Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sahaj Marg and the "CARBON FOOTPRINT"

Two more SAHAJ MARG "birthday parties" as "recruiting" orgies for the SPIRITUAL set!! OPEN THE WALLET and dig deep for the FREE spirituality!! GET YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO COME NOW!!

Baaa! Baaa! or is that "BAAL, BAAL*"!

*Note: Chari's (now changed) name for the Foundation for his School, the Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School...Why OMEGA? is it the END?) was the "BAAL VATIKA (as in vatican) Educational Society"

All these "PARTIES" are making the "spiritual" movement's "CARBON FOOTPRINT" larger in the search for the ONE (what Chari calls GOD, the MALE)...SCREW the PLANET, as long as we think we're SAVED or LIBERATED!!!

Like all addictions, CULTS make friends of strangers and strangers of friends and family (except for those targeted). The small gifts of abhyasis to their children, grand-children, friends and family for their cultural holidays and birthdays pale in comparison to the cost of the "parties" and the gifts to the MISSION in these "spiritual navel gazing, and narcisistic" orgies. All in the name of SEARCHING FOR GOD which is EVERYWHERE and EVERYWHEN!! SPIRITUAL CAPITALISM has gone from the ROMAN CATHOLICS empire to the SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT coming out of INDIA!

This is a lesson on: How the rich manipulate the poor!

P.S. Would those poor, obedient abhyasis and preceptors who are on "social assistance", in our western countries, while spending their days working and recruiting for the Shri Ram Chandra "MISSION", please be "spiritual" (honest) and report these "out of country" TRIPS and PARTIES to your "social workers"...

Notice: The important thing in Sahaj Marg is the PARTY for the MASTER and the MISSION, the GOAL is not THE ONE but the MISSION and the MASTER...

Taken from Elodie's Blog in France: The Desperate Abhyasi

Cleveland and 2008 Lucknow

"The most important occasion in an abhyasi's life is the celebration of one's Master's birthday."

From this point of view, the year 2008 is a little much. Chariji invited us all personally to join him in Cleveland for the anniversary of Babuji and we are also invited to Lucknow (India) to celebrate his 81st years.

So here is what he has reduced the spiritual dimension of the initial Sahaj Marg.

First and only Maxim: Attend the anniversary of the Master.

The mass demonstrations have become the only events that punctuate the life of the Mission and the abhyasis today. Failing to insure the spiritual growth of its members, the Shri Ram Chandra Mission has decided to stake everything on the manipulation of crowds. We've reached the climax of the Cult of Personality.

A single example: the titles of these two events are in total contradiction but nobody seems offended (or are they?):

-- In Cleveland, it is: Here and Now or Never!

-- In Lucknow (it is): Together Forever!


DOES THAT NOT SOUND LIKE "ominous"? ..."Never"? ...and "Forever"?

Offensive on the Children

Whereas Babuji avoided and instructed against targeting children, now the main target of the SRCM at Cleveland 2008 is the children… Trying to increase the numbers?

"We invite abhyasis to bring their children to this propitious event. The meeting place at Cleveland offers a choice of indoor or outdoor activities for the children."

From SRCM PR Material

Teachers professionals have prepared various programs of activities that range from field trips and science projects, yoga, dance or workshops (crafts, photos, films, and so on.).

There will be specific programs for adolescents (13 years and older), tweens (9-12 years), elementary (5-8 years) and a kindergarten for the young ones.

Children will receive a certificate of participation and parents can obtain in advance the program of activities "in order to obtain permission to be absent" from school.


Anonymous said...

That's absurd. You should really know the context of your information. It's easy for you to criticize but I am interested in knowing what are you doing about your evolution or bettering yourself??? Quit wasting your time in finding faults instead find the right path and promote that instead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Absurd...

Since you ask, I will tell you...

I am evolving as I must and in our evolutionary MOTION, there are some of us who are REALITY conscious in more that the vulgar 3d space but in the "octave" with a spiral paradigm, and we do not want our families to be "opiated" by the Merchants of FANTASY any more.

We have great fantasies in Hollywood and on our computers and we know they are fantasies...now the "pseudo-spiritual-ists" who pretend to be SPIRITUAL because they claim in their "DELUSION" to get messages from the DEAD and want our children and women to become "LIVING DEAD" and OBEY them, will get a dose of REALITY soon... The CARBON CRASH!! but that is only one...diseases, war (yes... and from religions or faith-based boetians), and more. Krishnamurti said: Faith leads inevitably to violence! He was right!!

The world is PERFECT, including you and CHARI...THE perfection is that when one attempts to con people with MAGIC and "rewards on the OTHER SIDE, we, the INFONAUTS, will EXPOSE and have a lot of pleasure and fun doing it...and get better at it all the time until such silliness as GOD IS MALE, and WOMEN CAN'T BE GURUS, and HOMOSEXUALITY is "UN-NATURAL" will just be a bad memory that even those who spew it now, such as SRCM, will REJECT it

PRAISE BE THE ONE for finally empowering the INFONAUTS that we may attempt our own "TRANSFORMATION" of our own species in REAL TIME to the ONE REALITY and away from the many and varied FANTASIES of the pseudo-spiritual and the religious fundamentalists with their OBEDIENCE and LIVING DEADS, HELL, lust, fear, war, and other such SILLINESS...

If we fail, the next wave of MUTANT ARCHTYPES, the ARCHANGELS may not be so "NICE" as the INFONAUTS.

Pray we succeed...Reduce you carbon footprint....FIND the ONE where you are, without using more CARBON, and we already have!