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More Accusations of Accidents and Poisionnings at SRCM

This is Mar 1, and Mar 2 correction from Navneet Kumar, Babuji's Grandson and the President of SRCM Shahjahanpur on "Tell Me Truth India" blog (comments only) :

Navneet said...

The meeting referred to in 1984 was a meeting which took place on 6th & 7th February 1984. The copy of the minutes is available with us and it clearly states that Chari's nomination seem to be false and it also clearly accepts Umesh Chandra's nomination to be in words used by Babuji and elects him as president which was also confirmed by the General Body on 7th Feb., 1984.

It was on Babuji's orders that Shri Umesh Chandra did not be very active for 11 years to avoid these disturbances as Babuji clearly said that like he was poisoned and there were disturbances when he took over from his Guru same is expected after his physical absence.

Let it be clear to all that this is not a fight for money but it is a fight against people mis-representing Babuji. Babuji believed in Quality rather than Quantity. Hence we have been able to maintain Quality people around.

Also notice that the last letter is typed on an Electronic Typewriter, which you all know was not present in India in 1982. Is that not aproof in itself.

Moreover the case in the Apex court of the country has just taken place and decision is awaited have patience for the order and observations made by court.

For your knowledge there were observations from an High Court Judge that the document of Chari doesn't seem to be genuine as the cover letter was of an earlier date (4 days before) and the Certificate as stated by them was not folded and the envelope so submitted was a small sized envelope. The comments that how can a certificate of A4 size come in to a small envelope.!!!!

If you people wan't to be swayed away from reality and be guided by few unnatural claimants and propogators it is your problem not Babuji's. If you believe Babuji is the only Guru for the coming Years than get back to us or else we are not interested in people who don't believe Babuji & his masters orders which also is clearly noted fact as per Babuji's original diary.

How much more clear can a spiritual order be from Babuji's Master be when he has used the word 'Nutfey' in Urdu which you can verify means 'semen' in English. Stating that your successor will come out of your semen. Original Urdu jpeg file is also being published in our Jan-Feb Issue of Sahaj Marg Patrika.

It is SAD to note that People being in spiritual and being with Babujihave not realised who the true successor is. We are here to serve not be severed for standing in cause of Babuji, by not allowing anyone to deviate from the system laid and only of Babuji Maharaj. We happen to be his blood and you would agree blood is thicker than water. We will not be dishonest to our blood.

Also note that any sane person would not fight for a cause even when he is well settled in life and working at a respectable Management level in one of the top 20 Organizations of the country India. We are also not claiming to be Master's we are only saying we are servants following our Guru's Order.

One last thing on the 13th day from my father's unnatural death my younger brother was warned from reaching to Shahjahanpur by car in person on his way if he wanted his life to remain. But he rung us up and said that if Babuji has given us brothers this work we will not care for our life and he moved to wards Shahjahanpur. Soon within next 10 odd kms a Truck directly collided with the car by coming on the wrong side even when my brother changed his lane the truck followed the car and the car was completely damaged beyond repair. Person sitting right on his back seat died on the spot. But my brother had only a small bruise on his forehead that too due to breakage of glass.

Similarly I was also poisoned on the 3rd of February in the year 2003. I vomitted blood as my father did but could survive without any Medicine. All my Nails turned Blue after a day and one of them have still not taken back to the original colour.

This is the last time I am writing this to you if you people have started doubting on Babuji and start believing in his so called true disciples who have not let Babuji live his life then Nature shall only take care of you people.



March 2, 2007 11:40 AM

Navneet said...


Read 2nd line of 2nd last para as Year 2006 not 2003.



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