Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sahaj Marg(tm) and Whispers. Decryption (No. 6)

Taken from Alexis's blog in Europe, the Sahaj Marg Project: Un Message Que Vous Ne Pouvez Pas Comprendre, D'abord Tenu Secret, Et Inlassablement Répété

Again, for Sahaj Marg (tm), it's those darned "extra-terrestrials", those "aliens", the Sahaj Marg(tm) "cavalry" !! (as in the Hollywood western movie genre !!) We'll be saved by THEM. THEY know better, and THEY're benevolent ... we hope!!

Are these "aliens" taking over the whole planet, the Galaxy or just " THE WEST"? Is there a "hidden message" here for the WEST in ancient greek mythology? For Troy, the adage became: "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!!"

In the case of Sahaj Marg(tm), it could read: "Beware of materialist pseudo-spiritual geeks baring grits (liberals or the WEST)!"
Or could that read: "spiritualists in spiritual (or invisible?) clothing!"

"THEY" (another Master Race, another "chosen few"... ) are coming with their spiritualist "aliens" and their invented (by their anonymous French lady medium) "extra-terrestrials" (angels?? archangels?? demons?? ) !!

This is a historical: Heads up!! We've been here before!! Many religions seem to be the same, using SPIRITUALISM ... this sort of invented spiritualist fantasy is also used by some materialists to gather the "bad" MATERIAL and/or the "addictive" or lustful power (land, money, etc...)

This group is controlled (and not democratically) by a so-called "chosen" few materialists (businessmen), nationalists and self-titled spiritualists. And, they attempt to control the MATERIAL with spiritualism

(See their Constitution and By-laws, where they state explicitely to being a "dictatorship in favour of the President", and having "standards of spiritualism" !! These "standards" are never written or spoken, unlike the Raja Yoga of Patanjali ... the REAL and complete spiritual path, not the one which Sahaj Marg(tm) adherents claim to practice, and which begins at step #7 of an eightfold path.)

A Message That You Can Not Understand, At First Kept Secret, But Endlessly Repeated

Whispers: decryption (6)

Quotes from "Whispers From The Brighter World", a major fund-raiser for SRCM (California), as compiled by an anonymous French lady Medium, who claims to be channeling Babuji, and others (aliens, extra-terrestrials, beings of light, etc...)

"The effect of these writings is proportional to the interest in reading. (...) The sum of these messages can not be ignored. Whatever reactions they arouse, they mark the reader. We repeat knowingly. This is the best way to capture the attention and to make that our words are truly heard. Human beings are so made. Sometimes, one has to strike hard for the truth to reach deep within them. All the great esoteric movements have understood this. Understanding is developed in successive phases to flower in the objective consciousness So he makes his, this truth that seems obvious. "(20.11.2000) -

" The teachers of all times, used parables to express themselves.
You can not force the deaf to hear, it's also why there are few chosen. Really understanding what is hidden in seemingly innocuous words is not given to everyone. (...) A reading, however superficial, prepares for future progress. About the quantity of messages written, we hope that many reach their goal - understand who can. " (21.12.2000) -

(This quote seems to be chanelled from the "extra-terrestrials", the "aliens" themselves ? Oh! My God!! They are in contact with the Sahaj Margees through their MEDIUM, not the Guru or the Master !! Who is the real Master here? )

" Our laws are not easily understood by humans.
We do not solve earthly affairs in your way. Once again, my daughter, do not be overcome by doubt. Your mediumistic ability is not at issue in this story. You must adapt to our speech and to our formulas, you can not understand their deeper meaning. Do not rely on statements which may mislead you. They are to be decoded by my son, then do not get emotionally involved in the vagaries of the business of the Mission. They regulate the rhythm of life, taking into account the perpetual play of humans - changing and unreliable. " (02/01/01) -

"These writings (whispers?) will long be forgotten before they re-emerge into the open.
So if it suits you to consider that it is a fiction, we see no objection. "(02/25/01) -

" A new world is being prepared.
You can imagine it. It is out of range of your understanding. " (11/03/01) -

" Man is an element in this great All, created by a unique and divine will in a universal plan which is indecipherable for him, regardless of his level of intelligence.
" (27/03/03) -

" We must move beyond this stage, these messages kept secret for now, and start dealing with other banks of the spirit, where few humans venture.
It would be time to open their eyes on their little person (...). " (26/10/03) -

" Such a change is prepared well in advance.
It is expected in view of the major changes that go far beyond this planet, we can not yet reveal the strategy. " (07/23/04) -

" (...) this planet is somewhat experimental, subject to many tests on various components.
" (29/09/04)

Let us Summarize!

These messages are kept secret for now. These writings will remain long forgotten. Understand who can. You must adapt to our speech and our formulas, you can not understand the deeper meaning. They are to be decoded by my son (Chari? or ??) . These prophecies do not concern you. A new world is being prepared. You can imagine it. It is out of range of your understanding. We can not yet reveal the strategy. This planet is somewhat experimental, subject to many tests. It would be time to open their eyes to their little person. Repetition is the basis of teaching. We must strike hard to flower in the consciousness, so that it becomes an obvious and objective truth.

Repetition is the basis of indoctrination

"We repeat deliberately, it is the best way to capture the attention. All the great esoteric movements have understood this (...) Teachers of all times, used the parable to express themselves. "

Repetition: I already talked about the importance of this technique in manipulating the crowds. Clearly, the medium knows well how to use it, and her approach is fully conscious. This indoctrinates the abhyasis gradually by dint of always repeating the same thing ... with something incomprehensible!

Emergency and misunderstanding

It is urgent, this is the first message endlessly repeated. It is time to open your eyes. But it's secret, you can not understand and it does not concern you. Only Chari is able to decode these messages, we (the aliens?) also do not disclose the strategy.

So in Whispers, you tirelessly repeat a secret message first, and then you can not understand it. The contradiction is obvious, permanent, and probably voluntary. The medium has mastered the art of saying everything and its opposite. The abhyasis reads but does not budge ...

A Very
presumptuous Babuji

"It is time to open their eyes on their little person." This planet is experimental and subject to many tests. "The Babuji of Whispers is presumptuous. Our "little person" is doing well, thank you very much, let us hope that the medium is concerned only with her Special Personality and will not submit us to experimental testing. We will do better without them ... better for us?



Anonymous said...

Indigo Children: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxsIuQKvlZA

Perhaps you should comment on Neale Donald Walsh too after looking at the video, because you guys know everything, everyone else is plain stupid. Correct !

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous....

Your link does not work ... could be a "bug"!!

Not everyone is stupid... Not everyone believes the Walsh hypothesis. There is still hope for mankind but that hope is not to be found in "an elite" or an "alien race" etc... WE WILL HAVE TO SAVE OURSELVES...

Similarly, not everyone believe Dan Brown's religious conspiracy or any other fantasies put on Youtube...

Most don't even believe that the Bible and many so-called "HOLY BOOKS" are telling the TRUTH... not the truth by today's scientific standards at least...

But remember the caveat: Buyer Beware...

The Grey matter between your ears (the BRAIN) is yours... USE IT ... or use your "HEART" to think and pay, and pay, and pay ad infinitum... until you learn to be discerning !!

Not everything written is the GOSPEL TRUTH ... All have a right to doubt and to question and to research. Not even the "scriptures" by so-called holy MEN or GOD-men are the "word of god" ...

Sahaj Marg is a perfect example of LYING to get to GOD ... the immoral path on the journey to the GREAT MORALITY ...

Lalaji had no master according to Chari (or Babuji??) ... lol lol ... Give your head a shake ...

Become "intelligent"... use the abstract capability of your BRAIN...

TEST before believing... Don't swallow everything which is placed in front of you... That's a deadly "religious" tactic to give to the children...

Look at those who would hijack planes and crash them into buildings so as to get "70 virgins" in the "brighter world"... That Brighter world is not for "bright" people...

Go to the light of REASON!! Or as Babuji said (to Don, his physician): Go to the light, as opposed to "heavy"!! But many of you don't read ... do you?? Or at least, try to understand "abstractions"??


Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

loved this one from Chari. Now Babuji is apparently using whispers to tell Chari to take it easy "because your well-being matters to us more than anything." Now that is a statement for someone who's supposed to be looking after the spiritual welfare of the universe.
see: http://www.sahajmarg.org/newsletter/sahajsandesh/2011.39


4d-Don said...


Yes... most religious "spiritualism" is to be laughed at.

God or the saints are still involved with the planet earth and not only EARTH but a little tribe and a little religion which prays for "favours" every minute (constantly) and want to be pampered so as to not experience the LAWS OF NATURE, which are created by ONE (what they call GOD)...

Thanks for the link...

Maybe, Chari won't really die but will ASCEND into the Brighter World with his body as Jesus and Mary allegedly did... it's to laugh at... Then their bodies do not "transform" but remain "carbon" for eternity...

So many theological flaws for an technological and intellectual society...

Time for a transformation or a RE-Formation...again... and again... Maybe this time, the proponents of MAGICAL thinking will come up with a REAL magic which mathches the LAWS OF NATURE... rather than thinking that if one makes up a fantasy, that fantasy can then save us from the LAWS...

PS... I noticed it is translated in French also... Hmmm Babuji speaks French or did the MEDIUM get this message also... hmmmm!! It's not like this gang does not LIE...