Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SRCM(tm)'s VBSE! A Weapon Of Mass Seduction

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis on Elodie's French blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg. Article by Alexis (in French): Une Arme de Seduction Massive

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Weapon Of Mass Seduction

Youth, a time of promise and effort

UNIC (Information Center) exploited by the SRCM(tm)

Building on its success of last year, the SRCM(tm) renews its attempts to gain legitimacy by exploiting the UN Information Center, India (UNIC). On the occasion of the International Year of Youth, it is again holding an essay contest around the "formation of character" in Indian schools. At the same time, it seeks to increase the dissemination of its education program based on (spiritual?) values in schools (VBSE). Remember what this U.S. abhyasis (
Shelly Gould Burgess) said last June:

“A few years ago when I first heard about the Mission’s observance of United Nations Days, I was confused. I admit it. I didn’t understand why we were doing them or what our involvement with the UN really meant. (…) In terms of benefits, these United Nations Days provide a fantastic way to reach out to our communities. Here in America our culture can tend to be suspicious of a spiritual organization that has a guru. However, the United Nations is generally considered a positive, upstanding global organization. When we reach out to our communities via our association with the United Nations, we may become a bit more legitimized in the eyes of a society that views the unfamiliar with apprehension. That’s a good thing in terms of opening people’s minds and hearts to the wonders of Sahaj Marg.”

For complete article, see:

United Nations Days and SRCM – An Abhyasi’s Perspective
Shelly Gould Burgess

The SRCM displays a great opportunism by exploiting some of the dispensary of UN programs, only to find some legitimacy.

Objective: To export the VBSE in Europe

The innovation of the year is the opening of the contest outside of India with the aim of better exporting the VBSE (Value Based Spiritual Education) to Europe and elsewhere. It's been two years since SMRTI (Sahaj Marg Research and Teaching Institute) officials have been trying to replicate the success of their Indian director, Kunchithapadam Seetha. The VBSE has now taken two directions depending on the age of their target audience: character formation for adults, and value-based education for children. In this spirit, a training program was developed by the team led by Elizabeth Denley for adults, and it is clear that training seminars have multiplied in Europe and at the Indian Crest. For children, the objective pursued by Trødni Tilde and Dominique Descartes is to propose activities based on values in the ashrams, during the group meditation of the adults or during the Indian celebrations to try their hand, then to offer them to schools when they are better understood.

Some examples of activities for children listed in Europe: farm tours, walks in the forest, treasure hunts, water or beach games, etc.. It is only to occupy the kids and to enable their parents to engage quietly in their spiritual activity. When one thinks that these actions should follow the LMOIS (Lalaji Memorial Omega Internation School) model, we can measure how the goal remains elusive for the moment.

Remember Chari's anger and the letter from his Augerans (old Peugeot castle, and ex-SRCM headquarters in Europe) manager to children. It was May 21, 1991, almost 20 years ago:

"(...) Good news for us all! The Master, our Chariji will be back soon (...) If he has placed us in penance (detention?) for Christmas, it was to force us to think and to understand that you can not come to the Augerans ashram as one goes on Holiday (...) You will then come to the ASHRAM to see the MASTER and to participate in a SPIRITUAL SEMINAR. "

Chari did not agree to be disturbed by noisy children and had put the abhyasis "in penance". This has not fixed itself with age. The Augerans manager wrote a very clumsy letter to the children to scold them, today they offer activities so as to channel them! The VBSE is not close to going into European schools with that ...

For now, these are just very clumsy attempts, and their success seems very uncertain, but suffice it for very little to transform these attempts. India is a good example ...



It seems that the Jehova's Witnesses who were members of the UNDPI (Department of Public Information) in 1991, have voluntarily withdrawn their membership. Here is the "JW's letter of resignation"... My! How "honourable"? ... I guess they won't be "legitimized" ... It now seems that the UN DPI is including "dictatoships", the corrupt and the opportunists who seek "legitimacy"!! Does that reflect on the "corruption" inside the UN itself?

We know of some European members of SRCM(tm) inside the UN ... If you write to the UN about the "Shri Ram Chandra Mission" (SRCM(California-1997), your letter could be "intercepted", so send it to the "Secretary General"... Let's see if that reaches those in charge of the UNDPI.

Membership to the United Nations is limited to "countries".

Membership to the UN DPI (Department of Public Information) are "non-profit societies" (with an "empowered" Board of Directors, or DEMOCRATIC), who want to promote the ideals of the UN ... not the opportunists who want to promote and legitimize themselves and their RELIGION and their Beliefs and philosphies (or lack of, as with Sahaj Marg(tm) under Chari), by exploiting the United Nations and their programs, for their nationalist and selfish goals (conquering the world) ...

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