Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Whisper From The Spirit of Babuji of Sahaj Marg(tm)!!

From: "A Whisper a Day" dated 06/06/2010 received Saturday, July 24, 1999-8:00 AM

This excerpt is from the New Sahaj Marg Bible, called Whispers from the Brighter World, which are allegedly from Babuji's spirit which now dwells in their Brighter World (heaven?). As must be noticed, Babuji is not in the un-reachable "central region", and still has an "identity" and a "personality" (Special??), and is allegedly still communicating with a lowly "Medium", and not with the President of SRCM (California-1997), or his Masterly "spiritual representative", unless the MEDIUM is considered so. Babuji is only one of the spirits that this anonymous French Medium is channeling.

The others include Lalaji, Chari's mother, Chari's wife, and other un-named "elevated souls", and some "beings of light". Add to that an entity called an "egregore" and you have the SPIRITUALISM that is now Sahaj Mart (tm) !! Oops ... that should be " Marg"! as in the "easy path"!! "Easy" and "Natural" apparently !!

As long as one does not have or does not want friends and a family to love! ... But don't worry, they will find you new friends, a new family, a wife/husband (no gays please), a pet, money, power, etc.. etc.. just like a snake-oil saleman of old, or a "Con-man" or an "opiate dealer" ...

And your "carbon footprint" and the planet? ... Businessmen and developers will care for the "environment"? Want to buy a Bridge?

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From the Channeled Message - allegedly from the SPIRIT of Babuji


"The word sect stirs real mass hysteria, particularly in Europe, and in France mainly. (not so... The anonymous lady Medium is from France. Chari's European headquarters was (1999) at Augerans Castle (the old Peugeot (auto manufacturers) Castle), near the village of Dole, in eastern France) Instead, religions that in the past and even nowadays, did not do only good are accepted. (not true ... Christian religions are and have been losing ground in Europe for centuries. Hence the exodus by some "addicts" and "co-dependents", to try out "new religions" and "harmful sects" such as Sahaj Marg!) That is the way it goes, so many centuries of power over people can't just be swept away. (But it was and is still being "swept away" little by little by men of science using "logic and reason". And then came the "Reformation" and the "Enlightenment" or the Renaissance followed by the Industrial Revolution!! Sahaj Marg is not any better than the SPIRITUALIST religions of the past.) The teachings of the Masters of the past that have influenced humanity were distorted, utilized by powers of money and personal thirsts for power. (As the "Raja Yoga" of Patanjali was "distorted" as taught by SRCM, which begins at step # 7 of an eightfold path? As SRCM(California-1997) has now become SPIRITUALISM with a MEDIUM channeling the messages from the "spirit" of Babuji from beyond the grave? ... The messages are then sold as Whispers From The Brighter World, (first for $250.00USD, and now at a reduced rate of $150.00 USD!! Not cheap this alleged "spirituality"! But it is a "distorted (butchered) spirituality" or more accurate a Spiritualism sold by the Powers of MONEY (businessmen) and persons who thirst for power ... Who sits on a THRONE (a chair for CHARI) at every gathering?? (Does Chari-ty (so as to get "tax-exempt" status) really mean CHARI's tea?) Thus is the world; everything is dirtied. (TRUE... and then cleaned by "reason", not more faith in other Opiates, spiritualism and materialism created by the Business elite! ) These Masters gave a moral code, a code of life, clean and beautiful, entirely oriented towards the Creator and the creature." (only some ... not all... as now, some Masters of past Religions were materialists, nationalists, and spiritualists, and some were addicted to POWER, FAME, etc ... Religion does not necessarily serve the "CREATOR or its creature", it serves the "organization" and the "inner circle" (businessmen) ... Chari's Ashrams of Marble with "lions of gold" and the displays of "idolatry" are not "serving the "Creator or the creature" or the creation that is the PLANET!! ... The structures of concrete and marble serve Chari and the EGO of the "inner circle of SRCM (California-1997), the nationalists, and the businessmen who use RELIGION to invade foreign markets! And who would be served (or serviced?) by women (their scriptural "milk maidens"), which they "control"!! (In Sahaj Marg, 75% are women controlled by MEN only !! Women can't be Masters according to Chari!! Teach that to your daughters!! And tell them WHY!! Chari said so!! )

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