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Sahaj Marg(tm) and Whispers: A new RACE!!

Taken and translated from a comment by Alexis on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

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Take your pick. Sahaj Marg has come from "a modified Raja Yoga" (starting at step #7 of the "eighfold path"), to a usurped SUFISM (Lalaji), and now with Chari's Spiritualism, to interventions by either: Aliens(extra-terrestrials), egregores, spirits, New Age agents, Indigo Children, an ELITE, God and the Natural Laws, etc..etc.. etc... (as merrily we go along)

Sahaj Marg is one not-so "unique" APOCALYPTIC MESS!! Or Sahaj Marg(tm) is everything to everyone ... or NOTHING unique or special to ALL ... same old, same old !!

The solution: A New Race of Individuals

Whispers: Decryption (3)

Mankind races to its ruin, divine punishment is coming, it will be the Apocalypse. But a new race (a Master Race??) is on the horizon ...

(Quotes from Whispers From The Brighter World, Sahaj Marg (tm)'s Bible, according to Chari, as channeled by an anonymous French Lady Medium)

"Another race, more resistant and with a strong sense of extrasensory perception, will establish a world that would surprise most men now living. " (02/25/01) -

" A new race of individuals, characterized by a wider perceptions that this one, will open itself to spaces of knowledge much more advanced. There are already legions of them on earth, this gifted precursor race, which will help shatter the intellectual rigor, slowing the evolution of the beings of this world. " (31/10/03)

" Upheavals without name
will occur and will have to be produced to clean up this world, leaving a long enough time to emerge finally the chosen (elite?) race, capable of establishing a new world corresponding to the expected standards. (...) A new race is at work (...). " (10/11/03)

" The Received Messages constitute by themselves alone, the single teachings suitable for the elite souls emerging in these times of the advent of a new era.
They will be understood, appreciated, and they will become, in our path, a reference point. Minds (spirits?), more and more will open to a reality somewhat surpassing also (by) a little, that of our brothers presently. The future times are being prepared and we will not be left behind. The souls incarnated in this view (optics?) , will seek a teaching which suits them in all respects. Those whom you call the Indigo children will not accomodate outdated concepts. They seek a vibrational niche suitable to the subtlety of their ethereal bodies. Many of these people already live in this world. They struggle to integrate into existing systems, for them devoid of interest most of the time. They arrive at a pivotal time in the history of the world and are different, hence often misunderstood, like everything that can be distinguished from the multitude. These people will gather and unite to recreate an environment which will give them satisfaction. They are pacifists, spiritually evolved, they will go to the point, of course, without hesitation, wisdom, for the most part is innate. A time will come when the number of these people will grow to form an elite regenerating humanity and guiding the less fortunate. Everything is written and wanted thusly. May all be blessed! " (30/06/04)

" As the great sage may address his disciple and give a glimpse of where the treasure is hidden.
"Many are called but few are chosen", say the Scriptures. The road is arid, only the strong and determined souls succeed. Sahaj Marg is a path, a means offered for humans who are interested and able to seize the opportunity offered to them, to move forward on this narrow path full of pitfalls. Many succeed. Has it not been given to the world to respond to a profound call characteristic of the times which are being prepared, with a view on a radical transformation? We will be more than ever at the heart of this vast movement, carrier of hope and liberation of a humanity, which is as a prey in the throes of evil. " (30/07/04)

Let us Summarize, paraphrase!

All is not lost. An elite group composed of gifted souls is already at work. Members of the new chosen people on earth are already legion. They are more resistant and they have larger ESP. They are different, so often misunderstood. They are struggling to integrate.

They do not adapt to outdated concepts, they will open up a space for more advanced knowledge, because they have the innate wisdom.
They seek a niche suitable for
subtle vibration of their ethereal bodies. They are pacifists and spiritually evolved. They help to break the rigor of the intellectual environment. They will unite to form an elite that will regenerate humanity, because they are able to establish a new world. Surprising!

They will become a reference point for all those who follow the path of Sahaj Marg, where they will be understood and appreciated.
For Sahaj Marg is at the heart of this movement of hope and liberation. It offers a way for humans to move forward on this narrow road full of pitfalls, where many are called but few are chosen.

"Everything is written and wanted thusly".

Words have meaning!

Let us first stop and examine the language: a new race, an elite of souls will regenerate humanity. The words of whispers are terribly connotations. They recall the dark days of racism and eugenics that have raged in the late 19th and first half of the 20th century.

This is far from trivial, because it would have been possible just as well to say that mankind had not completed its evolution, that it was at work right now, with the development of
new spiritual abilities. What the people of Sahaj Marg have already qualified themselves as involutive evolution towards the state invertendo or transpersonal.

But now, instead of using the scientific language of the theory of evolution or the language of the current transpersonal psychology, whispers revives eugenics.

Babuji Judeo-Christian

Man is evil, he runs to his ruin, divine retribution comes, and will unleash cataclysms, it will be the Apocalypse. But in his great goodness, God will save humanity with the new race supported by the SRCM looming on the horizon ... as he allowed Noah's Ark at the heart of the Flood!

The chosen race can not be integrated because they are different, only in Sahaj Marg is it understood and appreciated, because that is where the way of the future is, t
he way to reach this new race, perhaps even to join. Sahaj Marg is the solution. The Whispers of Babuji borrows all its codes from Judaism and Christianity. It adheres typically to the letter, the Judeo-Christian discourse. It is not surprising when you consider that the medium is French, a Westerner herself nursed from the bottle of a Judeo-Christian culture.

Many are called but few are chosen?

An elite will save the world: there are many called but few are chosen, except that many will succeed.
Here we are again faced with one of the many contradictions of Sahaj Marg.

The SRCM is a private club reserved for the elite.
Moreover, these messages are addressed to "Members of the brotherhood of man." The road is narrow and full of pitfalls. There are many who are called but few who are chosen. In short, you're lucky to be part of this elite which is not given to everyone, you should feel happy. You are part of the Club ...

Elitism is an attitude which is essential for all groups so as to strengthen the internal cohesion and to make people who are outside want to enter.
SRCM cultivates very well with this elitism with its supposedly unique and
unparalleled method! Yes, but thanks to the cultivating this sense, it also returns the image of a perfect Master, so far removed from the ordinary abhyasis that it becomes impossible to reach or even to come close. The risk for Chari is that negative behaviors arise when faced with difficulties. The abhyasis should not throw down their arms, renounce or abandon the game. Hence the concession dropped from time to time: a lot succeed ...

"A vibrational niche appropriate to the subtlety of their ethereal bodies"

Enjoy the beauty of the formula!
Add a pinch of indigo children to extra-sensory perceptions, and we are plunged in the heart of New Age, deep in the occult and Western esotericism.

The medium of whispers undertook a major rewrite of the dogmatic ideology of Sahaj marg, mixed in Western new age, and it seems very appropriate to Chari.
I repeat, the words make sense. Between Judeo-Christianity, racialism (eugenics) and the New age, the personality of the so-called medium re-appears in the reflected lights.

Why does Chari accept this evolution / revolution of Sahaj marg?
What are they trying to do? Achieve a Westernization / globalization of the concept?

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