Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sahaj Marg God-Man Resigns! Look for WORLD PEACE Next!!

According to Chari, the current "godman" of Sahaj Marg (tm), and the self-titled Master and President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM (California-1997) in his speech of Feb. 9, 2009 at Sonepat, India, titled: Understanding Spirituality :

"There is the secret you see: that God cannot be a guru whereas a guru can be God to us.
(...) To whom therefore should I be grateful, to God or to my guru?”

For those who like Chari, would make the guru into a "god" with the hope of being worshiped as a "god" themselves one day, the so-called "godmen" of today, who claim to be able do what ONE, the CREATOR can't do, then with the resignation of Ajay Kumar Bhatter of the SRCM (California-1997), it is as if Sahaj Marg's (male) "god", has also resigned !

The world may now have more PEACE as one of the main reason for divisiveness, conflict and war among the religious, "God", has RESIGNED!!

If their "god" has resigned, then all who profess to be the "proxies" (representatives) of this concept of their (male) "god", and who go about dividing their own families, tribes, nations, and their species, the people of the earth, even to war, should also have no "function", and should also "resign" ...

If SPIRITUALITY is not a "vocation" that one lives, and if it is simply a "JOB" that one applies for and/or lobbies for, and if successful, then "does" this job for a while only to resign when another better job or a more important event overtakes one, then all should also resign from this "GROUP". Then Sahaj Marg is not the "natural" REALITY or the SPIRITUALITY it claims to be, and that it should be !!

Sahaj Marg asks its "adherents" (i.e. adhesive, glue, "STUCK") to obey for LIFE and to "constantly remember" all the TIME ... for ETERNITY !!

The proselytizing of their un-real "brotherhood" as they instruct their trained "torch-bearers" (see Scholarship Training Program (STP)), so as to lure the unsuspecting into their "real" divisiveness, is simply a "SHAM" to empower themselves, their "RACE", their tribe their culture, their nation (divide and conquer). All truly "spiritual" adepts, should then support and respect their own God-given families, tribes, culture, nation, race!! They should see "ONE" and promote "ONE-ness" in their own children, families, friends, tribe, culture, nation, planet, WORLD ...

IF the Sahaj Marg (tm) God and "His" GODMEN can resign, then the PEOPLE who are asked to follow, should also RESIGN from them ...

Babuji said: "I make MASTERS"

Then, just as Babuji did not join Lalaji's Sufi group but formed his own, and just as Chari did not continue Babuji's "SRCM-Shahjahanpur-1945), but formed his own "spiritualist" Sahaj Marg, then all who are now members of Chari's group should do like their MASTER and form their own SAHAJ MARG (or a similar name) and re-register it in their own country as a CHARITY ... or don't register it !! ;-))

Then we may have many religions of ONE !! ( in latin):

In principia, ex UNO pluria!
In prinicipia, e pluribus UNUUM!


In the beginning, from ONE, many!
In the beginning, from many, ONE!

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