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Chari, Sahaj Marg(tm), Spiritualism and the NEW WORLD ORDER!!

Comments by author, 4d-don, to Chari's NEW WORLD ORDER speech threatening "surgery" on his "prefects" (not only the preceptors), and claiming that his abhyasis will evolve to be "loving"!! Maybe one should ask the families of those ensnared by Sahaj Marg(tm) and SRCM (California-1997), Chari's clan, if they find Sahaj Marg(tm) "loving"!! I doubt it. It is not what we hear!!

Comments by 4d-don are in
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Universal Evolution
November 10th, 2009, Kharagpur, India

You are all familiar with Babuji’s messages, Whispers from the Brighter World. (We are also aware of the PRICE of the "channeled messages by an "un-professional", anonymous French Lady Medium who claims to speak for "Babuji"!! We are also aware that Chari calls this the "vedas" or the BIBLE of Sahaj Marg!! ) We have had two volumes. It is essential that we understand the seriousness of this spiritual pursuit. (Call that a "spiritualist" pursuit... It is not SPIRITUALITY... You are channeling a SPIRIT?? Who or What is IT?? Ask it's name?) It is not just a way of filling up time. (It's a way of filling up "coffers", so as to buy more "real estate", the MATERIAL ... Once you are willing to pay the exorbitant price of a book of "channeled messages" by an anonymous French lady Medium, what's next? The Biblical "mark of the Apocalyptic BEAST" on the forehead?? Would you "OBEY" then too? Are you still able to "chose" freely? The mark of the Beast will apparently be accepted willingly by the "lost souls"! If you believe the SPIRITUALIST myths, then do you believe the Judeo-Christian apocalyptic myths also??) It is not just a way of satisfying ourselves that we are doing something, nor is it like saving money for the future to leave for the family, because none of those things affect your life after this.

(What a joke... SPIRITUALISM is what Sahaj Marg has now become. Call the "ghost busters"! ;-)) ... The MEDIUM is "densing" the population of other countries, for the "market invasions" of the SRCM(California-1997) religious businessmen. SRCM(California-1997) and Sahaj Marg (tm) is all about power and money...and "OBEDIENCE" of course!!)

Babuji Maharaj (NO! the MEDIUM and Chari and the "businessmen") has been emphasizing in some of the recent messages which have yet to be published, that all abhyasis should be aware that, in one way or the other, they are also conduits (Judas goats, not LOVING!!) for the divine work that is going on for bringing about a new world, (of divisions, hatred, rancour, violence, MATERIALISM and SPIRITUALISM, just like inside Sahaj Marg (tm)) to create a new humanity, with what he (Chari) calls a different vibration, a higher vibration filled with love (By their fruit ye shall know them (Bible)... Where is the LOVE in SRCM(California-1997)?? NONE!!) ; no more hatred, no more animosities — all those negative things that are so prevalent (in the abhyasis of Sahaj Marg) today. (clean up your own back yard... these are prevalent in the abhyasis, in Sahaj Marg(tm), and in RELIGIONS in general.) And prefects especially, should be aware that while they may not be assigned any work in this matter, they are very specifically conduits for the work to happen. And so the prefects must be aware, they must be dedicated, they must be sincere, and they must be conscious that “I have to let the work happen through me, because I am a channel created by Him. (the male GOD?? or the male Babuji??) And if I block by negating these things in myself, by not being sincere, by being haphazard, by just hanging up a certificate on the wall, I am like a blocked artery in my heart, and one day there will be open heart surgery!”

(Notice the veiled TREAT by CHARI to surgically remove some PREFECTS!! ... Where is the LOVE in that?? In the PREFECTS? Maybe, since they question Chari... In Chari? How can they transmit what they don't have?? The abhyasis in my circles are not "LOVING" or even "respectful" They, like most religious who preach at others, are divisive, hating, rancourous, dis-respectful, emotional, etc...)

So you see, Sahaj Marg is a very serious thing of course, but apart from our own individual spiritual evolution, (Oh? Now Spirituality "evolves"?? Since they can't LOVE NOW, they have to claim to "evolve" into LOVING !! They simply can't BE loving NOW ... Does their male GOD evolve also? How about SPIRIT, does it evolve??) there is this large universal question of a new world order, (NO!! The Universe does not care about the "order" on little planet earth, around an average sun, in an average galaxy ... Chari and the other ego-centric religions want to claim a "universal" everything, but ... what's next: a pageant to find the true "MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE"? ;-))... the truth is not so "dogmatic" and not so apocalyptic and/or dramatic .... We are becoming a "GLOBAL" civilization... That is all...

Chari now wants to be part of the conspiracy of the NEW WORLD ORDER organized by the RELIGIOUS fanatics who are really businessmen, capitalists, MATERIALISTS and SPIRITUALISTS and yes... "nationalists" ... It's all about "control"!! )
of a new level of humanity, (more loving than "Sahaj Marg", eh? We hope! ... Spiritualism is not "subtle" !! It's "silly"! It's not DUMB, it's DUMBER!!) of higher levels of consciousness and, what Babuji keeps repeating, subtler and subtler vibrational forces. (after the abhyasis in the target markets are made to be divisive, hating, violent, and disrespectful with family, friends, and all other but their "gang", then will come the un-loving RANCOUR!! Not subtle! But that is the REALITY of the experience of some of us with family members who are in Sahaj Marg, some of us in the "target markets" being "densed" and readied for the "invasion" of the religious capitalist businessmen who claim to be MASTERS, representing God, and thus demanding of "OBEDIENCE"!) As those of you who have some knowledge of science know, there is only vibration in the universe, nothing else. We are all vibrating without our knowledge. Atoms vibrate, molecules vibrate, matter vibrates. Sunlight is a vibration. Even as I speak, the sound is a vibration.

(Now Chari wants to use "science" but he does not want "thinking" with the BRAIN but with the lowly PUMP which is the un-thinking "heart" ... I suppose he got his "BSC" degree by "not thinking"!! One day it just appeared or was transmitted by the NWO, or was channeled by an anonymous French lady MEDIUM!! What a tangled web the spider weaves when "he" sets out to deceive. ("The Spider's Web", is a book by Chari). According to Chari, one is not to think with the brain, in one's Spiritual PATH, which is for LIFE and/or ETERNITY, but one is to think with the BRAIN, in the duality that is SCIENCE and its "vibrations" of atoms, molecules, etc...

SUNLIGHT, like the LIGHT that the abhyasis meditate on in Sahaj Marg(tm), is MATTER/ENERGY and not SPIRIT!! Are they more SPIRITUAL when they are in the "sunlight" or when the sun is shining? By focusing on LIGHT, thinking that they are being SPIRITUAL, all are really becoming more dense, and more "MATERIAL", not more SPIRIT and certainly not more LOVING or respectful of others!! I know and experience the love which the abhyasis allegedly have for me or my family, in the place where I live, as they attempt to "divide" with "dis-respect" ... It is not to be "emulated" if we want a "better world" ... It's not even as "healthy" as the secular "respect" and/or "self respect"!! Maybe the Sahaj Marg "abhyasis" could take lessons about LOVE from the loving religious JEWS, the loving religious MUSLIMS or the loving religious CHRISTIANS!! lol lol ... NOT !! Maybe the religious Catholic POPE is LOVE personified?? The Catholic Priests? The Muslim Mullahs? ... Show us the LOVE!! What is the REALITY about LOVE? LOVE, respect, ethics, morality, is not more prevalent in Sahaj Marg(tm) than in the "atheist" community!! I would dare to say, it is much less so!)

So our individual evolution is for the purpose of the cosmic evolution, a universal evolution, and if I cannot contribute to my own evolution, I am not going to contribute to anything else. So please bear in mind that this is not just an exercise to make you happier, healthier, more prosperous, trouble-free existence, pain-free existence — not at all. It is to make you worthy, to participate in the higher purpose which the Divine has, and which purpose is being worked out through what Babuji calls the hierarchy of the Masters of the Sahaj Marg system.

(And Chari knows the PURPOSE of the Divine?? Want to buy a bridge?? What is the "hierarchy of Sahaj Marg"?? All forgeries and usurping!! See Lalaji's family's opinion of this statement. Now Babuji, the founder, is being "channeled" by an anonymous French lady Medium (spiritualism) from SRCM (California-1997). Sahaj Marg is a manipulation of "history" and then it is a manipulation of PEOPLE, by getting them to focus on LIGHT or MATTER claiming that focusing on the MATERIAL will bring about an "evolution". Then there is the "spiritualism", the channeled messages by a MEDIUM and the "egregore" ... We can see the reality of Sahaj Marg (tm) with the "PREFECTS" (above) which are going to be "surgically" removed by the DICTATOR, the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, or CHARI, a short term for their male GOD "HIMSELF"!!)

So it is a very vital part of the world order (make that the "NEW WORLD ORDER" ...which Chari and the Materialist businessmen and profiteers are working so hard to bring about ... for the benefit of THEMSELVES, not for the POOR, the NEEDY, the SICK, the dis-empowered, etc...) that is to come up, and we are not mere abhyasis or prefects or whatever we are. We are vital parts of this, shall we say, divine machinery that is at work, which does not give you any position of respect or honour, but does give you enormous responsibility in seeing that this work goes on.

(The more fundamentalist Christian would say you are working for the BEAST ... soon you will be told to have the "MARK" placed on your hand or on your forehead ... will you simply OBEY?? Will you be able to say NO ?? )

Thank you.

(Now, go home. Stop worshiping and serving the MATERIAL plane, with it's megalomaniacal imperialism, stop preaching at others, and BE SPIRITUAL!

The SPIRITUALIST GAME that claims to be "universal", is FINISHED!!
The NEW WORLD ORDER is NOW!! We are IT and we reject your religious business model, and your un-ethical religious MODUS OPERANDI!! So will other RELIGIONS reject you as you reject them and their "faith". You and the RELIGIOUS have not UNITED anything but a few "gullibles", and naive, and the power addicted, and you will UNITE Nothing else!!

THE era of religious divisions, and its gift to mankind of violence, and WAR will soon be OVER!! The GODS OF WAR will soon decline!! )

N.B. For those who focus on LIGHT so as to get to Spirit (spirits?) or to ONE or ONE-ness (what some call God):

Lucifer: from Latin: lux or lucem=light, fer or ferre=bearer, holder.

So: Lucifer is the "Light-bearer" or part of the "illusion" of the Material/energy duality. Not of the REALITY or of ONE!!

Lucifer in Judeo-Christianity, according to the translation of the Vulgate of St. Jerome, represents SATAN !!

Satan or Sataniel is taken to represent Sammael or Samil of Judaism, chief angel of the fifth heaven, an egregore or an archangel, a figure who is an accuser, a seducer and a destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil. Also called the "angel of death"!

Do you know which "spirit" you serve?

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4d-Don said...

Hi all...

Interesting what Rajan says:

"When the right-guide start cleaning the Samskaras of an abyasi naturally his previous impression will come out from his system and the abyasi during that time has to under go Bhog period that causes physical decease or mental decease."

When one reads Babuji's autobiography, one sees that there was a long period (10 years) when Babuji was "depressed"... So it seems that focussing on LIGHT does not erase the Samskaras but it seems to "bring them out" much as "PRIMAL SCREAM" therapy claimed to do in the "hippie" era... To take out "all at once" what is by nature supposed to take years and "life-times" seems to cause "mental stress" and even Physical illness, according to many testimonials and according to what I have seen in the lives of those I know who have become involved with Sahaj Marg... They seem to be "VERY EMOTIONAL" and not loving but very "disrespectful" (their terms) of those who have been around them for many years ...

IS THAT SPIRITUALITY?? I doubt it... It seems to be SPIRITUALISM and/or the effects of "SPIRITS" or egregores or their own (accumulation) of "sins" coming out all at once...making them "emotional"...and even neurotic and psychotic.

Also, I chuckle at these statement by Rajan:

"...he is the inventor of such divine power."

"...The reason for that is if a person who has a lot of Samskaras or past impression and when start practicing meditation , slowly his past impressions will come out one by one resulting in any ugly shape ,may be physically or mentally."

"...they are transmitting their own Ego to the abyasis."

I think Rajan is correct ...

It is what I've been saying for years ... and Rajan has first hand experience!!

I would add that according to "RAJA YOGA" the SPIRITUAL diet is not to be "SPICY" (taste is a sensation also) as that will allegedly create or bring out "arrogance" and a sense of "superiority", that was not there with a different diet. The Abhyasis that I know are trying to get their families to eat "spicy" ... WHY? Is it to sub-consciously create an emotional condition in their families, to which they will then offer the "cure" of Sahaj Marg MEDITATION (a modified or "butchered" Raja Yoga, starting a step # 7?? To TRULY BE Raja Yoga, don't eat SPICY and don't entrap your family into that "bad habit" ... creating an emotional and divisive atmosphere.

(Taste is a sensation also... for the orally fixated ... No sex please we are SPIRITUAL ... we are FOOD addicts!)

Thank you Rajan and Maulik...