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Sahaj Marg(tm) Reflections On The Suicide Of An Abhyasi!

Taken from an article by cricri: "Reflexion autour d'un suicide", a research psychologist and psycho linguist, and an ex-abhyasi (of 18 years) of Chari. Taken from Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Cricri has a blog (French): Analyse de la SRCM

August 16, 2011

Reflections on a suicide

I received more details on the context of the suicide of Eugenyi from a mutual friend who met him a few days before the tragedy.

Some points are factual. Others are hypothetical.

Summary of the facts as they have been reported to me:

1) Eugenyi indulged excessively and passionately in the practice of meditation - several hours a day.
So he was a good abhyasi, according to Chari's standards, as reflected in his speeches, since Eugenyi took into account the pressure and the urgency to evolve spiritually and the pressure to perform diligently and seriously as distilled by the agent, Chari, in his manipulative speeches.

2) About 4 years before his suicide, Eugenyi had begun to lose touch with reality. The phenomenon was amplified to be manifested by hallucinations will say some, and by the ability to exist consciously in the astral world and have all sorts of experiences at will, will be reported by Eugenyi. Eugenyi who had always had the ability of self-analysis, self-criticism and self-mockery, was unable to step back from his mental experiences, even with the influence of external sources (friends and family ).

3) Eugenyi has been rejected by the community of abhyasis of SRCMtm (Minsk, Belarus) when his psychiatric condition was found out. It seems that this rejection was due to directives from the upper levels of the pyramid of control.

4) It is this rejection by the community he had known for 15 years (slightly less than half of his life), which had become everything to him, which was associated with the meaning of his life as a means to achieve it, which plunged him into a deep depression leading to this act of destruction. We must remember how (i) the practice of SRCMtm weakens the individual by making it hyper-sensitive, (ii) the explicit and implicit mental indoctrination incurred as SRCMtm abolished the discriminative intelligence of the individual, and ( iii) the absolutism (ie excess) which transpires from each component of the megalomaniac SRCMtm under the influence of its chairman.

5) The method used by Eugenyi to kill himself left him no chance of escape. Hence, it was not a cry for help (failed suicide attempt, that is to say, leading to a effective suicide despite a desire not to actually kill oneself), but the manifestation of his absolute despair (jump from his apartment on the 10th floor).

Speculation explored during the discussions:

1) Some have argued that Eugenyi was initially psychologically fragile and that the practice of meditation on predisposed psychological grounds had triggered the crisis, in the same way that cannabis is known to trigger schizophrenia in susceptible adolescents. If this hypothesis were true, it would not have been 10 years (approximately) before the spiritual experiences of Eugenyi turned into hallucinations and the related phenomena. Such effects would have occurred more quickly, after only a few months of practice, as the psychotic decompensation occurs soon after taking cannabis in an adolescent predisposed to schizophrenia, not 10 years later. With such a latency, the practice followed / suffered by Eugenyi could only have been a trigger. It was probably more of a cause.

2) An alternative hypothesis is that the practice of meditation without proper spiritual guidance (that is to say, under the guidance of an incapable spiritual guide such as Chari or his incapble, mindless minions) has caused mental chaos in the abhyasi , which was amplified without the possibility of correction (no guide) as a result of the intensity of the practice. There is no doubt that with an appropriate spiritual leader, or at least dealing properly and responsibly with its abhyasis, an individual developing this type of error would have been extended in the direction of the Self. The failure of the SRCMtm on this individual was evidently a bad publicity for a predatory, expansionist, and cancerous organization, but also a potential source of doubt in the ranks of its followers, thus weakening the house (Mission). For these two strategic reasons, the leaders of the sect had to remove the source of wake-up calls as they have always done with any source of thought, dissent, or simply the truth. The rejection of Eugenyi
by the cult is directly responsible for the crisis that followed.

3) The overreaction of the abhyasi reveals the power of the mental influence of the cult of the individual: the cult is everything, the indoctrinated individual who is rejected by the cult is nothing. The resulting despair leads him to prefer self-destruction instead of trying to rebuild his life and to continue his quest. Even that possibility no longer exists. The mental indoctrination imprinted on the individual by the Sri Rahhh javapala Chari-Mi-Sion tm, (Chari's SRCMtm?) is incredibly effective, and now we can say, life-threatening.

Useful or not to Eugenyi?

Useful or not for those who subscribe (adepts)?

Join the futile with the agreeable: Take Eugenyi with you in your prayers.


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Anonymous said...

I happened across this Blog article http://exoceanus.blogspot.com/2011/07/prayer-meditation-magic-and.html , which you and others may find interesting. It compares the Sahaj Marg method/experiences to other Mystical/Magical/Religious experiences.
So much for Sahaj Marg being unique and the only way.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous from Germany ...

That link above does not seem to work for me. (Hmmm!) But I found that this one link does if placed in the "address" bar ... ??? :-O (must be some quirk??)


... or simply try: (and find the specific article (Prayer, Meditation, Magic, and Transubstantiation):


Thanks for the comment and the link ...

(...see the author's (Lindsay) profile)


4d-Don said...

Hi all...

After that comment on "magic" by anonymous from Germany, here is an article quoting SP Srivastava, ex-President of SRCM (when Babuji passed away), about some "spiritual techniques" (Magic? Spells?), used by Lalaji's clan on Babuji:


Then you can read the letter from Babuji posted on Lalaji's Family's site: NaqshMuMRa Nexus (under "contact us" in the index):


Now Chari claims that Lalaji is their "adi guru"?

READ THIS about Babuji being passed over for a "preceptor" one year before Lalaji passed away (from the same site):

And see the many articles on this blog about the "battle of the clans" of Sahaj Marg(tm) and Lalaji's Sufi following which is still in existence and thriving (NaqshMuMRa, Ramashram, etc... etc...) Chari calls the "BLOGGERS", (us, the "infonauts") the "enemies of spirituality"... Name calling ?? for a Master?? lol! lol!


All is not "peace and Love" with these two clans ... Dinesh, the dean of NaqshMuMRa Sufi Stream, (and listed in their "golden chain" which goes to "the PROPHET (Muhammed... 6th Century), and who is very ill, claims to have been tricked by Chari and stated that he was being "tortured" by members of his family who are in Chari's clan ... (he was afraid of ???)