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The Multinational Sahaj Marg

Taken and Translated from a comment by Alexis on Elodie's Blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg
Can also be seen (in French) on Alexis' blog: Le Projet Sahaj Marg
Or in English on: The Sahaj Marg Project

The Multinational Sahaj Marg

(Last updated on 20 August 2009)

A living master, 200 to 300 000 followers, real estate and land in chaos, several brands and national and international organizations, a multitude of multi-media publications and a large presence on the web.

That is the culmination of almost 30 years Charijism! Globalization has taken hold of Sahaj Marg, or Chari has globalized the Sahaj Marg ... A small empire, a multinational company is born.

Three Masters, one living and barely contested, and his designated successor ... Approximately 50 000 regular adepts, 150 000 subscribers and 500 000 sympathizers in over a hundred countries ... Dozens of ashrams with their cottages for the Master almost everywhere, Centers for retreat and/or training, a research institute, a school ... Some trademarks, including the infamous ® Sahaj Marg, the most diverse domain names on the web ... Books sold € 250 each, DVD boxes at 1, 000 € per unit ... Centers of Light which provide free medical care or distribution of food in India, an approximate relay of the UN themes ...

There was a time when the Sahaj Marg had a single organization to represent and manage this little empire, the Shri Ram Chandra Mission created by Babuji in 1945. That did not last long ...

In 1969, Dr. KC Varadachari created the Sahaj Marg Research Institute. It will then be directed by his son, KC Narayana, until 1991. Chari then turns it into SMRTI (adding "Training") and integrates it within the SMSF , the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation.

With the years 1970-80 comes the internationalization of Sahaj Marg, the national associations flower around the world, the Indian SRCM remains the parent association, even amid the legal conflicts with the children of Babuji.

1994-2004: The time of the FOUNDATIONS. First in Switzerland with the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation, and the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation in the USA, India and Dubai. SRCM associations are becoming empty shells, the money, the land and real estate migrate to the SMSF. The LMOIS School in 2005 and the CREST Centers and retreats are created with these funds. The national SRCM's do not manage more than the regular daily operation.

And it takes not less than 2 structures to control the Lalaji Memorial Omega International School. The first for its management, the Baal Vatika Educational Society and the second for its financing, the Baal Vatika Educational Trust become the latest Lalaji Memorial Educational Society & Trust .

In 2009, the publications are no longer managed by the SRCM or the foundations, but by a new structure, the Spiritual Hierarchy Publication Trust (SHPT).

New structures involving individuals and real estate companies are being seriously considered ...

A member contributing today has access to only the accounts of the local SRCM. Everything else is completely lost from scrutiny. Neither the operation of the parent association in India, nor the publications, the donations or the purchases of property or real estate are not disclosed.

Chari said about the LMOIS: "(...) there is no black money transaction-no trustees following the money. I am here to see to that", in other word, it rests on Chari alone, and on the trust one wants to grant him... and everything is forthcoming ...

Whether one makes a gift, or buys a luxurious and expensive publications or participates in the financing of an ashram, a member of the SRCM will not obtain any additional information.

Chari always reserves the right to allocate money from a donation to whatever he pleases, without even informing the donor ...

What transparency!


Associations by the dozens, foundations 4, a research institute, a publishing and distribution "trust", a school with 2 parent societies ... this is just the tip of the iceberg! That is the culmination of almost 30 years of Charijism!

The SRCM is multinational "Spirituality"? Maybe! But most certainly a multinational real estate and financial entity, and maybe "humanitarian" soon ... the opacity is now total.

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