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Sahaj Marg(tm) lineage: "It has been said...", by Whom?

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Who said this, Lalaji or Chari?? Or NO-ONE?

Hi all...

This is an example of the "nebulous" PR statements that spiritualist RELIGIONS and Scammers use ... These are their "scientific facts" about spirituality (or spiritualism) gathered as "evidence" in their "scientific method"? It sounds more like gossip or Fairy Tale, does it not??

This is from their own site (their sub-section, Masters or as they call themselves, GUIDES, until they die and then then they are "spirits" who "whisper". But only so that a special few, some "mediums", can hear. The current Master, the self-named "representative" of this "spirit" or ghost does not seem to be able to receive these "whispers" directly. He needs an anonymous French Lady Medium. ):

Revered Babuji Maharaj (1899 -1983)

"It has been said that while Lalaji was in a super-conscious state contemplating a successor to take forward his spiritual work, the form of Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur appeared to him. Lalaji started transmitting his own spiritual condition to his presumed successor, thus attracting this special personality towards him. Ram Chandra later became Lalaji’s spiritual representative and was affectionately known as Babuji to thousands of his devotees.

Who said that? Give us a NAME please!!
Can you trust someone who records the history of the alleged appointment of their FOUNDER by a SUFI Master from another group, and discipline by: "It has been said..." ... It has been said by WHOM? By the SCAMMERS themselves?

No on else ... They made it up ...

And then, the SUFI Master, Lalaji, still has his own "successors" and his own society, so he must not have been in real "super-consciousness" because he would not have appointed anyone else ... and that is what he did ... his LEGITIMATE successors are everywhere ... Dr. Chatterbuy, (Ramashram) and many more ... all legitimate SUFIS ... still teaching the teachings of Lalaji, not the teachings of Babuji and Chari ...

Their PR is an invention or a fabrication, and is sold using a fantasy "intro" of children's fairy tales, similar to: Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away... etc...etc... It's hard to believe that they want anyone to believe anything presented that way. It's even more difficult to believe that some abhyasis are so gullible and naive that they actually believe that "tall tale" and then attempt to spread it to others as their evidence, their "proselytizing" tool to prove that Babuji was actually chosen by Lalaji as his "spiritual representative", and that Sahaj Marg was to replace all the other Sufi organizations. This "it has been said... ", is their evidence? Their PROOF ?? If a vacuum cleaner salesman comes to one's door and attempts to sell his product with: "it has been said...", then any fool would ask for the name and/or the contact number of that person and speak to them directly ... specially when its about a "product" one is asked to take into the Great Beyond, in one's ETERNITY, as one's beliefs.

Don't believe fairy tales as TRUTH!!

And Sahaj Marg(tm) is aimed at ADULTS? Not really... Babuji and Lalaji were targeting adults over 18 years old. And Lalaji intructed his "men" to avoid the company of "women, children, and the rich". Chari wants a dynasty and to go down in history so they (his management team) are targeting women (believers in fantasies, and fiction) to bring the CHILDREN (also believers in fantasy and fiction) ...

But the INTERNET will be the tool that will expose the charlatans, the SPIRITUALISTS and the scammers. Spiritualism is not Spirituality.

Some don't believe "evidence" when it is presented to them, but expect all to believe a story that is obviously made up as it begins with: "It has been said".

One could add:... by the profiteers, the scammers, the liars, the weavers of fairy tales and fantasies, the spiritualists who pretend to be SPIRITUAL. Those who usurp the genuine techniques of other "HONEST" men: (Patanjali (raja yoga), Lalaji (sufism)), and pervert (modifying) them so as to "SELL" to the gullible who support the "fast-food marketplace" of Spiritualism and the cults of a personality... ie. Sahaj Marg(tm). All for Spirituality? Or is it really to make more money and satisfy the EGO of the management Pyramid, by being adulated by naive women and greedy men?

It has been said by businessmen. It has been said by "marketers".

And Ram Chandra (Babuji) did not become Lalaji's successor, nor his "spiritual representative". The REAL story is that 14 years after Lalaji's death (1931), although Babuji had met him only a few times, according to his JOURNALS, and Lalaji had passed him over for preceptorship, he founded his own Shri Ram Chandra Mission (1945) and named himself President and claimed that Lalaji had told him in his dreams that he was his successor. He did not join (and was not asked to join) any of Lalaji's societies even though he attended a few satsanghs.

No Board of Directors from Lalaji's organizations accepted Babuji as Lalaji's successor, nor did any group name him Lalaji's successor ... Babuji named himself.

And then, 52 years later (1997), Chari did the same thing to Babuji's organizations as he attempted to do to Lalaji's MISSION (see on NaqshMuMra Nexus, site of Lalaji's family, Babuji letter of Feb. 14, 1963). HE TOOK IT OVER, named himself Master and President, without asking permission. (see State of California registry for societies)

In business, it's called a "hostile take-over". In Human terms, it is called: Immoral, un-ethical and dishonest.

The Mayans would say: It was meant to be (their "long-count" calendar is predominated by multiplbes of 52 (26, 13, etc). You will also notice the pre-dominance of 14 in this whole story. 1+4= 5, the five-pointed star of Magic!

Some have said that Lalaji's clan (allegedly) used "spiritual techniques" on Babuji. (S.P. Srivastava, Past-President, Shri Ram Chandra Mission (Shahjahanpur-1945).

On Chari?

Cyril Borg


Anonymous said...

Well, you will be kicked out of Manapakkam, if you are there with out work even for one day. This is order of Chariji. Group of inmates who stayed in Manapakkam ashram, were kicked out by none other than Chariji, as he felt they stayed with out working, no exception for teenagers. No exception, all men women children should work for specified time and should show work authorization form from the concerned person other wise they will neither be allowed to stay or not allowed to eat. This is chariji's order. But he is known to waste crores of rupees of his own disciples in the name of costly master cottage with out any use and none can question that. But disciples are made scape goat and foreign discples are exception as they are bound to give huge amounts to worthless cottages.

Anonymous said...

This sounds fair-why should people be allowed to stay in an ashram without contributing? People should work if staying in any ashram, it's not a hotel. I recently returned from staying in an ashram in north India and everyone was given a specific duty every day-why are you criticising Chariji for asking people to stop testing ashrams like a hotel and contributing towards the day to day running.