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Understanding THE REAL Sahaj Marg!!

Excerpts (with comments) taken from a speech by Chari in Kolkata, India Feb. 10, 2010, Understanding Sahaj Marg on their site: Sahaj Marg System of Raja Yoga Meditation (starting at step 7 of an eightfold path?)

Sahaj Marg (tm), on their Web site, claims to be a modified Raja Yoga. And that their Sahaj Marg(tm) is a "Raja Yoga" that begins at step #7 of the "eightfold system". (That is quite a "modification". One could call it a "butchery" or a "bastardization" of Raja Yoga.)

They also claim to be a "meditation system" that focuses on the heart, where the "abhyasi" is told to imagine a light in their heart. And that "material" light is supposed to give them a "sensation" or an "energy" that they claim comes from GOD (or the Divine, or the Ultimate). Apparently prayers don't work with "GOD", but that "imagination of material light" does! OK !! DOKAY!!

When Babuji was alive, his books were the only source of information about what they call a "system", but the system now can be deemed to be more Spiritualism and: Simply OBEY has become the fundamental principle! And that means, OBEY the Guru, his representatives, the preceptors, and the "channeled Messages" from the dead spirit of the Founder Babuji, as channeled by an anonymous French Lady Medium! (allegedly from the dead spirit of Babuji)

The anonymous Medium is apparently not a professional ... And as we all know, (we've seen the movies) spirits don't have "calling cards" or "constant images") its difficult to tell one spirit from another. Babuji while he was alive, warned that if he was seen by the abhysis in a "vision", the wise abhyasi was not to believe that it was "really" him ... The MIND is sometimes a "trickster" and malevolent spirits apparently can take on any shape or form that suits the moment ...

The NEW Sahaj Marg "BIBLE" according the the current self-titled ex-CEO/Master, is being channeled by an anonymous MEDIUM (a non-professional or an "amateur"), and will be a series of "channeled messages" packaged into one book per year, for twelve more years. The first "Whisper" was sold at $250.00 USD, and contained approximately 600 messages allegedly from the spirits of many DEAD souls (mostly Babuji). The books (series) are called: "Whispers from the Brighter World". There will be one book published per year for an additional 12 years, according to a recent announcement by Chari. And all the "adherents" are to have one of their own. Dis-OBEY this!

Along with the Spirit of long-deceased (1983) Babuji, the founder of Sahaj Marg, and Lalaji, a Sufi Master from the Naqshbandia Sufi Order, whom Babuji met a few times, the "spiritualist messages" are received by the anonymous French lady MEDIUM, from the spirits of Chari's mother, Chari's wife, and from so called "other elevated" souls (also apparently anonymous) who are also "deceased"

Along with the SPIRITUALIST tendencies of this group of "nationalist businessmen", the abhyasis are further asked to pray for a "favourable" egregore, (an autonomous psychic entity or a thought form) which is created by the collective sub-conscious of the group of SRCM(California-1997) materialist and nationalist businessmen, and self-stlyled alternate (New Age) therapists.

Also, the SRCM (California-1997) has attracted, and has become a "recruiting grounds" for the proponents of many alternate therapies ranging from "astrology", numerology, to psycho-genetics, spiritual psychiatry. And the term: "Pyramid sales" is not foreign to some "inner circle members" who sell and promote anything from Amway to water filters for a fee.

Many of these so called "alternative therapists" in Sahaj Marg, are self-titled experts with NEW AGE leanings, and most without any "certification", but who are offering their services to the "gullible" for a "fee". Hence an "obedient" marketplace is very attractive, specially when one is made a "preceptor" and is a salesperson for products and therapies which are not SAHAJ MARG, the so-called: FREE service!! The BAIT!! The LURE!!

Businesspersons do not sell for FREE!! And at Sahaj Marg, many of the "Organizers" (preceptors) have a product or a service to sell ... and markets to develop or "invade". Religion is a good "cover"! Some commercial products are even sold at "sittings" with preceptors, and at group meditations. But then, they only imitate the MASTER, who sells Spiritualism as Spirituality, and is self-titled!

Those who mis-represent attract mis-representers. Birds of a feather flock together!!

Comments by the blog's author, 4d-don are in "red italics"

Understanding the REAL Sahaj Marg
, by Chari, Feb. 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Satsangh is very important. Babuji Maharaj said (allegedly to an anonymous French lady MEDIUM from beyond the grave? Certainly not while "living"!! ) that when abhyasis are present at group satsangh, he can see them as if they are on a television screen, (a TV in the "Brighter World"? ... or in one of Babuji's 23 circles? ... , or in the "central region?? ... come on children!! Time to wake up from the "hypnosis" or time to become "adults" !! or to get out of their "autonomous egregore"... Does it not create cognitive dissonances** in you ??) and when they are not present, he does not see them. (Oh! That explains it!! Babuji has limited vision on the "OTHER side! Or is it simply a "tall tale" or a "fairy tale" by Chari or his anonymous MEDIUM.) I don’t want you immediately to think of his supreme powers and divine powers and all that, and say, “How is this possible?” We must accept what the guru says and abide by it, obey it and live by it.

(YES!! Just OBEY little sheep!! Don't question for the Love of GOD or sanity! ... You could "wake up"!! Now Babuji has "supreme powers" and "divine powers" (no capital letters ... Soon, like Jesus of Nazareth, Babuji will become GOD (another male GOD) ... he may be already for some abhyasis!!

What a JOKE!! On you!! So who (not what) CREATED the UNIVERSE? God, Jesus or Babuji??)


Now I come to the most important thing, which is a clear and proper understanding of what Sahaj Marg is, what a spiritual life means and the clear distinction between my material life and my spiritual life. I have said it often enough that the material life is governed by the samskaras with which we come here. Nothing can change it. (Not even reading "Whispers from the Brighter World" seven or eight times?? As Chari said previously ... or the many claims of Sahaj Marg to "erase samskaras"?? Which one is the "LIE"?? How "convenient"!! ) My physical structure cannot change. If you want to lose weight, you must go to the gym or walk or run, and not say, “I am meditating every day. Why am I overweight?” If you are underweight and skinny, you cannot put on weight just because you are a meditator.
(Oh! A little shot of REALITY from the GURU of Fantasy which is the SPIRITUALIST Sahaj Marg(tm) of the SRCM (California-1997) !! And what about the "egregore" that Chari ordered the abhyasis to pray for?? And Chari claims that the message came from Babuji!! So Babuji, allegedly from the "central region", needs an "egregore", an "autonomous psychic entity" ... a collective thought form ?? or a "fallen angel" (See Christian Bible (Book of Enoch) ?? Spiritualism is not SPIRITUALITY!!

Egregores and MEDIUMS are not Raja Yoga and are not MEDITATION for "public health" !! Sahaj Marg uses MEDITATION to make the "adherents" (adhesive, glue, stuck) receptive and suggestive ... They can even be made to believe that they are "in bliss"!! Which other religions have historically have used such "trickery" ("two on a heart") to divide the family and the structure of a targeted society and have their "followers" perform acts of TERRORISM ?? I could name a few!! But the list could become very long!!)

Physical life has its own rules, has its own parameters, has its own techniques for proper living, to give you, as far as possible, what we call a good life. Not necessarily happy, not necessarily sad, but understanding that life is a mixture of sorrow and happiness, health and sickness, well-being and ill-being, good and bad, day and night. (and we don't need "Sahaj Marg to profiteer and create division, misery and suffering in our families and in our societies ... GO HOME and MEDITATE and leave our children alone) It is very necessary to emphasise this, and if you but look at the life of saints, how they have suffered, how they have lived steadfastly, holding on to that principle that the spiritual life must go on whatever may be the life’s circumstances. There have been famous saints like Raidas, like Kabir — very poorly endowed, materially speaking, and yet world-renowned. There have been the great rishis who left their homes, went into the forest, and meditated. Some of them are known; most of them are unknown. Our itihaasa [history] speaks only of the few like Vashishta, Vishwamitra, and so on. What about the millions, perhaps, through the history of this ancient land, who have gone unnoticed, unrecorded? (so Go and do like your "saints" and suffer, and BE Spiritual, stop being MATERIALISTS, profiteers, imperialists, evangelists, proselytizers, etc... etc... sucking our "charity" dollars for the entertainment of a few our your wealthy "inner circle" ... You shame the "spiritual tradition" of your country !! More churches and structures of concrete do not a "spiritual path" make!!)

So, you see, my physical circumstance, whether I am a chamaar [tanner] or a dhobi [washerman] or a weaver or a multimillionaire, does not affect my spiritual life, should not affect my spiritual life. Similarly whether I am short or tall, perhaps even lame in one leg, perhaps without vision, it does not matter; my spiritual life must go on, in this clear understanding that my material life is one hundred percent what it is and will be because of samskaras, which, according to Babuji, even God cannot change. (THEN you LIED!! RE-call all the BOOKS in which you falsely claimed that Sahaj Marg and it's silly "rituals" would "erase Samskaras" ... (such as reading the WHISPERS "seven or eight times". There are many. Sahaj Marg (tm), the "MacDonald's of Spirituality", has become the "SPIRITUALIST TOYOTA" !! A danger to our families and our society! If our secular society can correct its mistakes, then the SPIRITUALISTS who claim to be MORAL and ETHICAL should be held to the HIGHER morality they proselytize in their "advertisements" !! IF we are expected to be ethical, moral, etc.. should they, who preach at us, not also be held to the same standard??)

See on Shashwat's Blog in India: The Cult of Sahaj Marg (Sahaj Marg U-Turn)

And while explaining what is samskara in their website they claim that these impression from one soul are removed by practice of sahaj marg read this:-

"The Sahaj Marg practice offers a method whereby our samskaras are dissolved and removed, opening the way for inner expansion and freedom from the weight of these impressions. This cleaning process leaves us with a feeling of lightness, as if more space has been created inside us for the Divine"


When somebody asked him what about blessings …. We have only to look at the Mahabharata serial to see how often Bhishma was blessing everybody: Dheerghaayushmaan bhava [May you be long-lived], Keertimaan bhava [May you be well-renowned], et cetera, et cetera. Everybody was blessing everybody else and within — what? — eighteen days of warfare, there was nobody left; even Bhishma was not left.

(The OPIATES OF THE MASSES sold by profiteering businessmen (the Indian Nationalist Spiritualist Mafia) funded by the "diaspora" ... all LIES to "dense" and control the population!! Sahaj Marg has become The Materialist DUALITY of the Two-faced!!)


That is enough "UNDERSTANDING of Sahaj Marg" for now ... It seems that to understand Sahaj Marg is to Mis-understand the REALITY that is LIFE!! To Proselytize Sahaj Marg (tm) will be seen as "criminal" or "sick" by future generations ... a tragedy with a long trail of broken families and "dead" (suicide, stress-related diseases (stroke, heart-attack, etc ...) and suffering (mental illness, separated families, etc... ) adherents (stuck) ...

Sahaj Marg DOES NOT UNITE!! Nor do the "PRECEPTORS"! Nor do the abhyasis!!

Keep an eye on your family !!
Keep an eye open for Egregoric (spiritualist) activity (emotionalism, mental distress, dis-respect of some family members, etc ... manipulation of one member, or any other "non-spiritual" or divisive activities ... They are trying to "grow the business" with family members, as they were "ordered" ... And they will OBEY!!

See template for:
Cease and Desist Order

See Frank's Blog: Pitfalls of Spirituality

Frank is an ex-preceptor of SRCM(California-1997) and ex-Zone-in-Charge for the Netherlands
Read Frank's comments on a book by a noted psychiatrist. Frank has written many articles on the subject of "cognitive dissonances".

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