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Whispers: "Persecution", cried the Persecutors!!

This is the full "whisper" dated July 15, 2009 (allegedly received April 10, 2001) as channeled by an anonymous French Lady Medium and sold in a series of books called: "Whispers From The Brighter World" ($250.00 US for first edition (2008) ... $150.00 US for second edition (2009). Many more editions to come (2010-2011- indefinitely) !!

This series of "whispers" is allegedly channeled from some "spirits of the deceased" (Chari's mother, his wife, Babuji and Lalaji and other "un-named" but (claimed to be) elevated souls of the departed. The series of "whispers" will become the future "Sahaj Marg Bible", according to Chari, the current President and self-titled Master of SRCM (California-1997). SRCM (California-1997) is a re-registration in the USA, of the Society registered in India in 1945 by the Founder of Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM-Shahjahanpur-1945). That society is also operating in India and is presided by the founder' s grandson, Navneet Kumar Saxena. Dispute for control of the name and the society is in Supreme Court of India.

(For confirmation of above statement, see: "An Invitation" by Chari on the Sajaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF) site, or this article on this blog: The Sahaj Marg Bible?... According to Whom??

Tuesday April 10, 2001.

Be wary of the confusion that is being made between the workings of our spiritual method and all psychoanalytical practices that are currently springing up. It is not desirable to make connections between them. Criticisms currently made by the media against Sahaj Marg in France, allude to leaders who manipulate our candidates by involving them in both disciplines.

It would be necessary to stop mixing it all up by considering abhyasis as potential clients and vice versa. Therapist preceptors are not serious enough on this point, hence numerous problems are already caused by this lack of vigilance. Either abhyasis don't understand the beauty and subtlety of our way, which speaks for itself, or they are personally in difficulty and need these therapies, very much valued in the West, and must get treatment. It is necessary to put things in perspective, and not to lump everything together.

Spirituality is not to adapt to any purpose. It is easy for criticisms emanating from outside, in this movement that is currently raging in France, to seize this aspect of a detrimental tendency, that is developing in our way: too often mingling these practices that have got nothing to do with our Mission and are not part of it.

Signed (as if it was from) BABUJI

See on this blog: SRCM (Sahaj Marg), Astrology And Therapies of All Kinds!!

I think the autonomous "egregore" is influencing the Sahaj Marg congregation through this "anonymous" MEDIUM!! The events in France are so minor, that they are only important to the "French" in that immediate area, and the Medium seems to be "colouring "the so-called "whisper" and is projecting her own "nationalism" or "lack of" via the "egregore", into the future BIBLE of Sahaj Marg. The French are dealing with it in a "French" fashion and with a certain "French" style and flair. Live with it! It is, " you say", elegant!

This "whisper" confirms the allegation made by the "BLOGGERS" (the so-called "enemies of Spirituality" according to Chari in his book: "He! The Hookah and I" (see also "lies from He! The Hookah and I" on this blog). I guess Babuji must also be an "enemy of Spirituality".

There is no corrective mechanisms in the SRCM (California-1997) religious pyramidal structure where the "deviants" (those who deviate) investigate and correct themselves or not. Which victim of these "therapies" will "complain" without being marginalized and deemed: NEGATIVE or a "bad disciple" and have to "leave the group" or forego their prefered place in the Sahaj Marg heaven or their "Brighter World" ... Read the "WHISPERS" (July 15-25, 2009) and see the "Just wait.. do nothing...It's all "meant to be" attitude placed on the shoulders of "Babuji" (Babuji can't defend himself here.) ... I would be ashamed to milk the masses that way with a straight face. The un-professional (amateur) "anonymous French Lady MEDIUM" will have her "judgement day" also ... The Law of "ACTION and REACTION" or KARMA still functions well in the ONE's UNIVERSE, does it not? And the Samskaras that Sahaj Marg has claimed to "erase" will be experienced as "reactions" in other lives, if they exist at all. The "Brighter World" will not be an "efficacious" hiding place, as Sahaj Marg claims it's neo-SPIRITUALIST system to be.

Notice the Religious "persecution" complex at work: Those who allegedly attack others "violently", and re-register the society of others, now claim persecution by "WORDS". The "bullies" can't stand "words" that expose their corrupt METHOD. T Y P I C A L

"movement that is currently raging in France"

There is no "movement currently raging in France". This is just the "religious" diversion tactic of SRCM (California-1997) crying: "religious persecution!!"... and they make it out to be a LARGE movement of "French bloggers" RAGING ... and apparently waking up and/or manipulating the "liberal (corrupt?) media", who would do anything for an "audience"... UNLIKE the egotistical SPIRITUAL Businessmen of SRCM (California-1997) with their many houses, hotels, businesses but claiming to be "living in simplicity" and teaching that to their charitable "FUNDERS", the poor abhyaisis, who will pay the mortgages on the Ashrams and the many "Master's cottages" and "retreats" for the well-to-do, and cover the "travelling expenses (lodging, food, seminars, entertainment, etc .. ) of the well-to-do (businessmen) "inner circle" of Chari.

And then ...

Is this an "endorsement" by "alleged" Babuji (or the anonymous Medium projecting...) for these therapies? Many of these questionable "therapies" are not "much valued" in MY part of the WEST ... The "REAL" Babuji should know that, should he not? Notice the last line: "and need these therapies and must get treatment". Yes, but not with these NOT "much valued in the West" therapies such as "astrology, psychogenetics, Emotion-Free Therapy (EFT), etc...) And the question begs: Why is Sahaj Marg not helping them out?? Why are some (and members of their family) getting (emotionally) ill after becoming involved with Sahaj Marg? Why are so many abhyasis "emotional" or "depressed"??? (see testimonial of ex-abhyasi)

(...) "or they are personally in difficulty and need these therapies, very much valued in the West, and must get treatment."

It is interesting that this "message" comes from a anonymous French Lady "MEDIUM" who is now claimed to be "channeling" the future Sahaj Marg BIBLE, and not from the PRESIDENT of SRCM. Now that's religious or spiritual responsibility, and accountability, eh?

Since the time Chari became secretary of SRCM, Sahaj Marg has recruited as "preceptors" many from the "mental health" field, including many from the "alternative therapies", some of which verge on "quackery" and "cons". And some of their clients could fit in well with what is commonly called: the "lunatic fringe" of the broader society. Babuji warned about this, as there were apparently "disturbances" (even physical confrontations) at some of the Sahaj Marg meditations in Europe in Asia. Some ex-abhyasis have had to resort to restraining orders to keep these troubled "seekers" at bay, after they had left the group. Sahaj Marg or more accurately, the SRCM (California-1997) has become a marketing ground for salesmen and sales-ladies of all kinds of questionable products and/or un-registered therapies, targeting the vulnerable and emotional "spiritual seekers" who are sold every products and so-called "therapies" under the sun. Sahaj Marg is a "captive audience" of "dis-empowered" and easily maleable "serfs" who are "slaves to desires" and taught to "surrender". (Groupthink ... according to ex zonal-in-charge of SRCM (California-1997) for the Netherlands, or under the influence of an "autonomous psychic entity) called an egregore")

See the continued confirmation of the "scandal" or "crisis" in Europe by reading the other "Whispers" from July 15, 2009 to July 25, 2009. (The Medium is from France) The Medium even attempts to give herself credibility by claiming to "channel" praise for herself as if it came from "BABUJI" ... she does the same for Chari. (of course)

These "proponents of alternative therapies" (including astrology, and psychogenetics) also write for the Reasearch branch of the trade-marked (for commercial products) Sahaj Marg, the Sahaj Marg Research and Training Institute ( SMRTI)

If you can swallow this "tripe", you deserve to be "milked" of your "hard-earned" cash. If you need a reminder of what charity means: Remember your families (charity begins at home) and the "truly" poor of the world.

A Fool and his money are soon parted

A person only has the TIME of this LIFE! Would you give it to serve "businessmen" and profiteers? Or would you spend it with your family and friends who are given to you by LIFE or the ONE (not by the Male God of Chari's Gang and their "trade-marked" Sahaj Marg)

See another testimonial...

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