Saturday, November 08, 2008

Spirituality's "Net Worth" in Sharp Decline

Translation of article in French by Alexis, in his confidential "SRCM Newsletter"!

Spirituality's "Net Worth" is in sharp decline!

Bursting of the speculative SRCM bubble?

An ashram, "one must wish it with all of one's heart. (.) The problem is not money. When Master acts, projects come and the money is found?."

That was the sentence of PR Krishna as cited by the leaders of SRCM, Lyons Center to motivate the search for funds to finance their future Ashram.

"When Master acts, the Stock Markets crash, and projects are abandoned?" This is the conclusion one must draw by the e-mail sent by Chari from Dubai, October 24 2008.

"(.) Over the past one month or more, what began as a flurry of news reports, and broadcasting media has suddenly assumed the proportions of a global financial calamity facing not just a few developed countries of the world, but every single country everywhere . Even the oil-rich Middle East is showing signs of nervousness, quite visible to all, which makes me pray for the organizations that my Beloved Master, Babuji Maharaj, has entrusted to our care (.) Our halcyon days, golden years of prosperity , Of growth and expansion, would now appear to be gathering momentum towards a precipitous end (.)."

According to Chari, a "global financial calamity" is forcing the SRCM to reduce costs by economizing on everything, thus, to renounce the "expansion projects", to renounce the celebrations and seminars of all kinds. Austerity has just come into vogue in the kingdom of spirituality.

The Lyon (France) Ashram project is thus abandoned. The seminars? It's over! And if we follow his recommendations (as written), travel to see the Master should also be canceled, the renting of meditation halls abandoned, and the work on the Paris Ashram stopped.

Likewise for the search for a new Ashram in Switzerland?

This is evidence that Chari had seen nothing coming, and hence, there is nothing planned! This does not stop him from "playing dumb" today. Although failing to have a clear spiritual message, his economic council is clear.

Was there a speculative bubble around the (real estate) worth of Sahaj Marg and/or SRCM?

The CEO of SRCM (California) announced drastic budget restrictions before anyone else. The global financial crisis (apparently) affects primarily the spiritual enterprises, as if the market value of spirituality was falling faster than the rest of the economy. It is not even austerity any more, could it be the first signs of an inevitable financial collapse?

Funny that this announcement comes from Dubai! As if he (Chari) had just consulted his banker and was completely distraught. Could the coffers of the SMSF foundations be empty?

"(.) All that is applicable (.), With even more urgency and insistence, in the personal lives of the abhyasis and their families (.)."

Chari sets himself up as financial adviser to his flock. One could wager that in his great goodness, he will not forget to reduce the French dues (contribution) that he had doubled for 2009. It would be a necessary gesture of goodwill so as to help the abhyasis who are, (so he claims), so dear to his heart, and who could be in need.

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