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SRCM (California-1997) and the UNDPI Scam!

From the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (California-1997) and Sahaj Marg(tm) Web site:
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On Dec. 7, 2009, while the United Nations Climate Conference was taking place in Copenhagen, the Global Peace Initiative of Woman (GPIW) hosted a meeting of "spiritual leaders" at the SRCM (California-1997) Copenhagen Ashram. (approximately 50 attended ... see and count in the photo at the link above) (a few abhyasis belong to the GPIW)

This was the call: (see photo of attendees)

The environmental crisis is a call for all nations and all sectors of society to come together and find ways to reduce the impact of human activity on earth's climate. There are moral, ethical and spiritual underpinnings to this call. For the human community to deal effectively with climate change, we must recognize that the environmental crisis is a moral and spiritual crisis.

Religious and spiritual leaders have a central role to play in helping the human course and evolve more life-sustaining societies, where development is guided not only by immediate needs but by the wisdom of longer-term vision.

The SRCM (California-1997) Businessmen and developers are now asked to be "guided by the wisdom of longer-term vision". How many developments did SRCM complete since its inception? How many trips have been taken by the SRCM abhyasis to India and all around the world as they chase God and their Guru? A God which is ONE, and is Everything, Everywhere, and Everywhen (the E-Trinity)!! How large are the collective "carbon footprints" of the Religions of the world and their "pilgrims" .. the SEEKERS who are organized by religious businessmen/women?

Now the developers and businessmen will "save the world"? Nah-ah!! Will the self-titled Master not celebrate his ego and cancel his "birthday bash" next year? I doubt it! Will they take the crisis seriously? They are businessmen and developers!! They will pray and create a "photo-op"! They will cover themselves with "flags" and pretend to give to the poor with "cheques of wishes"!! That should fool the gullible "fans" of the idols ...

Remember the tactics of the American advisors to the Bush administration:

This is not a "global warming" crisis... it's simply the more innocuous "climate change"... don't worry, be happy, gaze at your navel, and pray or meditate, and then meet and talk ... they will do NOTHING but play the semantics game!!

Don't they all sound like "gurus" with their fantasies ??

Don't they all sound like Nero, the Roman Emperor fiddling while Rome burned? ... to then blame the fire on the "Christians"? ... the enemies of "GOD" ... or as Chari calls us (the bloggers): the "enemies of Spirituality"... (we are in reality, the exposers and tranformers of the scam that is Chari's brand of SPIRITUALISM!!)

And later
in their Newsletter at the link above (Oct 9, 2009):

Stand up and take action! End Poverty Now!!

The SRCM offered a prayer for poverty !! They claim 150,000 in India participated in the prayer ...

That's action ... useless but... How many centuries have the "religious" prayed for PEACE?

... no money flowed to the poor, but money still flows from the poor to the wealthy businessmen and developers who operate the shell which is the Mission !!
All the property is owned by the SMSF (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation).

Abhyasis clean their samskaras. So they claim to be doing environmental work and should be funded for cleaning up the slums (in their minds) ... by praying ?? Now that is "charity"?? NOT!

(see photo) The symbolic (phoney) cheque for 173 million "wishes" will certainly fill some "stomachs" (NOT!) ... just like a religious businessman and/or developer pretending to give ... Wheee! The poor will finally eat tonight, thanks to the "wealthy" religious businessmen ... a "wish" sure tastes "cruel"!!

All "photo op", arrogant and no substance!!

The SRCM (California-1997) businessmen and developers will now stop war, stop poverty, and reverse the "global warming" trend, simply by calling it: "climate change", the accepted "buzz-word" for businessmen, thanks to the Bush (USA) administration.

Then they have A Remedy For War... (by Babuji)

(Which war have they, the religious and "spiritualists" remedied ? We can easily find examples of wars which were caused by "religion"!! In Sahaj Marg, Sister Kasturi states that Chari "declare war" on the old preceptors!! The spiritual Sahaj Marg of Babuji and Kasturi, has now become the Spiritualist Sahaj Marg(tm) of Chari. Like the spiritualist and corrupt Roman Catholic Church of the 15th Century (Pope Leo X) before the Protestant Reformation, who sold "indulgences" Chari sells "erasing of samskaras"!! So much for the Law of KARMA!!)

According to Babuji, in his letter of 1957 to the UN:

"It is only the spiritual force that can remove the causes of war from the minds of people"...

The solution? Another prayer!!

All the while, Babuji did not want a "slava (dark) complexion" wife for his son, nor a woman with the wrong "cut" (shape) and/or "height". Also, Chari is bad-mouthing the homosexual minority, and the abuse of "human rigthts legislation" when applied to homosexuals, comparing homosexuality to bestiality, ... Maybe if "people" were more compassionate and more tolerant, and not like the "spiritualists and the religious", then there would be less violence and less wars!! And there would be less divisions among the followers of the various new religions and so-called "spiritual" movements.

Most, such as Sahaj Marg(tm) are really "spiritualism", with an anonymous French lady medium, egregores, and messages allegedly channeled from the spirits of the dead.

Then, they display the children and their games at UN Children's day ...

... and then they show more gatherings which they attended and tried to get their Ashrams in the "news" ... "any port in a storm" eh??

All in all ... the world is now safe (NOT) because the businessmen and developers are now religious and/or "spiritualist" and their carbon footprint for business is now compounded with their carbon footprint as they develop to find God, and achieve morality and ethics!!

They will now save the poor from poverty with "wishes", the sick with prayers, as Chari bad-mouths Bill Gates, and the Pope, and the minorities, and stop war, and violence, with "wishes" and by bad-mouthing other cultures, religions, nationalities, homosexuals, women, and those of "dark complexion" ...

SHAME ... SHAME... And some will let their photo be used to support such racism, sexism and intolerance for other's choices of life-style. All in the name of RELIGION and/or a minor and tribal male "god". The finger will point at you all when the next gay or lesbian is bullied, beaten and/or injured !!

Merry Christmas all you who support racists, and sexists ... all with no "Goodwill" towards your fellow humans !!

And the UNDPI?? Shame !!

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