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Chari Is Not President Of SRCM (India)

Taken from Shashwat's blog in India: The Cult of Sahaj Marg (Shree Ram Chandra Mission).
Article: Rajagopalachari Is Not President Of The Mission (SRCM)

Don's comment: This would be "business as usual" in some lowly Materialist circles but remember, this is touted as a "SPIRITUAL" group. And they claim to be promoting BROTHERHOOD and a path of LOVE and/or to the ONE, the DIVINITY, the CREATOR of ALL ... As if the ONE does not know and that these actions do not create "unfavourable" samskaras, and that there is no KARMA (action/reaction) accumulated here. Some of that corrupted "psyche" (mind, not spirit) is then transmitted to the unsuspecting and naive "abhyasi" and now, to their children before they can even think critically. Are all abhyasis encouraged to emulate this behaviour by their Master and his "gang"?

If this is truly the gift of Spirituality, the world is really in trouble. IT IS NOT!! There is hope for the Brotherhood of all Good People, for all the Children of the ONE, but "elsewhere", where that behaviour is not condoned by the Religious Structure (pyramidal) and where the behaviour matches the "lessons", taught by the Spirit of LIFE (spiral)!!

READ the translation of the court documents (or scans of the originals in Hindi) at: Freedom From Sahaj Marg
(READ THE ARTICLE by Shashwat for your and your family's sake. Also, see and understand the state of the Justice system in India, the largest democracy in the world.)

Here is a short snippet from the article:

Shashwat Said:

A report published in Indian daily Amar Ujala ( dated 27th June 2009, states that P. Rajagopalachari is not the president of Shri Ram Chandra Mission.

This short report was published by the newspaper in order to counter the false propaganda spread by P. Rajagaoplachari, (stating) that (the) supreme court has ordered that he is the president of Shri Ram Chandra Mission.

Translation of newspaper article:
(see Cult of Sahaj Marg for full article)


Amreeesh kumar, member of working committee of Shri Ram Chandra mission has said that parthasarthi rajagopalachari is a self proclaimed president of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, he also said that P rajagopalachari is running a parallel organization and is misguiding people by using name of Shri Ram Chandra mission, P. Rajagopalachari is already facing charges of illegal possession of property and other similar charges in court. Amreesh Kumar has further stated that in supreme court order dated 29th april 2008, it is said that since P. Rajagopalachari is not a family member of babuji (direct line of succession) hence he cannot become representative of babuji and president of Shri Ram Chandra Mission.

Later Shashwat said:

Uma Shanker Bajpai (secretary of the Chari group) published an advertisement in another newspaper (Dainik Jagran) that "according to supreme court order P. Rajagopalachari has become the president of SRCM, and he is visiting Shahjahanpur ashram after a gap of 19 years".

When this advertisement came to (the) notice of (the) parent body of SRCM (run by Shri Navneet Kumar), a case was filed against Uma Shanker Bajpai and the newspaper which published this advertisement, this advertisement was part of the larger conspiracy of spreading false propaganda that according to (the) Supreme Court order, P. Rajagopalachari has won, whereas (the) facts were just the opposite. ( the newspaper has since published an apology, copy of which I do not have currently)


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