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Sahaj Marg is a RELIGION... PRAY to GOD!!

Taken from:, now in the control of the Chari Faction of SRCM (California), registered in California in 1997. Comments by author of this blog are in red italics.


Speech given by Rev. Master on 30th July 2008 at Satkhol, India

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Master: Well, you know, my concerns are with the people of some countries.

Abhyasi: Really?

Master: Do I ever joke about these things?

Abhyasi: No, of course you don’t. What is your concern?

Master: That they should be progressive, safe to meditate. Because in one’s quest for God, there are so many religions. Now which is the effective one? Which is not the effective one? You see, we have started from the pygmies, to the Adivasis [a tribe] of India, to the tree worshippers, nature worshippers, sun worshippers, but we know, at least now in our spiritual level, that these are not God. They are creations of God. So everything that we worship in a material form (including the idolatrous man-created (Chari) attribute of the gender or MALE-ness of GOD ...see here ) is definitely something that has been created by God (or man...Sahaj Marg and the Buildings (Ashrams, Castles, ranches, etc...) were created by MAN, not by a GOD or THE ONE. The ONE's creation, Nature, created the material, not what man did with the MATERIAL) , whether it is a horse or a bull or [inaudible] or anything. So we have to go beyond this, you see. (Yes, we want to go into SPIRIT!! Not into more MATERIAL structures, that will demand our TIME caretaking of the MATERIAL rather that living in the NOW of SPIRIT. Under the guise of SPIRIT, Sahaj Marg is into the MATERIAL, as their Masters claim RELIGIONS are!!)

And in my opinion human beings should have a right, a birthright, to decide which way to adopt to reach the Ultimate. And nobody should have the right to interfere in this process. No? Therefore, we don’t go and preach, and say, “All of you come here.” We teach those who come to us, and we try to teach them what we do, and we say, “What I have achieved so far, I can guarantee you. Beyond that, Insha-Allah.” Now ‘Insha-Allah’ I am using as a phrase to mean God is always one who regulates our progress. Because if a child wants to go to school at the age of two, we don’t send. If a boy of eight wants to go to college—not yet. Or if a girl of six wants to get married—no. So here we use our judgement. So in social things, we have the parents’ guidance, the teachers’ guidance and the government’s guidance. The government should guide our lives, not control it—in any country. This is the idea of freedom, as I understand it. Not the French way of freedom, that you can get drunk, do what you like, break down and kill a queen. (OH YES?? WOW!! One has to shake one's head in amazement. And some believe that simplistic history?) That is not freedom, that is misuse of it. They take freedom for a moment, for a day, for two days, for five days, declare a revolution, kill, destroy, and then say, “Now we are this.” It seems to fit in with an idea of democracy, that it is the expression of people’s will, but people’s will to destroy cannot be given to them. Don’t you agree? ( You, the "upper classes" of this world are not giving out RIGHTS any more. We, the COMMON PEOPLE are TAKING THEM without asking your permission. This section sounds like "xenophobia" and instigating hatred and intolerance. This simplistic "history" is not only false for the "French" people and the French Revolution. IT IS NOT TRUE at all for all people of the world!! The French people then, had a will to survive and to be happy, much as today, not to "get drunk and destroy", and that right of all people, the right to the pursuit of happiness (and survival), was usurped by the aristocrats in complicity with the Churches, and they eventually paid the price for their arrogance. Their "divine rights of kings" were taken away by the PEOPLE! This (Chari's Tales) is another FALSE and "simplistic" interpretation and historical teaching from the current "upper caste" Master of Sahaj Marg and President of SRCM (California), as he goes about destroying families and dividing communities, even his own, in the name of "GOD"!

India and other countries have had, and continue to have their "revolutions", invasions, and wars and most are not instigated and/or led by "the people", but by the autocrats and the wealthy "power-seekers" who continuously lead their people to war for personal, nationalist and/or religious reasons. And then, the RELIGIOUS charlatans have the gall to blame the PEOPLE for the DESTRUCTION?? It is the people (children of the poor) who will eventually do the fighting and the dying for the "wealthy" who cowardly lead from the rear and simply profiteer from the suffering of the poor...

Chari, you should apologize to the French PEOPLE for your slandering of their ancestral revolutionary heroes. It was not only the "queen" who was beheaded by the "petit bourgeois" revolutionaries, but also many from the corrupt "aristocracy". This same "queen" when she was told that the people did not have any bread to eat (i.e. starving, so "suffering"), allegedly arrogantly said: "Let them eat cake!"... Laughter!! ... (but not for long)

PS... could it be that Chari is fixated on the word, "queen" and it comes to his consciousness through the emotion of "guilt", and because of it's use in the "homosexual" community. i.e. it is close in spelling to "queer"... And "queen" is sometimes used to indicate a "fem" or an "effeminate person", or a flashy "dresser" and/or a male "cross-dresser". Not scary at all! Certainly not as scary as the costumes glorifying "murderers", as worn by kids and adults on Halloween (Oct. 31st). You the so-called "spiritual" adherents please find some "tolerance" and charity, and compassion!

In our area, and in our country, according to an article in the Vancouver Sun, the number of attacks on gays and lesbians, who are , by the way, protected in our "Bill of Rights", coming from the "East Indian" community are on the increase. Could Sahaj Marg, the SRCM(California), and specifically, Chari please "train" its serfs to use "non-violent" means to express their intolerance and societal biases. (See Chari's quotes on Homosexuality: Lessons from Sahaj Marg, taken from a speech of Chari's that could be "off-line" by now...

Speech by Chariji "Balance-The Crux of Life" Jan 20, 2006 in Malaysia []

Pray to God for the Queens and the Queers TOO !

Well, as in the tale of the French "QUEEN" and in the tales of other such arrogant aristocrats from centuries past, first the "infonauts" and the "intellectuals" (thinkers), gave their warnings which were not heard! THEN... ???? I am sure there was "Private Security" that were probably hired for the "QUEEN" and other aristocrats?? Thus creating a false sense of security among these same aristocrats (upper classes) in collusion with religious (Christian) autocrats and "self-titled" representatives of GOD!

Note: Notice that there is no mention of the "killing of the Tsar, Nicholas and his family", during the "Bolshevik Revolution" in Chari's speech in Moscow called, Accept Suffering: "The most important benefit you have is seventy years of suffering. I say this because without suffering, there is no spirituality. God has been very kind to you all, because you have the foundation for sure success in your spiritual life. Here I have to say one word of caution. Don’t get pulled into this glamorous Western existence of luxury, waste and consumption-oriented life. I know how much they suffer in the West because of all these affluences they have. Because they don’t know suffering, they don’t want suffering, and they will avoid suffering at any cost."

Then the contradiction, in his speech in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, called: Embrace Spirituality Totally: "Our Mission is here to serve human beings for their spiritual life, spiritual welfare, spiritual progress so that they may emancipate themselves from this human life: the life of bondage to our samskaras restricting our freedom, bringing in elements of sorrow, pain, suffering, frustration into our lives, and denying us the possibility of leading a balanced life in which there can be no ups and downs, no exaggerated tendencies, no exaggerated feelings, but those which are natural to the human heart."

Is this a "con" or not? The French had also suffered for a long time before the "revolution" finally exploded into all-out violence. There is, by the way, no elimination of SUFFERING with religion and/or with religious rituals, prayers, and/or austerities. It is likewise with Sahaj Marg, and its rituals of "transmission", sittings, and now, "prayers" ... It is time to FACE REALITY!!

Now we can say people want war. (NO.... NOT TRUE and silly but dangerous logic (or lack of) from the wealthy (ex. CEO) leader of a religious sect) So can we declare a war immediately? (simplistic,... do you mean a "religious war"?) There is a rule (??... who wrote that "rule"... please show your source!! ) even in economic theory, that if you have a house, it is yours. It is undisputably yours, it is totally yours, but you cannot set fire to it (no, but any "home owner" can destroy his/her own house...and rebuild another "BETTER ONE"... (a joke on Sahaj Marg and other "religions") —say for insurance or for some criminal reason. You cannot do it, because it can affect the neighbours’ houses, it can kill a baby inside. Most thinking good-willed person will make sure that they do not affect their neighbour or their "baby", ... Maybe Chari is refering to "faith-based" and brainswashed individuals who can be made to attack other groups' Temples, Churches and/or ASHRAMS violently so as to "PROFITEER" and gain power? Most thinking (common) persons are apparently more ethical and moral than the 'faith-based" and OBEDIENT serfs of Sahaj Marg.) So you have a right only to construct and to enjoy—construct, retain and enjoy. No destruction! (NOT TRUE!! We, being the MASTERS of our own LIVES and PROPERTY, can destroy or build, and at the same time, not affect the rights and property of our neighbours. We, the common people can "walk and chew gum at the same time". It is a RIGHT (to control our property and destiny) that we gradually TOOK from the feudal STATE (12th century aristocrats) and other megalomaniacal MASTERS of the UNIVERSE (religion), and we are not giving it back... I will do with my PROPERTY as I wish!! That is why we seperate STATE and RELIGION! RELIGION with it's "literal" interpretation of "DIVINE" WORDS, as if the ONE, the CREATOR used and still uses WORDS to communicate with his "chosen few", is fundamentally flawed!!)

Now when you interfere in the people’s legitimate (and right conferred on them by birth itself) sort of choice—you cannot interfere with it. (please make sense!!) I choose to worship in my room, (and you have the right to stay there and not "proselytize" as Babuji and Dr. Varadachari taught!! ) in a way that I find gives me peace, tranquillity, and therefore a possible spiritual evolution. And if I have somebody who can guide me, what you call morshed [master] in your language, very good! But then we must remember, a morshed is not a religious person. ( no... but Sahaj Marg is now a RELIGION, with a set of edicts, maxims, rituals, arranged marriages, etc...) Religion has a set of edicts, like thou shalt not, thou shalt not, thou shalt not. But what shall we do? So here the soul (in Sahaj Marg, there is now a "soul" just as in RELIGION ... what is the difference between "soul" and "spirit"? Much like "RELIGION"? Right?) in its wisdom has to tell me from inside myself: don’t do these things. It is better to be without, than to do the wrong thing. As my morshed has said, it is better to be without a teacher than with the wrong teacher. It is better to be without medicine and let nature work, than take the wrong medicine. (YES that is so TRUE... Sahaj Marg is the perfect example: Using non-ethical, non-moral means, even violence to control ASHRAMS... and then preaching "PEACE" and "non-violence". Praying for PEACE and then serving the GODS OF WAR! ... as the "two faced or the "forked tongued" spiritualists" that you have become. You've got to think the world is deaf and blind!! )

So this is my concern for the people of some countries.

Abhyasi: What can we do to change this, Master?

Master: You can change only by prayer, ("only by prayer"?? ... and not by Sahaj Marg MEDITATION and transmission any more? Or by having a "GURU"? Now abhyasis are becoming religious and PRAYING to GOD? Bribing "HIM" , the Male God of Chari, with verses and songs or MONEY? Are we "spiritual capitalists" at SRCM(Calfiornia)? Where did Babuji go wrong? Is this the new SAHAJ MARG? ... PRAYERS, as the "ONLY" way to change? ... and your character is your own responsibility, right?

That "all new" Sahaj Marg would not have attracted me in the 1980's and it still does not attract me !!) because as individuals, which so many revolutions of France teach us, they can only destroy, (not true... obviously... many cities and buildings are "BUILT", not simply DESTROYED) using the same principle that Americans are now (now?? That was a phrase attached to WW l... not NOW!!...Why do you attach it to the Americans? That is not accurate!! You are still trying to get away with "made up" and unfounded citations? yet again!!) using, that this is the war to end all wars. Isn’t it? It is like saying, all the people of the world will die so that new people will come. It is not possible. (and your analogy is inaccurate and silly) So as humans, individuals, we all must pray, and pray with the heart. (not with the brain and the "intellect"?... in other words, "repeat the prayers that you, the MASTER, gives to the "serfs"? The Heart does not speak, and does not THINK... it is the BRAIN that PRAYS ... One prays with the upper "chakras" (throat, third eye, crown), not with the HEART, the lowly PUMP for blood that has been given "mystical" and "emotional" properties by those who want and demand "obedience", rather that "teaching" their followers to think and become responsible for their own words and actions.) Then things will change. (Things are always changing.... like it or not) After all, the world has seen so many changes, even without wars. In India we have seen that we could have our own government without a war with the British. It was called a bloodless revolution, what we call ahimsa—non-violence. So to get an ahimsa type of a change, only prayer. (Oh! the French can only "kill a queen" or "get drunk" and "destroy", but in INDIA, it is so much BETTER!! NO KILLING THERE, eh Chari? You gotta think the world is deaf and blind... WE ARE NOT!! and we don't simply believe you... we can read and we can research and we see much violence, killing and war in INDIA also, even some reported in newspapers about your group of "peace-loving" (SRCM (California) ... and specially by the upper classes, who continuously bring their "people" to war, thus accumulating wealth and slave labour from neighbouring states so as to build their (your) gaudy, oppulent and obscene religious TEMPLES and ASRHAMS, and/or making deals with other INVADERS, so as to retain their POWER. (see Lalaji's family history, and current history of India)

Abhyasi: The nine o’ clock prayer, or even outside that?

Master: No, no. Nine o’clock prayer is only for people. (... nine o'clock is for "people"??... and pray beside that for something else.??.. just like Chari tells you..., children!! do you folks (abhyasis) realize how you have become a RELIGION??) For change of this sort, you need to sit and pray, you see. You may say Allah, or you may say God, or you may say O my beloved, anything you like. He (male...false and idolatry) knows. When you say, “A rose by any name smells as sweet,” God by any name should be accessible to me. No? Because he (male... false and idolatry... the ONE is an "IT" without name) is nameless. One without a name can be called by any name. ( but that is wrong .If I have "no name", you must not call me "chari"... Call me by a "number" (ONE+), or by "NO NAME" (Yahweh) ...and by NO GENDER... or IT becomes a PERSON in the MIND of the PEOPLE who obey literally... the faith-based, non-thinking, serfs of Sahaj Marg) But if you are Yasmin, or Sohrabi, I have to call you by your name.

Those who don’t wish to change, they are at liberty not to change. (Impossible..."change", like MOTION, is a REALITY... you would not claim that change or MOTION is not REALITY, would you? Do you know of anything that does not change, or anything that is "standing still" and not in MOTION?) It is their life, you see. “No, no, I prefer to remain what I am. I am happy.” Okay, be happy. Because ultimately human life, forget the spiritual part of it, must be at least happy. The least that we should look forward to on earth is happiness, contentment. (and no RELIGIONS and no self-appointed "masters" to tell us how to relate to the ONE...SPIRIT.. that is contentment!)

Okay, thank you.

Okay, you're welcome, Eh!


Shashwat said...

"You, the Brahmins and the "upper class" of this world are not giving out RIGHTS any more. We, the PEOPLE are TAKING THEM whithout asking your permission."

No-one becomes a brahmin by virtue of one's birth, so calling chari a brahmin is insult to this term, in originality brahmin is a person who has knowledge of BRAHM, or OM, the sound at the core of creating, calling anyone people like chari (by virtue of birth) is outcome of political messing of work based division of labor of indian society, which is practice in each and every type of industry in the world today, by political standard I am also a brahman, but my knowledge about brahm is minimal, hence it is not fair to call people like chari, who by virtue of their work and ignorance of lord almighty are worst then lowest category of ignorant people.

He is not a brahmin, but a shudra, Baba Ramdev was born in a shudra family, but by virtue of his work has raisin to class of brahmin, Chari born in an brahmin family has sunk to the class of shudra by virtue of his work.


4d-Don said...


Point taken... I will remove the term from my comments and will include your "correcting" comments so as to show my ignorance of your country's caste system. I think that Chari acts as if he is has "knowledge of the Creator" as he seems to think that he can teach IT to others. In my humble opinion, his theology as his philosophy are flawed. The one has no gender and to refer to IT as "HIM", shows a lack of knowledge. And to claim that Sahaj Marg has "no philosophy", when Babuji wrote about the Sahaj Marg Philosophy, is telling to say the least.

My humble apologies to all TRUE Brahmins, with knowlege of the Creator, if I have offended them by wrongly calling Chari a "BRAHMIN".

Thanks for the correction... I have removed all references to the "Brahmin" caste...


Anonymous said...

I was wondering over the heading of this post, "Pray to God" there is a very basic question, can prayer change God's mind !! if we accept the definition of God as proposed by these people ??? Is God that confused and unable to decide that opinion of God can be changed by prayer ?????? that too in this context, this prayer if for change in thinking of other's !! there is no direct discussion with people who differ, but proxy route is taken, PRAY !! how stupid zombies can be.. i wonder...


4d-Don said...

Hi Shashwat...

Thanks for the comment.

That heading is taken from a statement in the speech: "You can change only by prayer,because as individuals, which so many revolutions of France teach us, they can only destroy (...)"

I agree with you. Sahaj Marg has now become a "theistic" religion where "GOD" in THEISM, (from the Gothic (German) word for the CREATOR) not only creates the UNIVERSE but interferes in its day-to-day workings. The Theistic GOD can then be influenced by prayers, offerings, sacrifices, auterities, etc... Although the Christians and many other religions call the CREATOR "GOD", it is not the word that Jesus (or the early Christians) would have used when and if he walked the earth. The Romans, speaking latin would have called IT: DEUS. DEISM has a CREATOR that is more like the original Jewish, YAHWEH who according to MOSES said from the "burning bush": "I AM THAT I AM". (not "WHO I AM" which would be used for a PERSON..."THAT" indicates a "principle" or a "THING". The Greeks (And John the disciple of Jesus) of course used "LOGOS" or "LOGIC using Sound in the form of words"... the Goth (Germans) and later the English translated LOGOS to mean "WORD" and Christianity became "corrupted", more Dogmatic and RIGID once again.

So you are right... Sahaj Marg has become a RELIGION which prays to a THING or a PRINCIPLE (idolatry) as if it was a PERSON... a MALE PERSON or a FATHER... They are a little childish...

The Christians have prayed for PEACE for "MILLENIA" and still we see no peace, even from the CHRISTIANS... I gues GOD either does not HEAR then or "IT" is a little slow... I guess PEACE is something we as "HOMO SAPIENS" have to create ourselves...

And CHANGE is something we do for ourselves also...