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Sahaj Marg SPIRITUALITY! GURU making the guru GOD!

Comments to an excerpt of the re-hash (2009) of Chari's Speech: Understanding Spirituality

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Mis-Understanding Spirituality (or Spirituality according to Materialists)

Speech by Chari, February 7th, 2009, at Sonepat, India

SPIRITUALITY is relating to SPIRIT (rarified or less dense energy).

SPIRITUALISM is relating to spirits (entities, channeling, Mediums, etc...).


Babuji said that in the Mahabharata, there is a story that after the Mahabharata war, (the "invented" tall tales, that are the so-called WISDOM of war used by the Spiritualists and the Materialists to justify their "EGO" ... In war, the first victim is the TRUTH! ) Lord Krishna is returning to Dwaraka. On the way he meets Uddhava, one of his great devotees. And he tells Uddhava, “Please go and look after these gopis [milkmaids of Brindavan] who love me infinitely. Be their guru.” (control the women) Uddhava says, “Lord, you yourself are there. Why do you want me to go to them?” He says, “You know, I want you to discipline them. (Chari wanting to present himself as Babuji's "enforcer" or the disciplinarian as if by "divine decree"! But he is really the "divider" of Babuji's SOCIETY and many families of his followers.) They are infinitely loving, but they have no discipline. Better than them, there are no lovers of God.” (neither are Sahaj Marg adherents real lovers of ONE or ITS ONE-ness, what they falsely call a "male" God, and IT is not as powerful as ITS own CREATION (flawed theology), the "carbon-based" guru, who will also be transformed at death, as noted below! Chari seems to want to be a "god" and be loved by a select few (profiteers), and feared by all! Oh!! And it's supposed to be a secret!! shhh! )

There is the secret you see: that God cannot be a guru whereas a guru can be God to us. (Flawed theology! The CREATOR of ALL is made to be less than "all powerful", and some of ITS "CREATION" are made out to be "more powerful" than ONE, the CREATOR! ) My guru is my God. (Much like he carved himself into a "self-titled" Master of Sahaj Marg, Chari is carving himself a place in the "pantheon" of "gods" of the Sahaj Marg MYTHOLOGY, and attaching it to Babuji, so as to give it "credibility" ... Chari is carving his own "clay idol"! Babuji said: "Chari is an "engineer", not God!! REALITY?? Chari is not God, Babuji was not God either, and he is still not God ... or what I call ONE, the CREATOR of ALL, not the "male" God of Chari! ) That is why Babuji, when he reached the sublimate state, was able to say, “If I ever saw God, it was because of my guru." (NOT TRUE!! And then in 1963, Babuji in a letter stated that Lalaji's path, was "disconnected" from the "divine" ... GOD is then not "infinite" or "eternal" according to this!! Is that the respect for your "GURU" and his followers, that is created by the so-called SPIRITUAL PATH, Sahaj Marg, the "easy path" ?? A butchered "raja yoga" starting at step 7 or the "eightfold path"??) To whom therefore should I be grateful, to God or to my guru?” Such a bold question can only come from one who has realized within himself the immensity of that truth that I have seen both, and this brought me There. (To show "gratefulness", one does not claim to "disconnect" the path of one's GURU and his followers. Your GURU and his PATH , like the path of all other religions and their followers, are not yours to "disconnect" ... that is a LIE and very arrogant! And a theological "FLAW"!! And very dis-respectful!! )

Does this not sound like some "Chrisitian's" claim that "Jesus of Nazareth", a man who lived 2000 years ago, was and still is GOD and was present at the CREATION of the WORLD?? Flawed theology and "megalomania" by the CREATION claiming to be the "CREATOR"! ... Large EGO!!

But its a "mystery" and a "secret" and only some elite (Chari and his gang) can understand it!! And control the masses with their "godly powers"... NOT! ... NO MORE!! We, the masses, have the "INTERNET"!! We will not believe that "BULL-crap" anymore. Let the "salesmen", and "businessmen" get a real job, and sell REAL (natural) and environmentally sustainable products for a change, not synthetic fantasies as REALITY !!

Since these pseudo-religious businessmen have now become the materialist elite, (on the backs of the poor workers and with global "charitable" donations) and they will obviously not become the intellectuals, the only thing left for them to WIN, is to become the religious elite and then, "gods" ... GOOD!! They can also become the butt of our LAST collective RELIGIOUS JOKES !! The egotist "carbon entities" and the megalomaniacs who would become "gods"... all to save or "liberate" the world from the addictions to power, money and fame! All kneel before our god, Chari and then our other god, AJ !! Now, all rise!!

RISE UP! RISE UP... PEOPLE!! Don't OBEY the RELIGIOUS businessmen who would make themselves out to be "gods"! Don't worship CLAY IDOLS, the carbon-entities! You don't become more moral, ethical, saintly, or "god-like" in Sahaj Marg ... From the outside, you are just another "cult of a PERSON" ... a MAN at that!! ... and a Businessman at that !! You have enough Psychologists, and psycho-therapist in Sahaj Marg to "study" yourselves ... But since we know that you obey your "god" in everything, then you are sort of "skewed" ... Study it then with your "heart", not using your brain! ... doctor?

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