Thursday, May 07, 2009

SRCM and the Spiritual Hierarchy Publication Trust (SHPT)

Taken and Translated from an article from Alexis on Elodie's French blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Alexis said:

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Publications: Great Clearance Sale on the one hand, and the Collectors on the other

€ 60 000 collected in "donations" as of late April for the 2nd volume of "Whispers" in french! How many times more for the English version?

If francophone abhyasis do not want to lose everything, they will still have to find more than 50 000 € before mid June, or 350 new donors in 45 days. Failing which the SRCM will be pocketing the donations without publishing any French version of "Whispers from the Brighter World) (the new Sahaj Marg Bible) ...

And that's not all! The coffers for the DVD "Hubble Bubble" and "July 2008" are also sold respectively at 85 and 40 € each, all made as donations to the SRCM India. More money that is not controlled by the association of SRCM France anymore, and will not be integrated into the national accounts. No one will be accountable to you for its use ...

And wouldn't you know it, Chari has now created a new organization, one more, responsible only for the publications of the SRCM. Thus the SMSF and the SRCM have stopped all publications as of April 1, 2009. It is now the SHPT (Spiritual Hierarchy Publication Trust, a funny name) which has taken over.
Will we soon see distributed, the accounts of all these structures? In any case, the separation of spiritual activities (SRCM), property (SMSF), school (LMOIS) and publications (SHPT) should easily allow it. But nothing is certain! And why such divisions, if it is not for "transparency"?

But what is the purpose of the "publications" sector of SRCM France, if all new publications require a donation to the SMSF or the "Swiss" SRCM India and now the SHPT? What is it then? Apparently to play the street peddler and/or the barker!

At the moment, for the purchase of two books, "The Autobiography of Ram Chandra and "Universal Message", the book "Religion and Spirituality" will be given free by the SRCM France. The first book costs 10 €, the second, but if you take both, you shall have them both for 10 €, and they added a third as a gift! It's the Great Clearance Sale ...

Conclusion: on the one hand, the collectors who enrich themselves, you will never see the accounting, and on the other hand, the Great Clearance Sale, of which you have meagre details, but that does nothing.

It's always the same! You never see the accounts of any activities that deals with a lot of money, and who the recipients are! ...


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Anonymous said...

It seems that PRC, increases his life span by killing some abhyasis.
That is his way of doing it.