:13:00 AM

4d-don said:

OK! Agreed ... but just for THAT! ;-))


Cri-cri said:

Hello Elodie,

I understand that one is looking for the person one can have confidence in, that one aspires ardently.

Opening one's heart to another results in the submission of loving abandonment. If the other is not entirely abandoned to the divine, but to a mental idol, it is not freedom that we find but it is slavery to the slave of another.

An mental idol, this may be the service to the mission, the adoration (adulation) of Babuji, the Koran, the idea of god, personal success or a figure of 25 zeros before the decimal point.

It seems that some people consider certain mental idols as preferable to others because they would attach one to the exit door. All are a trap, some are a subtle trap.

The teacher living Master there not to separate the role of a disciple of the icon for that at some point it is fully franked?

Does the Living Master not have the duty of detatching the disciple from the idol, so that at some point, the disciple is totally "liberated".

A Living Master such as Chari attaches his disciples to the 3M (Master, Mission, Method) and can not have a master status, he is a scammer seeking personal service, he asks the abhyasis to serve the 3M to help realize the promise that he made to his master.

Where I am perplexed, and I must admit quite lost is when I find among the followers of Babuji this subtle idolatry. I still can not understand, I think it lacks something essential for the continuity of this spiritual lineage to be there.

No matter how I turn the problem around, I see that time passes and I always come to the same un-appealing solution. However, those who are in the heart (seem to) derive total satisfaction.


Tuesday April 14, 03:29:00 PM

Shashwat said...

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Well i do not agree with the content of this topic, I have posted a reply to this view on my blog,