Friday, May 22, 2009

SRCM, French Miviludes Report and the UN DPI Program

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis on Elodie's French Blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Alexis has two blogs: SRCM=Danger and The Sahaj Marg Project

Comments by 4d-don: Thanks to the efforts of one abhyasi who is a staff of the UN in Europe, the SRCM has been accepted into the "UNDPI" (Department of Public Information). Although such "dictatorial" and "totalitarian" organizations have willingly withdrawn their membership (ex: Jehova's Witnesses) when it became known that they were not "democratic", the SRCM continues to claim to represent the "ideal of the UN" as it acts counter to the UN ideals, thus being a "delinquent" member of the UNDPI. (See the Letter to the UNDPI template for your use at: Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the UN)

For Miviludes Report (in French), click here

Friday, May 22, 2009


It is not just the SRCM which is benefiting from its status of NGO associated with the UN DPI Program. Here is what the very hot off the press report MIVILUDES, French Interministerial Mission for vigilance and fight against sectarianism (cultism), has to say.

Exerpt from the report of the MIVILUDES 2008 (pp 53-54) in Strategies of influence abroad in 2008: the example of the actions of the sectarian movement at the United Nations.

Amalgamation, confusion entertained, and the impact of the announcement:

The UN system is highly complex for the general public which retain but its role (or goal) - promoting ideals such as peace, development and respect for human rights - as well as an easily identifiable logo. Any reference to the UN is a sign of respectability and some movements do not hesitate to use it, even for some, to abuse it.

It is thus that the claim of "consultative status" contains several internal categories which organizes the NGO affiliates into "hierarchies". This status must not be confused with the "association of NGOs with the Department of Public Information Program of the United Nations, which only allows access to the premises, to receive information but in no way do they participate in conferences.

As such, the example of Friends of United Nations cited in the 2006 report, an NGO known to have participated in actions in France along with Scientology, is instructive. On its website, the organization which displays a logo that appears to plagiarize without "inhibition", the UN logo, later presents itself rightly, as "associated with the Department of Public Information United Nations (DPI). This may suggest that it has the prestigious status and was incorporated into the UN system, while the mere association to the DPI does not automatically allow it. But who can make the difference, apart from specialists in these issues? Sectarian lobbies know this and they play without scruple on this complexity.


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