Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bollywood (SRCM) Releases: WHISPERS, The Sequel!

Taken from Elodie's Blog in France: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg or "The Desperate Abhyasi"

The Bollywood STAR factory and MONEY-Making Pyramid scheme of the SRCM(California-1997) is going for another POOL OF MONEY from their adoring (living dead) fans".

In Hollywood, first we had ROCKY, then since it made money, we got ROCKY ll and ROCKY lll, etc... In the SRCM, the "SPIRITUAL" Pyramidal Sales mechanism will kick in with the pressure going to the zonal-in-charge, then to the preceptors and then to the the "foot soldiers" to have the book distributed for a donation of a mere: $250.00 so as to avoid paying taxes in the country of sale. SO MUCH FOR THE GOOD CITIZENS in the SPIRITUAL movement. Spirituality does not mean "honest, ethical, moral", but just opportunist, and profiteer. And all this to get a series of "channeled messages" from a French Lady medium. And the messages come from: ??? "only the SHADOW" really knows".

But SRCM(California-1997) will continue to expand and the "inner circle" will continue to travel and urge the "serfs" to celebrate their many "birthdays" and other emotional, sensual and ogasmic parties, even in these "hard times". The families of the poor "serfs" will subsidize them, the wealthy, yet again, so as to have their "samskaras erased". WHEWW! Thank the ONE (their male god) for that! They have a signed contract (covenant) with the ONE. So there in no chance that this is a SCAM or a MONEY scheme. TRUST ME!

Elodie said:

Whispers returns!

After the first "Whispers", Chari announced three more volumes (Whispers l, ll, lll) in the next three years, probably for three times 250 euros.

It is a sad reminder of a sinister event that was lost to (my) memory.

After the auctions that were held during the meditations, it is the launching of this book in 2005 that prompted me to create this blog. My first message in January 2006 began:

"Chariji asked us to buy this book with our eyes closed. It was not yet printed, he had no title and Chariji refused to tell us what was inside.

He told us to pay 250 €, just that, because we had to trust him. After that, it would be too late, even if we gave him millions. "

"In my center, given the amount, all abhyasis pooled their money together so as to purchase a copy. But once, we found that the book was in English and we were forbidden to translate it and even to quote extracts from it as a group. The official reason was that a French version would come later. "

"Indeed, in the fall, we were asked for 300 € for the French version, to be paid before the end of 2005, but only available in early 2007! And we were forbidden to purchase as a Group ... "

"At the risk of displeasing Chariji, these sales practices are worthy of a commercia enterprise, not a spiritual organization. "

"I do not know of many books that cost as much, all accounts to the author. So it will only be for the richest among us. Unless one choses to disobey."

"Are these methods normal for a spiritual organization? "

2005 is the year when money became more important than meditation. Many have responded to the blog, and abhyasis began deserted the ranks of the Mission at that time. We learned later that much of this money was used to finance the "Private Boarding) school (LMOIS). It may have been more helpful to inform us in advance.

Now, the story begins again. What has changed since then?

Ajay Kumar Bhatter says that this book has no price but it is reserved for those who donate 250 euros before the end of February (2009). What then is the money for this time? And it will begin again in 2010, and again in 2011. Why does Chariji and the Mission need all that money? What are their plans? Would it not be fairer to "express their colors" in advance?

The story begins again, and nothing has changed. It is quite a long time ago that Sahaj Marg was a true spiritual path. It has now become a formidable factory to create money, and nothing else.

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