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Sahaj Marg Delays "Childhood's End"!!

Excerpts from one of two speeches by Chari to the students at CREST... Nov. 9-10, 2009. At the end of the article is a comment by Alexis on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg

Comments by 4d-don: in "red italics"

Chari Said:


So we have to learn how to look inside — that is what we are all doing now in meditation. Think that your heart is filled with divine light; just imagine it is there and see where it takes you. I mean this is nothing new. We have said all this so many times before. You have heard it from me. You have heard it from other prefects. You have also heard it long ago from the horse’s mouth (Babuji’s mouth). But it is a sad thing that something which should have been grasped instantly has to be repeated so often and so many times. It only shows that we are not paying attention, or we are questioning what we are listening to or hearing, and trying to find the truth of what we are hearing, ourselves. Which, in essence, means we don’t want to profit by the Master’s experience from which his teaching evolves, but like true modern human beings we want to test everything. That is the curse that Occidental knowledge has bestowed on us — to test everything. In India, we say, “Experience.” Outside India they say, “Test.”

Good!! We as a SPECIES (Homo Sapiens= the Wise Ape) are reaching what Arthur C Clark has called: "Childhood's End".

As Swami Vivekananda would say: to imagine something beside the REALITY is silly and will only bring about the illusion imagined, not the GOAL. To imagined "light in the heart" as if it was DIVINE, is silly.

LIGHT, according to Einstein's E=MC2, is the same as MATTER. So why does Chari or Babuji think that putting LIGHT in one's heart will bring about a realization of SPIRIT? (either "Divine Spirit" or "one's part of Spirit") If one wants to realize REALITY one has to focus on REALITY, not on an illusion such as MAYA, the MATERIAL WORLD, which includes "LIGHT" and MATTER.
If one wants to be "SPIRITUAL", on has to focus on SPIRIT (ONE).

It was not what Lalaji or the Sufi Path taught or teaches. Did Babuji "make it up"? Why do other religions call the focus on MATTER, "Idolatry"? Light is used in many so-called: "corrupt" religions (such as Christianity) so as to give and depict a feeling of "GLORY" which is "addictive" (a rush!! ) and will keep the followers in an "emotional" state. But DIVINE?? The Divinity is not LIGHT!! IT may be SPIRIT!! But IT may also be "higher" or more rarified than SPIRIT ... We don't know!!

We are not "children" anymore!! Give us your TRUTH!! Not a silly "children's story" that only ensnares the gullible and the naive with fantasies!!


You know, science is only testing again and again and again to prove the validity of some assumptions which they call hypotheses. In spirituality, there is no hypothetical knowledge. There is only the experiential knowledge that the gurus and the Masters, our parampara, Sahaj Marg parampara (what we call the hierarchy today), (there is no "hierarchy" in Sahaj Marg: Lalaji has nothing to do with Sahaj Marg, and his name was usurped. And the family of Babuji state that Chari is not his representative. This is a "hierarchy" of CHARI! The beginning of his nationalist and "imperialist" dream!) which they have garnered, both by instruction from their gurus, as well as revelation when they have come to sufficiently high levels to have direct access, which they pass on to us. (The Sahaj Marg Bible is written by an anonymous French Lady MEDIUM who channels messages from the spirits of Chari's mother, his wife, and other elevated souls... This is the Sahaj Marg BIBLE... all made up by a MEDIUM... not by a Saint from the past, and not even by Babuji's! But by a so-called "phantasm"?) The first step in wisdom is to listen to it, absorb it and act by it. Are we doing it? Or are we saying, “No, no, no, that is all right. He was a great Master. It was possible for him. It is not possible for us. We are living in the modern world.” What is the modern world except a world full of experimentation, destruction, lack of love, and forebodings for the future? That is what modern life is all about, isn’t it?(We hear the planes going up and down. We have an airbase near us on the left.)

If the abhyasis want to be like their Masters, they can claim (from a dream) to be a representative of a long-dead Master from the past, or they can go to another country and "re-register" the SRCM in their own name and proclaim themselves MASTER and claim a false "hierarchy". That is the "EXAMPLE" one gets from the Sahaj Marg and SRCM "hierarchy"!! NOT IMPRESSIVE ... We are not amused!!


Here [the heart], (the heart is a lowly PUMP, not a "thinking" instrument!! READ!!) this is where our centre lies. And really speaking, if you go into it, as the ancient tradition says, and you meditate properly, the first time should be the last time for meditation. You should never meditate again. In fact, you won’t come out of it to meditate again. You are there permanently. That is what people are afraid of. That is why they say, “I went in, Chariji, and then I came out again. I found I was back in this world.” You did not find yourself back in this world. You came back into this world to find out that you are still here and not in the arms of some limbo called death, in whatever region that is.

Let Chari go into his heart and "not come out again" ... Does Babuji now dwell in the "Central Region"? or is he still in a lowly ghostly (plasma) "heaven", and in contact with a lowly anonymous French Lady MEDIUM who can't be a MASTER, according to Chari, as she is a "woman", but who claims to get messages from Babuji (from the "Central Region") that none can access, not even Babuji while he was living. All the while Chari does not get (or "makes up") any messages??

What is wrong with that PICTURE??
Why can a lady allegedly get messages from the alleged (imagined??) "Central Region" and yet not be worthy of being a MASTER of Sahaj Marg??...Oh I know!! It's JUST A STORY for the Children!!


So, dear brothers and sisters, if you want to make this journey, the first thing you have to pray for is, “Lord, rid me of this fear of freedom.” We are afraid of freedom because we don’t know how to handle it. I have read long ago that what destroys American values in American society is their inability to handle leisure. When they were working six days a week, they were comparatively better off. Five days a week, they don’t know what to do with a two-day weekend. Four days a week…

The rest of these speeches are too silly to comment on ... He must be speaking to un-thinking children. And if they believe that, then they must not read or go on the INTERNET. My GOD!! Grow up!! Look around you and start questioning those who take away FREEDOM (RELIGION), even to war. What is being said here is not the TRUTH nor REALITY!! But it seems to be said to engender a "nationalist" superiority of one culture versus another (the WEST) which is said to be "corrupt" and "materialist"... while the Master and his inner circle are truly nationalists, with their NATURAL METHOD, which like all religions, is led by imperialists (evangelicals, proselytizers), and materialist businessmen ... or developers... who want in on the PROSPERITY of CORRUPTION. The want a place at the "religious trough". They teach the gullible and naive what they know. That is to "imagine" Light (or "matter") in their hearts, thus making them more corrupt and more slaves of "matter", as a pseudo-path that they claim, is a "NATURAL" way of reaching SPIRIT or ONE)!!

NONSENSE!! Not "natural" nor a "path" which will lead to loftier anything but to lower "matter" or LIGHT... not to spirit, but to "ghosts" of plasma, or "spirits" which the anonymous MEDIUM claims to know that the "channeled entities" are "who they say they are" or... who "she" says they are ... A likely story either way!!


According to the lessons of Vivekananda one should focus on the desired "GOAL"...

And this flawed spiritual lesson is from
the materialist leadership (businessmen, developers, nationalists, etc...) of SRCM(California-1997). They will make the abhyasis more materialist, more spiritualist, or "SPIRITIST", just like themselves. That is all they can do!! Will the Sahaj Marg "Sittings" now become "seances"! Who next will claim to be another "gifted" but anonymous "new age", Medium?

When is the next Sahaj Marg "seance"? Or is Astrology and Numerology, or even Psycho-Genetics (Blame the ancestors) the next big "realization" for the abhyasis?? That is being exposed in Sahaj Marg in Europe. Will these "alternate therapies" also be in the Sahaj Marg BIBLE in the FUTURE??

Would you lure others (family and friends) into this "SPIRITISM" that Sahaj Marg has become without telling them about what they are being fed? Do you know the meaning of the term: JUDAS GOAT??

Oh YES!! Don't forget to pray for a "favourable egregore"!! You know? That "autonomous psychic entity" that Chari instructs the "serfs" to pray for!! But don't pray for your real family! ...

And if you "obey" Chari, and read the "whispers" seven or eight times, your samskaras will be "erased"!! Your sins will be forgiven!! ... YES!! It's what Chari says! .... And it's the "gospel truth"!!

By the way, do you want to buy a BRIDGE?? ;-))

This is a comment to the previous article, ( left on Elodie's Blog in Europe:
Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg.

Alexis said:

Rajagopalachari invites us to prolong this reflection in two speeches at Kharagpur November 9-10, 2009 to students at CREST. He has long criticized the world that surrounds us. But nothing changes, nothing improves. So what does he say? That it is thanks to our interior individual evolution that we will participate in the universal cosmic evolution. In short, failing to achieve in changing the world, one must change one's self. Again, Sahaj Marg is the opium of the good population of abhyasis ...

To him, the "emotional" feeling of the experience of meditation in Sahaj Marg has to be well above the work of the experimental scientist. As if it was science that was behind all the ills of our society. As if a technique (meditation) was better than science. While the world is (according to Chari) the result of the technique, not of science, even if the technique is often the result of the encounter between science and men ...

Chari is a poor philosopher, but he is a very good vendor of the New Age gloubiboulga (the favourite (sweet, so addictive) recipe of a French Cartoon Character (Casimir) of today.

Thurs, November 26, 06:10:00 PM

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