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SRCM & Sahaj Marg - The TRUTH & the FACTS

SRCM & Sahaj Marg - The Truth & the FACTS!!

Spirituality should reflect the TRUTH and deal with REALITY! IT should not perpetuate and promote fantasies or "made-up stories" around the very foundation of the organization that is to take the "disciples" to the ONE ... the REALITY!! In the case of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission ( SRCM) and Sahaj Marg, it's method, this is the MISSION and the Method that the abhyasis are supposed to "OBEY", according to Chari, their current Master and President. "Teach your children well!!" Do not obey until you are sure that what this group of "businessmen" puts out about their history and lineage, is the TRUTH, or at least FACTUAL, and supported by historical and legal documents. If their history is not factual, then maybe their spiritual claims are also not "factual" or the TRUTH.

The Religions that Chari calls"corrupt" don't falsify their "origins", do they? Spirituality is "better than RELIGION" is it not? Is that "falsification of history" and the many outlandish and unverifiable (spiritualist and religious) claims, not the reason why Religions are called "corrupt" by Chari? Can a lie lead to the ULTIMATE Reality or the TRUTH?

Although the Web Site of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission is getting a "faces-lift" and is changing in appearance, SRCM (California -1997) still persists in making claims that are not supported by historical documents, and other sources, including Babuji's (the founder) autobiography and many legal documents, and even the accounts of many old Preceptors and Prefects of the SRCM of Babuji, which was registered in 1945.

There have been two schisms or "parting of ways" from Chari and the SRCM (California-1997). One schism by the Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness (ISRC) is operated by K.C. Narayana (son of Dr. K.C. Varadachari), while the original and still functionning SRCM (Shahjahanpur) of Babuji (registered in 1945) is presided by Navneet Kumar Saxena, Babuji's grandson. Both of these organizations claim Lalaji as their "adi Guru", and Babuji as their Master for LIFE.

Then there are abhyasis gathered around Sister Kasturi, the only "saint" in Sahaj Marg, according to Babuji. And there are some around "Raghavendra Roa" and others. These see Babuji as a "Special Personality" and claim him to be their Master for LIFE. They are all "break-aways" from Chari's Clan and his SRCM (California-1997) headquartered in Chennai, India.

Another schism took place in Europe by some abhyasis from Babuji's original SRCM organization. This group is now scattered in ad-hoc groups without any real leader or organization except maybe the now-deceased Andre Poray. They meet at various times (birthdays of Babuji, Lalaji, etc..). If they is more of a true leader of that schism, he should come forth. Some still visit with some of the "old preceptors" in India.

These are some TRUE (verifiable) historical FACTS ...

(Do you own research ... don't just swallow the "company line")

The Shri Ram Chandra Mission - Shahjahanpur (SRCM) of Babuji was registered in India in 1945. (see scan of legal documents on Shashwat's site: Freedom from Sahaj Marg see item #3) That organization still exists and is Presided by Navneet Kumar Saxena, Babuji's grandson. (Their Web site was taken over by Chari's group ... SRCM (Shahjahanpur) - organization still operates.)

The other "Shri Ram Chandra Mission" presided by (self-appointed) Chari, called here: SRCM (California - 1997) was registered in San Luis Obispo, California, by Chari and Santosh Khanjee in 1997.

SMSF (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation) was registered in Austin, Texas in 1997, (where Santosh Khanjee has his hotel and real estate development projects) by Chari and Santosh Khanjee. The SMRI (Sahaj Marg Research Institute) founded by Prof. K.C. Varadachari, (who was a friend of Babuji and "Master-in-waiting" until Chari came along) was changed to SMRTI (Sahaj Marg Research and Teaching Institute) and registered in Austin, Texas, by Chari. This is the arm of SRCM -( California-1997) that began focusing on children (teaching) with the the building and operating of the Private School called: Lalaji Memorial Omega International School (LMOIS) - Why "OMEGA"? Babuji's method called, Sahaj Marg was restricted to those 18 yrs. and older (with a warning about the danger of the possibility of damaging the "heart" (emotionalism? arrogance? megalomania? ) of the recipient of the "transmission".)

The "national" SRCM organizations' Board of Directors were changed by Chari, by the appointment of abhyasis "loyal to Chari" (be they residents of the county in question or not) and the national organizations were made to respond to Chari as the PRESIDENT of each organizations, and/or Santosh and other "inner circle members" as "majority directors". Thus Chari and his "gang", controlled all the "national organizations".

Chari registered "SAHAJ MARG" as a commercial "trade mark" and his organization now controls the name of the "method of Meditation" of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission. The trade mark for "Sahaj Marg" is registered in Chari's name, his son and a few of his "loyal" followers.

LALAJI's role in Sahaj Marg:

Lalaji had a SUFI Master: Maulana Fazl Ahmad Khan (Hujur Maharaj), sixth from Mirza Zanzana, in the line of succession of the Naqshbandi Order. (See their "golden Chain") Lalaji became the first "hindu" Master of the Naqshbandiyya Order of Sufism (all other Masters prior to Lalaji were Muslims . Babuji met Lalaji a few times (when he was 18 yrs old) and never became a regular member of his organization, nor was he a preceptor. (see: Sufi Saints: Sufism in India, by Dr. R.K. Gupta) (see exerpts of Autobiography of Ram Chandra)

Lalaji's family still operates the "Naqshbandiyya" organization of the SUFI Order and Lalaji's grandson is the current "dean". See "Naqshbandiyya Nexus", their site.

Lalaji's Sufi disciples also have an organization under the Mastership Guru Maharaj, Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji, called RAMASHRAM. RamAshram is still operating and teaching Lalaji's Sufi Method of meditation. Babuji was never a member of Dr. Chatterbhuj's RAMASHRAM although he meditated with them a few times.

Babuji formed his Shri Ram Chandra Mission, along with the method of meditation he called "SAHAJ MARG", in 1945, 13 years after Lalaji's death in 1931. According to Sister Kasturi and her followers, Lalaji has nothing to do with Sahaj Marg. Babuji claims to have been inspired to found his "organization" in a dream. This claim to be Lalaji's "successor" is self-articulated by Babuji and his followers, including Chari's clan. (see Babuji's letter on Naqshbandiyya Nexus site) .

Lalaji's Sufi Naqshbandiyya Order still operates and is not called: Shri Ram Chandra Mission nor is their Method called: Sahaj Marg. Lalaji's will is on their site, and Babuji is not mentionned as "successor".

Chari claims that the SPIRITUALIST Books: "Whispers From the Brighter World" will be the "New Bible of Sahaj Marg". This "opulent" series of Books of "channeled messages received through an anonymous French Lady Medium" and said by her and Chari to be from "Babuji, Chari's mother and/or other elevated (un-named) souls", were sold in a first edition at $250.00 USD, and the two (or three?) "sequels" (one in April, 2009, one in April, 2010, and maybe one in April, 2011? ... if the spirits are still communicating?? ) will be sold at $150.00 USD. The "Whispers" series will be "limited editions" with no more "re-prints" for 50 years, according to Chari. About these "new editions", Chari also said: " I don't see why these messages should not continue into the future, indefinitely." (see his speech with comments here and here) Reading these " channeled messages" will erase most of your samskaras, Chari claims. But Chari also claims that catholic priests can't "forgive sins". Chari claims to serves a "special personality" (Babuji?), the Chrisitians allegedly claim to serve the "Son of GOD"! Why can one erase "samskaras" and the other not able to "forgive sins"?

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