Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Creation of Shri Ram Chandra Mission

Taken and translated from: La Creation de la Shri Ram Chandra Mission, an article by Alexis on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Creation of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission

Lalaji apparently had a hundred disciples according to Rajagopalachari, exactly 212 according to his grandson, Dinaysh Kumar Saxena, (Dean of NaqshMuMRa Sufi Order) mainly in the state of Uttar Pradesh and the surrounding areas of northern India. Dinaysh indicates that nine of them were his preceptors, including his son Jagmohan Narain and his nephew Brij Mohan Lal. Eight organizations were born from this group.

Babuji starting from scratch. In his diary, he recounts his interconnections with Lalaji who told him to start the organization on May 30, 1944, and then gives instructions concerning this (organization) on the following June 3. But it is only June 10, 1945 (one year later) that Babuji and twenty-two of his followers gathered at a meeting and decided to create the Shri Ram Chandra Mission. A working committee of nine persons was appointed June 20, 1945. The articles of association are registered in Lucknow on the next July 21 (1945). Its objective is to promote the system of Sahaj Marg founded by his Master, Lalaji, he writes.

The organization is based in Shahjahanpur and chaired by Babuji or his spiritual representative in the direct line of succession. Anyone wishing to participate can join, without obligation to pay any subscription, but subject presidential approval. He appoints a committee of nine persons to assist him. Madan Mohan Lal, senior preceptor of Lalaji at Shahjahanpur (not listed by Dinaysh) (Dinaysh Kumar Saxena of NaqshMuMRa Sufi Order, grandson of Lalaji) becomes the number two of the organization as secretary. Prakash Chandra Saxena, the eldest son of Babuji, is also a member of the working committee.

At the same period, the journal of Babuji tells of a series of intercommunications between Babuji and Swami Vivekananda. On May 20, 1945, Vivekananda relates to him (Babuji) the name of the organization to create and tells him to convene a meeting of his disciples. Several successive intercommunications stress that he is about to creat a new religion, under the authority of Vivekananda. His instructions on the emblem of the mission will come the next August 26, (1945).

In reality, Lalaji is not the founder of Sahaj Marg, contrary to what is written by the founders of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, (and contrary to what is on the site of Chari's organization, the SRCM (California-1997)) except in the dreams of Babuji as is stated so well by Dinaysh. And why does Babuji not speak any more of Vivekananda, if he played such an important role at the inception (of the Mission), as he says in his diary?

Anyway, Babuji has at least twenty-two disciples in 1945. Twenty years later, at the arrival of Rajagopalachari, the number of his followers would be only 42 or 43, if one believes the latter (Chari). Also according to him, it suddenly jumps to 600 in 1972, and Ajay Kumar Bhatti revealed that there were approximately 3, 000 at Babuji's death in 1983. The manipulation of figures has already begun, Rajagopalachari having interest in minimizing the number of followers before his arrival in 1964, and to magnify them after his arrival, and then assign to himself the credit for the growth (of the Mission).


Comment by 4d-don:
According to Frank, ex-preceptor and ex- Zonal-In-Charge for Chari's SRCM(California-1997) for the Netherlands, in his article: Cognitive Dissionance 6:Boundary Control and Santa Claus:

"So new followers are a boost to the rationality of the whole Movement. `See, what we say makes sense, because how would we attract new people otherwise?'. This mechanism is frequently used by the Inner Circle (I have seen this in my own former spiritual movement Sahaj Marg) in the following way:
* The number of followers is reported as much higher than it is in reality. * `Senior' followers are exhorted to devote time and energy to spreading the Message * Growth in numbers is seen as very important and duly rewarded * Decline in numbers is frowned upon, and often blamed on inadequate conduct of members - the attractivity of the Theory is not to be questioned. Members are expected to be shining examples, thereby attracting family and friends."

Chari states in his autobiography that his father "was one of the senior-most preceptors of the Mission" . (One ?) This is the same "father" that after being in the Mission for a few weeks, was traveling around Europe claiming to be MASTER of SRCM (shopping for property or real-estate? Commercial or castles? (at Augerans, France, the Peugeot Castle became the headquarters of SRCM in Europe), thus showing his disrespect for Babuji and the "simple life" as promoted by Babuji and his new organization. Chari, in his autobiography, allegedly asked Babuji to reprimand him.

... (an aside, with "tongue in cheek") In my research, I notice this "Freudian?" typo: in SRCM Singapore Voice, June 2006,"VBSE Conor" by R. Maharaj, 14 yrs old. (the proof reader of this magazine must be a teacher and a preceptor?? It could be "intentional".)

VBSE=Value Based Spirituality Education. Conor=I presume the word should be "corner" but in this form it could be a person who "cons" or gains the "confidence" (as in a "con game"), of a targeted victim so as to defraud them of their money, wealth, possessions, or in this case, "freedom" or ability to "think rationally". (look at "VBSE - Class X" for an example of the Brotherhood of SRCM(California-1997) with all other RELIGIONS. Does the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI) know of this?)

Could the Sahaj Marg "favourable egregore" be at work here?

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