Saturday, January 19, 2008

Reply from Navneet's site TELL ME TRUTH INDIA

Taken from Navneet's Question and Answer Site, TELL ME TRUTH INDIA
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Anonymous said...

Dear Readers

As far as the website of the SRCM, Shajahanpur, UP group is conerned, ( ) Mr.Chari and his worthy associates have shown their might and money power. Actually, they were nervous to see various facts/documentary evidences against Mr. Chari, they adopted all means to block the website of the SRCM, Shajahanpur, UP group and temporarily they are successful. Things happend like this :

(1)Mr.Chari and his worthy associates made complaints to M/s NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India) that the website of the SRCM, Shajahanpur, UP group is illegal.
(2)M/s NIXI appointed arbitrator for the case without even informing the SRCM, Shajahanpur group, which is against the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act2
1996. As per the act, arbitrator is to be appointed in agreement of both the groups.
(3)The said arbitrator, passed order against the SRCM, Shajahanpur group on x-party basis without giving any opportunity to the SRCM, Shajahanpur group to defend the case.
(4) M/s NIXI implemented the order (by way of blocking the web-site) without even serving the order. Can any oreder to implelented without serving it ?
(5) SRCM, Shajahanpur group immediately approached the Allahabad High Court against the order. Unfortunately Allahabad High Court also upheld the order passed by the arbitrator appointed by M/s NIXI, saying that M/s NIXI is not a Govt. Organisation ( even though M/s NIXI is a semi Govt. Organisation)
(6)As a last step, SRCM, Shajahanpur group, approached the Supreme Court of India. The hon'ble Judges of the Supreme Court of India easily got to know the misdeeds done by Mr.Chari and his worthy associates, which is clear from the order passed by the Supreme court, "The appointment of the arbitrator was done without consulting the petitioner herein and since the rules and regulations of the disputes' resolution policy of respondent no.2 (Mr. Char & associates) were found to be inconsistent with the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act2
1996". Accordingly, the Supreme court passed the order saying "The petitioner (SRCM, Shajahanpur group) could not challenge the award earlier therefore, we grant two weeks' time to the petitioner to challenge the award of the arbitrator before the appropriate forum".

For further details of the judgement, please go to the following address:

Hope, now it is clear, how the site( is temporarily blocked and how Mr.Chari and his worthy associates temporarily won the case.

Now the stage is open to the whole world to decide the fate of Mr.Chari and his worthy associates. May God bless them according to their misdeeds !!!


Anonymous said...

Even after possessing many crores of rupees they are not leaving small Ashram to the Babuji heirs. Such a shame on PRC And his associates.
Further you can observe, that they have cottages for the old fellow, which covers 50% to 60% of the total Ashram. Even if the village or city does not have any basic facilities like food, cloth, medical facilities. But these people construct cottage which has worth of crores, with all the amenities a/c, marble stones e.t.c.
But the house will never be used as he never visits or visits once only.
How can we justify the wastage of such large amounts.
PRC will be giving too many comments about India, its poverty but doing nothing for its benefit except for his lavish cottage which are never used at all.
How can they justify such actions.
Still they are running for acquiring new lands and all.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous...

Thanks for the comments... We, who have left the SRCM because of such "abuses" of trust, welcome your "involvement".

We have seen the same opulence in RELIGIONS such as the VATICAN and Islam with their very large churches. Ashrams and CHURCHES are a way for such "cults of personalities" to justify accumulating money... How the money is spent is never made clear or transparent to the MASSES.

Such groups should be exposed to the government agencies that regulate charities as these commercial endeavours are not "CHARITY"...They should not be TAX-EXEMPT as other genuine CHARITIES are... Expose them to the National Governments and to the UN... See the templates on our sites...