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Sahaj Marg's Chari, Is He a Psychopath?

Taken and translated from an article by Christian, a phd in Psychology (research) and an abhyasi for 18 years with Chari, on his blog: Analyse de la SRCM (tm)

Chari, is he a psychopath?

Psychopathy is a personality disorder in which the patient uses charm, manipulation, intimidation and violence to control and exploit others for his/her personal gains and ends. Psychopathy is characterized as the denial of the individuality of others and the chronic failure of ethical principles.

The main traits of the psychopath are:

* Narcissism, vanity, selfishness,
* Charm and magnetism
* Exaggerated sense of self worth,
* Pathological lying,
* Manipulating others.

The emotional features include:

* Lack of remorse and guilt,
* Lack of empathy
* Inability to accept his/her own responsibility in case of failure.

Lifestyle include:

* Constant search for stimulation,
* Impulsivity,
* Irresponsibility
* Tendency to live as a parasite,
* Ambition,
* Unrealistic life goals.

The parallel is striking. Some examples (non-exhaustive list) may give us an idea:

*Narcisism, vanity, egoism: claims to have the ability to make anyone "self-realized" in the blink of an eye, claims to be the only one who knows and understands the spiritual needs of every individual, was granted (by himself) full powers - spiritual as well as temporal, etc.,

* Charm and magnetism: creating a "star" system centered on his own person and not the Divine

* Exaggerated sense of self-worth: In a inversion of values, he takes himself for a Divine Incarnation whereas, Babuji considered himself only as a servant, does not deem to appear before the justice of men for the crimes of which he is accused, etc..,

* Pathological lying: Occultation of Sufism from the history of Sahaj Marg, the emergence of the transmission technique as if by magic, death and succession of Babuji, Babuji's orders received (chanelled) from the beyond, etc..,

* Manipulating others: (see examples and analysis of manipulations on this and many other blogs) manipulation of published information, etc..,

* Lack of remorse and guilt: everything that is done, including ethically dubious acts, is by order of his imaginary Master.

* Lack of empathy: having transcended the human level (delusion), he feels no empathy for others, and requires the complete submission of all abhyasis, etc..,

* Inability to accept his own responsibility in case of failure: the fault is invariably that of the abhyasis and the preceptors, he tolerates no criticism, etc..,

* The constant search for stimulation: business, travel, oversized projects, etc..,

* Impulsivity: changes his mind like a shirt,

* Irresponsibility: does not take the spiritually responsible role that he has self-assigned himself (quantitative approach, rather than a qualitative approach, and the monitoring of serious spiritual abhyasis)

* The tendency to live as a parasite: Building (and purchasing) palaces and cottages, leads a lavish lifestyle under the guise of spiritual service, etc.,

* Ambition: to enslave all humanity in his system of mind control for the masses, (trademarked Sahaj Marg), reaching the top of the pyramid by all dubious means, including the elimination of rivals, etc.,

* Unrealistic Life goals: to reach the Ultimate, merge with IT, and lead any person who submits to his will to the same level, spiritualize all of mankind, etc..

A recent study of the character traits of our political leaders reveals a surprising fact: Politicians and psychopaths share the traits listed above ... Chari is our leader, is he also a MAZI*?

See "Serial Killers and Politicians Share Traits"

* Christian's play on the word: "NAZI" (German Fascism) ... for Nationalist Socialism or more accurately, National Corporatism ... "M" is short for "Mondiale" in French, or "Global" in English. So "MAZI" in French becomes "GAZI" in English and means "Global Socialism"... or more accurately, "Global Corporatism" or "Global Fascism".

Comment by 4d-don: Some features of Sahaj Marg created by Chari, that Christian passed over lightly and demands more research by the serious "seeker" who does not want to be lured into a WEB or a SNARE:

* Creation of a so-called "favourable egregore", a potentially dangerous "autonomous psychic entity" or a "groupthink". Both do not belong in serious Spirituality nor in Raja Yoga, nor Sufism, but is a "SPIRITUALIST" ritual. It can also be called: SPIRIT-ism!!

* Messages from "beyond the grave" channeled by an anonymous French lady Medium, which are to become the Sahaj Marg "BIBLE" according to Chari. The alleged message-senders include Chari's Mother and his wife.
Who is the "anonymous" Medium that all the abhyasis will now be asked to believe and trust? Another "elite" chosen of GOD?

* A continued repetition of the imaginary (fictitious) role of Lalaji in Sahaj Marg or in the SRCM, even after the bloggers have exposed all the accurate and "true" information and that the truth is now "confirmed" by Babuji's journals, Lalaji's journals and family, and other "legitimate" Lalaji organizations (NaqshMuMRa Sufi Order, and RamAshram). Lalaji had nothing to do with Sahaj Marg or with SRCM!!

Lalaji was used after his death by Babuji, and Babuji did not call his society in "honour of Lalaji" but the "Shri Ram Chandra Mission" was named after "himself" as instructed by Vivekananda in his dreams. (See Babuji's journal with comments by Christian).

Tell the TRUTH, Chari!! Change your Web site. Come on, honest Abhyasis and Preceptors, demand that you be told the TRUTH by those who would lead you to the GREAT MORALITY!! Would such "immorality" and un-ethical behaviour not lead one to "perdition"? Would you teach that to the children? By Example?

From the Autobiography of Ram Chandra:

p 21 (20.05.1945) Intercommunication by S. Vivekananda
"As you are to have a registered body 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission', call a meeting of the persons who are to be the members of this body to start with. (...) The body will be called 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P. - India)'".

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