Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sahaj Marg Testimonial of Shivkumar And Advice By "ALL" On Orkut Community!

Taken from Orkut community called: Freedom from SRCM (Sahaj Marg) ...

This is a part of the testimonial by "Shivkumar" (young male) who is experiencing family problems since Sahaj Marg and the input from some community members ...

And of course, at Sahaj Marg(tm), it's "business as usual" and/or another case of emotional neglect or "Spiritual Neglect"!! I am publishing this so that this young man might get some attention and compassion from some of his REAL Brothers and Sisters who don't seem to read the "blogs" or participate in the "communities" on Sahaj Marg. Are they afraid of being involved with yet another example of the failure of of their method, Sahaj Marg(tm). Where is the LOVE? Where is the COMPASSION? Where is the "Efficiency"?? Is the MISSION too large? (see below in the testimonial)

Cyril Said:

Hi Shivkumar...

Welcome to the community...

I notice on your "profile" you say that you know "averything about Sahaj Marg"...

Can you relate your experience?? Are you an abhyasi? Who is your MASTER?

Cyril Borg

Shivkumar Said:

who is my master?

Yes I Am Abhyasi Last 10 yers. and my master is according to me that My experince is my master.

Cyril Said:

Hi again Shivkumar...

You posted this on some other "Sahaj Marg" community...

for changing in sahaj marg

according to me the world construct is the result of knowledge all four century. and fifth are made by us.

What do you mean by that? What are the "four century"? And what is the "fifth" which you claim is "made by us"? Are you a student of the "Mayan long-count" mythology of 2012?

Cyril Borg

Shivkumar said:

dear cyril hiiiiiiiiii

I m not a student, one thing that I m saying I Send many mails to master, and want answers but he never give any response to me. I tried to met him at chennai, but he ignore me. than you say what am I doing ????

I joined SAHAJMARG bcoz I n my family live happy but our family is in trouble and when I ask to master, he didn't any response..

I am ready to finish my self but what will heppen my family after me.

if he not give me my ans than I will accept MURTIPUJA And will left SAHAJMARG.

Shashwat Said:

Almost everyone who is in sahaj marg faces problem in their family, for the simple reason, that sahaj marg as a concept itself encourages its followers to surrender themselves to their master, which cannot be true for a householder.

this inherent contradiction of sahaj marg is what causes so many families to be broken and is continuing even today.

Because promoters of SRCM PVT Ltd are pure businessman, with least or none regard to human or societal values, they pump in more such thoughts for their monitory gain, and unsuspecting victims of this cult, fall in their trap and endup loosing everything.

A person can follow any practice till that person retains his/her independence, the moment one looses their independence, you become a slave.


Your problems are created by you only and you created these problem because of sahaj marg, only solution for your problems is to get rid of sahaj marg and become a normal human.

Consider going through my guide to leaving sahaj marg on my blog, that might help

Shivkumar Said:

dear shaswat hiiiiiiiii

plz tell me what is best option?????

Murti puja Or Sahajmarg

Shivkumar Said:

today god is business

Cyril Said:

Hi Shivkumar...

Not in defense of Chari, but he, himself (not Babuji) has created the trap that you and he all fall into ... But Babuji has some responsibility also ...

Lalaji, had 220 disciples. When a Master has more disciples than a "human" can handle, there is no way that he can guide them all safely to "the goal" ... so he will neglect some and relate to those who are his "inner circle" and then, he will DELEGATE ... and they in turn will delegate, and so on and so on until, if someone finally answers an "e-mail", it will be a young volunteer (female) who knows nothing of Sahaj Marg, LIFE, or about family dynamics and its problems ... so again one will be guided by a "neophyte"volunteer, in a very serious matter ... the volunteer will have no experience and no responsibility ... Business means "turnover"... Old products (you) leave.. and new products (the ones you bring) will join thanks to your efforts and lure ...

Religions are the same everywhere ... it is called the "buddy system" or the "trickle down" of transmission and of the responsibility until no one is responsible for anything but their own LIBERATION or their own SALVATION (Christianity) ... The LIBERATION from this group is what is needed ...

You will have a difficult time with your family ... we all did but there is no other way but to to attempt at FREEDOM ... and become responsible for your own life and your family ... They will understand eventually ... because a "business" such as Sahaj Marg will not serve them in their moments of problem either ... They can't, as they are not "built nor trained for that" ... they are created as a pyramid for business (sales) and POWER ... not for the service of the "individual", the "HUMANITIES" ...

... Chari has "X" (unknown) disciples and they are leaving by the minute ... and are being replaced by new "marks", for the same reason that we all left and now you will ...

Be Courageous... you can talk to us on this community as long as you need...

Cyril Borg

Cyril Said:


If you accept Murti Puja, remember that: "divinity is pure consciousness and it does not have a form." Do not get caught in another "materialist" trap without first realizing what the path truly is!! Then, after you are "certain", go with our BLESSINGS and our HOPES!

This is from an "encyclopedia"..


Worshiping the DIVINITY as an "IMAGINED FORM" (of light or matter) is what Sahaj Marg(tm) has become or has fallen into ... and one can see the problems with that in the families of the "adherents" who are "stuck" in the trap of MATERIALISM ...

We have to PUT our LOVE and our GRATITUDE back where they belong: in the REALITY of the "FORMLESS Divinity (Creator), the SELF (I), the FAMILY, the society, the Planet (the broader society), the UNIVERSE ... And not into another divided and divisive group, or with a PERSON (or an IDOL) representing the Divine such as Sahaj Marg (tm) ...

Chose carefully before going from the "devil one knows" to the "devil one does not know" ...

Research, research, research ... before jumping from the frying pan into the fire. ONE gave us (Homo Sapiens...The wise ape) a brain ... let us use it!

Cyril Borg

Love Said:

Dear Shivkumar

You have been in SRCM for ten years and yet you are not able to understand the concept at all nor you are stable in realizing that MASTER is the essence of all beings of the UNIVERSE --- the goal to merge. From FORM we go towards FORMLESS and if you have been a sincere aspirant of any path you would have known that an ignorant fool is given the highest knowledge to know the essence and then he becomes wise by casting them one by one in conscious thought and surrender to become a complete ignorant fool to merge in the ULTIMATE REALITY.

The cry of the soul is always heard by the DIVINE and as Jesus states," Behold I stand at the door and knock and if any man hears my voice and opens the door (here it is the heart ), I will come unto him and sup with him and he with me". (Here sup is the spiritual food). I am still not able to understand as why you are being depressed by Charis behaviour. You should thank your lucky stars for being given an opportunity to realise where you are stuck and how you have to wriggle out of the situation..

Idol worship is only a means to a spiritual path and not the end. Try to read good books of any kind , keep an open heart and mind. Meet wise people discuss with them.

Each person has a different perception . Listen to all but follow your own heart and increase your sensitivity thus.

I wish you all the best.

Rajan Said:

Brother Shivkumar,

I have been in SRCM for the past 40 years. After Babuji's demise I was considering Chariji as my spiritual guru or Guide. I was holding the feet of Chariji Maharaj from 1983 April'30th to 2003 January. I was his family friend. His father was my best friend ,though he was very old man then. In the beginning I was under the impression that Chariji is like Swami Vivekananda in character but after a lapse of time I started smelling the original character of Chariji which is power-drunk, money-minded and a dictator. . His(Chari) mission is " complete obedience to the master and to his principle ie. Service, by donating huge money to his mission ,ie., SRCM(Cal)". Just imagine, after all a spiritual-book costs Rs.10,000/=( whispers of the Brighter worlds) , I ask you a question, whether SRCM(Cal) is a spiritual mission or a Spiritual market ?.

I regard both Mr.Shaswat and Cyril because they are doing self-les service to the abyasis belonging to SRCM, I also sincerely advice you to quit SRCM immediately with out a second thought and pray God or Divine directly from your home. Definitely the grace of Almighty will shower on you and make your life a purposeful one. You can do your Pooja also but that is gross type of worship. Better attach yourself to Divinity directly. Mr.Cyril will guide you a better method for god realization than what Mr.Chari does. This is my understanding after interacting with Mr.Cyril. If you still have any doubts, please feel free to contact me, I shall be ready to do any service to you with out any reservation.

Thank you......Rajan

sandeep :) Enter Said:

@ shivkumar


Havent u realised yet that its not any outer god that helps us, but its our own strength and belief that help us. remembering god is enough as long as we love self and otehrs...i never understood that how can we love god if we cant love fellow human being...
In this material world.everything is based on business of give and take ..and who is in this world dont want to be powerful? only weak ppl cant be powerful...ppl with all sorts of possession always try to increase their bounty and they always want others to be dependent on them..chari is the same ...

He keeps criticising everything under the sun, but he doesnt have any solution for real problems...the only solution according to him is to surrender to SAHAJ MARG. on one side he criticizes possession of money and on the other side he praises a man who domanted 1 million to SRCM..he is full of contradiction

We shd try to get gud education and stable settlement in life..then only we can help or serve others...if we r weak (like most of us are these days), how can we serve others?

and YES, we need to realize many things and if any preacher or teacher tells us anything , we shd scrutinize through our own wisdom..SELF AWAKENING is must for understanding anything in this life .
So have self belief and use self wisdom...i m sure we will get real path.

take care



Deepak said...

Hi Shiv,

I completely agree with you that God has no name & forms. Names and forms does not make any sense to me. Else it always be very few people who know him & get benefits. Nature is the mother and she follow supreme. Going beyond nature, is where supreme reside. And i completely agree with you that you can not reach beyond nature till the time you have a real master. I am also following STM " Spritual Transmison Linked Meditation". Reglion guide us to make our self decipline that's all.

4d-Don said...

Hi Deepak...

If God has no name or form, then call it by a NUMBER. If there is only ONE, and IT is SOMETHING which is everything, everywhere and everywhen, then call it: ONE ?? Unless if you think it is NOTHING!! Then you are really in an illusion... There is SOMETHING, not nothing... NO-thing is an illusion.

Nature is Mother and Father. We are children of NATURE (sun), and NATURE is both parents... Male or more accurately) Creative = sun ... Female or receptive can be Earth.

There is male-ness and in Nature and there is Female-ness in Nature also.

Likewise, as there is no SUPREME BEING or ENTITY, and all that is REAL, IS SPIRIT, then SUPREME, does not reside outside of CREATION ... or do you believe in DUALITY ... a god which lives outside its creation, an illusion? A "TEMPORAL" (Time) illusion?

I chuckle at your statement that a man can take you beyond nature ... lol lol
Such idol worship is silly, will not last much longer. It is not believe-able now by most.

Religion can't make anyone "self-disciplined" as RELIGION is not disciplined itself. How can religion teach self-discipline? If you were self-disciplined, you would not say what you say!! You would not be so WRONG and not know it ...

It's Time for a SPIRITUAL revolution, not a "spiritualist" and flawed religious theology ... SPIRIT has no gender... it is not male or female, or neuter... it is ALL