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POWER, PEACE and THEOLOGY! Open lettter to Chari/ Copy United Nations DPI

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According to Chari, self proclaimed Master of SRCM (Chennai):

"POWER and PEACE do not co-exist!"

This is an Open Letter to reply to the questionnable teachings of Sahaj Marg! Here is the quote:

"In a perfect world - spiritually perfect - there would be no power. There would only be Peace. Power and Peace do no co-exist." Chari Aug. 5, 2007 Bangalore in Sahaj Sandesh Aug. 15, 2007.

Don's Comments...

That is about as manipulative and dis-empowering for the "disciples" as a statement can get and the author still function in the proximity of a mirror. Power and Peace have always and always will co-exist, as POWER is not the antithesis of PEACE. By this logic, then the ONE (GOD), being ALL POWER, will never co-exist with PEACE. Or, in other words, if one believes in the ONE (GOD) it means that they will never have PEACE. Or, as the ONE is always POWERFUL, in the ONE's Universe, there will never be PEACE, only POWER!

If Chari really believes what he says, and if he claims to "actively promote" PEACE as is required of members of the DPI program of United Nations, which SRCM received by mis-representing themselves as "democratic" while SRCM is in fact a "dictatorship" where the Master is also the President for Life, who appoints his "directors" and "preceptors", and "prefects" (not to mention the double structure of the SRCM Zonal system), then I would ask him for the sake of PEACE in his own organization and hence in the world, as requested of members of the UNDPI program, to relinquish his POWER, the Presidency of SRCM (Chennai) which he DESIRES so much, and to establish the SRCM structure to function as a true non-profit "democracy".
If in a true democracy, one can't be General (in charge of the Army-as in Pakistan) and President at the same time, then, to be the Master, representing the DIVINE ONE (the ULTIMATE GENERAL) and President at the same time is also "un-democratic".

If Chari does not agree to this request, then I would ask him and the SRCM (Chennai), for the sake of "honour", and for the sake of "teaching by example", to voluntarily withdraw their membership to the UNDPI Program as have done other "un-democratic" and "totalitarian" sectarian religions (
see Jehova's Witnesses) who do not promote the democratic, egalitarian values of the UN, such as the equality of women (Women can't be Masters in Sahaj Marg), and minorities (Chari calls Homosexuality "un-natural") and inter-faith harmony and PEACE! (Chari calls other religions "corrupt".

On the theological question of the Nature of the Divine, Sahaj Marg and Chari contradict themselves:

From SRCM Web Site (Recent Speeches)

The Place of Education in Spirituality

Inaugural Address at CREST (Centre for Research, Education, Sadhana & Training),
9th August 2006, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

So you see, we are now swinging into one point of the pendulum where we are trying to tackle this educational phase of our spiritual life, because there are parts of this world where the spiritual system without any educational base, or knowledge base, is not considered a total system. It is linked with New Age in California and voodoo in Africa and humbug in India! So we have to set all these misconceptions straight, and our people in India have to lose this pride that the Hindu teaching is the best teaching, the Vedas are the ultimate teachings, and that the Indian God is God of all. There is no Indian God, there is no Christian God, there is no Muslim God; God is One, though He is known by many different names.

Essentially, Sahaj Marg teaches of a God who ("Who" designates a person) has no name, no form, no attributes. I was interested to learn from a recent book that what I said about fifteen years ago in a talk at Hyderabad—that God is not a person but a principle—has been voiced by Western philosophers (??), deep thinkers (??) into what these things are and mean, because God cannot really be a person if you think over it. If he ("he" designates a male PERSON, "it" designates a PRINCIPLE) is a person, he can be destroyed. If he is powerful, then there can be something more powerful. If he is educated, there can be someone more educated. If he is big, there can be someone bigger. If he is small, there can be someone smaller.

Don's Comments...

Rather than Hindus and other religious adherents "losing their pride", Chari should lose the pride that affects his logic and start admitting that he does not know the ONE!!

Does anyone notice how many times the un-capitalized personal pronoun "he" is mentionned? "He" (a personal pronoun) attaches to a PERSON an attribute of "maleness", making God a Male PERSON according to this "contradictory" paragraph. What about the neuter "IT" for a "principle", as mentioned? This whole paragraph, far from being "deep", uses a logic that is flawed, paternalistic, and full of contradictions with a grammar that is in-accurate. The oft-repeated "Some-one" can be replaced with "some-thing" if Chari is speaking of a "principle". "WHO" also designates a PERSON, not a PRINCIPLE!

Chari is not educated in Theology or Philosophy! SRCM is a typical case of the charismatic but blind idol leading the blind clones!

And in his other speech:

Obey with the Heart

A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari To students of Lalaji Memorial Omega School, Chennai On August 15th 2005, The anniversary of Indian Independence

Children must therefore learn to obey with the heart, not with the head. Obedience means what? Obedience means listening and doing what you are asked to do without questioning why this order is given to us.

This cultish (harmful secte) "totalitarian" teaching is also taught at the SRCM (Chennai) Religious Boarding School, the "Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School" (LMOS) (Why "OMEGA"? Is it the END?).

The world needs more free "thinkers", not more blind obedient clones of autocrats and "businessmen" calling themselves MASTERS.

Then, from SMRTI - Youth Services

Questions asked by children to Chariji about God

If God is formless and without attributes, why in the numerous books of
literature in Sahaj Marg is God always referred to as "Him"?
Chariji: God is male. Nature is female.

Is the ONE (God) a "Principle" or "ONE" according to this? "Male" is an attribute that designates a PERSON or an ANIMAL! If God is MALE, HOW DO WOMEN come into existence? From the Biblical "rib of Adam"? If Nature is "FEMALE", I as a MALE along with other "MALES", are we "un-natural" also? By Chari's logic, MALES only, are DIVINE just like GOD and hence only males can be "MASTERS" representing the Divine!! SHAME!!

Should the teacher not "study" before "teaching"? Should UNDPI program not rescind the membership of such group?

By the way, in conclusion, also in the speech called:

Obey with the Heart
A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari To students of Lalaji Memorial Omega School, Chennai On August 15th 2005, the anniversary of Indian Independence

Chari's speech ends with this:

Chinese Saying:

He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not is a fool—shun him!



Shashwat said...

As a matter of fact, each and every article of this cult can be explained in the manner you have done.

That will help a lot of people to understand this cultic teaching and start thinking and questioning. That stimulation once achieved will help people get rid of mind control and develop a free and independent personality.

4d-Don said...

Hi Shashwat...

Thanks for your comment...

I agree that much of the teachings of this SRCM and its current Master are flawed. Chari wrote that Babuji was a Master of Spirituality and that he (Chari) was a "Master of Humanity" other words, PEOPLE!! So as a businessman, he knows how to sell and manipulate people into "buying" his products...That does not make him or SRCM "DIVINE" or representing the Divine...

As it stands now, CHARI is a "self-appointed" Master of SRCM (Chennai)...Is that not "TELLING"?