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Summary of "Contradictory Facts" (SRCM INTRIGUES)

Translated with Google Translate, from a comment by Alexis on Elodie's Blog:

The Truth will set us Free...Information is not truth per se, but is the truth in-formation!!

You still must decide on what you accept and refuse! Now you have a broader spectrum of the Wave called Truth! Now, part of the information used to construct that wave comes from "US" too!

Now killing the messengers will not work anymore as more "messengers" take up the slack, sort of like the "ant hill"!

From Elodie’s Blog, Mar. 9, 2007. Summary by Alexis…

Alexis said…

The “contradictory facts” which some tell us…

The SRCM is officially created by Babuji on May 30, 1945 in Shahjahanpur, its statutes are registered in Lucknow. In 1946, he releases his 1st book, “Commentaries on the 10 commands of Sahaj Marg”. Then in 1948-49, he is joined by personalities from Uttar Pradesh, such as Dr. SP Srivastava, judge ML Chaturvedi and his daughter, Kum Kasturi.

In 1955, Babuji releases his famous book “Reality at Dawn”, and his notoriety overflows Uttar Pradesh. Men of the south join him. Men such as Dr. KC Varadachari and Raghavendra Rao of Karnataka. KC Narayana, son of Varadachari, also joined him in 1956. Then Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari also known as Chari arrives in 1964. Varadachari creates Sahaj Marg Research Institute (SMRTI) in 1965.

Lakshmi Narasimhan marks the beginning of the internationalization of Sahaj Marg. He leaves to teach it in Copenhagen in 1968-69. On June 18, 1970, Varadachari requests of Babuji to pay attention not “to commercialize the Mission”, but he dies the following year while his son, Narayana, undertakes a trip in the USA. Meanwhile, Chari is appointed secretary general of the mission in 1970. Then Babuji and Chari make their first common voyage to the west in 1972. They will then often appear in the company of Andre Poray and Dr. Hans Gangloff.

On March 3, 1974, Babuji (apparently) names Chari as his successor in front of witnesses, Donald Sabourin and Kasturi. In 1976 the ashram of Shahjahanpur is built. Babuji registers a complaint of the theft of 4 blank (signed) letters with the heading of the SRCM. In 1979, Babuji entrusts to Narayana that he will have to work alongside Chari in the future.

In 1980, in Munich, he declares to JM (?) that he has named Chari as his successor, but André Poray shows up there as a serious rival for Chari. Babuji is less available for the groups of abhyasis and Chari becomes reticent. Still around 1980, Babuji relieves Chari of all his functions.

In 1981, the senior preceptors, Raghavendra Rao and Ramachandra Reddy start a non-official visit to the USA with Umeshchandra Saxena, a son of Babuji who is not even a preceptor. On April 16, 1982, Babuji however writes a letter of appointment (succession) of his son, Umeshchandra.

In 1982, at the time of the voyage of Babuji to France, All becomes very sombre. André Poray is everywhere at the front of the scene; Chari, who was not invited, is relegated to the sidelines. Babuji is very sick. He announces to Kasturi that he has named somebody (as his successor) without specifying the name and that he wants to go to the police because someone wants to make an attempt on his life, which he will finally not do. On September 2, he writes to MD Jahagirdar that Chari is deviating from the initial teaching, that he is presenting himself illegitimately as his successor and that he has tried on several occasions to poison him for 4 years, but that he has found his successor. He does not name him/her but also announces that he (his successor) will have to be accompanied by Srivastava, Narayana and Kashi (?) RAM Agarwal and Nasib Chand.

In 1983, contradictory messages of the various factions flow, including from some other successors of Lalaji. Babuji dies on April 19, (1983). Chari immediately presents his letter of nomination. Raghavendra Rao and Ramachandra Reddy, with Umeshchandra at their head, declare that the letter of Chari is a counterfeit. The family of Babuji does not propose Umeshchandra (as successor) immediately, but instead, his elder brother Prakash, then his grandson, Charad. A legal battle for the control of the ashram begins. Chari travels to the west to seek support there.

Everyone is in Shahjahanpur for the birthday of Lalaji in February 1984. A “Working Committee” is set up in haste, on February 6. An (alleged) attempt at poisoning of the clan of Chari takes place.

KC Narayana, who belongs to the Working Committee considers that the letter of the son of Babuji is false and that the letter of Chari is valid. The grandson of Babuji recognizes that it is a forgery. Kasturi decides in favour of Chari. But the Working Committee decides to name Umeshchandra the Spiritual Representive. It names SP Srivastava chair of the Working Committee while waiting until the spirits are calmed, because the positioning of Kasturi in favour of Chari starts a open conflict between the factions.

Under these conditions, Chari constitutes another “Working Committee” in Hyderabad where he is proclaimed president. A new Californian SRCM will thus be created (registered) in San Luis Obispo.

In 1987, Chari again tries to seize the ashram of Shahjahanpur, but without success. SP Srivastava publishes the 2nd part of the autobiography of Babuji (1987-89).

In August 1991, Narayana leaves the clan of Chari and creates the ISRC.

In 1994, Umeshchandra brings to Srivastava his letter of nomination and makes it known that the letter of Chari is a counterfeit made from a stolen signed letterhead. He alleges also Chari to have poisoned his father. A senior preceptor accepts the letter of Umeshchandra, all then accept it and Srivastava resigns his position (interim president) to Umeshchandra Saxena who then chairs the SRCM of Shahjahanpur.

One of his preceptors leaves for the USA in 1996, and creates an Internet site “” where it publishes the 2 letters of nomination of Umeshchandra and Chari. A conflict then opposes the 2 SRCM on the domain name, and the arbitration is pronounced in favour of the clan of Umeshchandra in April 2000. The clan of Chari then hires a large law firm and carries the dispute before the federal Court of Virginia. The clan of Umeshchandra prefers to give up the case because of lack of financial means.

In 2000, Kasturi suddenly opposes Chari after she is rejected by him (Chari). She then teaches Sahaj Marg by herself from Lucknow.

Umeshchandra moves around the the ashram of Shahjahanpur with a revolver because he is afraid for his life. In 2003, he dies of “non-natural” causes. His son Navnnet KUMAR Saxena succeeds him, but his young brother is the victim of a suspect road accident only 13 days later.

Navneet KUMAR himself is the victim of an attempted poisoning on February 3, 2006. The clan of Chari invades the ashram of Shahjahanpur on April 2 then, after the death of the senior full preceptor, Raghavendra Rao, invades also the ashram of Raichur, and names AP Durai in charge on May 7, (2006). Testimonials in favour of the clan of the family of Babuji appear on the Web.

On January 18, 2007, it is the turn of Navneet KUMAR to be expressed himself on the Web. On February 7, the supreme Court rules: “Arguments heard. Orders reserved.” And Navneet creates his own site on February 22, where he publishes the 2 letters of nomination and the letter addressed to Jahagirdar where Babuji shows Chari as an “evildoer”…

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Anonymous said...

If you have a loved one in this stuff what do you do to open their eyes, as in get out? thanks

Anonymous said...

Why so much of difference of opinion between the so called top disciples of Babuji, viz., Chariji, Kasturiji, Sarnadji, K.C. Narayana, Dr.Varadhachari, Ragavendra Rao and others. If each of them are so called "Central region abhyasis" as Babuji used call them, why could not they stay together. Someone in "Central Region" is supposed to be almost free from ego, isn't it?

4d-Don said...

Hi Mr Critic...

Maybe the "central region" is not the realm of the ONE, so is not "UNITED". Maybe it's in the duality of the material or the physical and as such is not "spiritual"

By their fruit you will know them!!

The fruit of Sahaj Marg at the highest level is "division" and seperation and it thus divides the families of abhyasis and the communities it attracts to this "cult of a personality". When the personality was "humble" it could lead to the Unity of Spirit. When the personality is "material" and has ego and is more concerned with "nationalist" and "business" issues, the duality of the material world affects the structure and the pyramid expresses it's "corrupt" and divisive energy which is localized at the vertices...

That's my take on it and is simply an opinion but there must be a reason Sahaj Marg is so "divisive" and not "spiritual"

It is more "spiritualism" as in Messages from the dead, become a "living dead" and magic ring of Babuji "taken" by Chari etc...

What a Spiritual mess!!


Anonymous said...

dear brothers/sisters,
lalaji brought babuji from bhuma for the nature's work. babuji had taken dr.k.c.varadhachari and saint kasturi to the ultimate. also babuji had taken some abyasis to the central region. they are chariji, k.c.narayana, ragavendra rao, umesh sexena etc., but these persons slowly after babuji's mahasamadhi disintigrated into several groups and lost the original source. except saint kasturi none has the capacity to transmit the ultimate power. therefore, there is no use of going to these persons for spiritual progress. i have been in our mission for the last 40 years and this is my experience.except behanji( saint kasturi) rest everyone is either for power, name or a brother abyasi i sicerely request everyone to approch sister saint kasturi if you realy need spiritual benifit.

Anonymous said...

this is Don..

Hi anonymous...(please call yourself by another "id"..)

Thanks for your comments but...

If Chari and his group are an indication of what the CENTRAL REGION is, then we in our countries have "more elevated" regions than that and some of our "saints" do not resort to such "lowly" and "contemptable" tactics.

Maybe some of you who are "close" to the ONE (What some call by the Germanic (Gothic) word GOD), you can tell IT (not male and not a person) that IT'S representatives are not acting in a "civilized" manner and should be called to account as soon as possible before they bring our planet to war yet again in the name of: "GOD IS ON OUR SIDE" or "MY RELIGION (or country) RIGHT OR WRONG"

They are teaching that to the next generation of Children, your children, and then you will send these children and "representatives" to our shores as "recruiters" of our families and friends...

CLEAN UP YOUR OWN BACK YARD before you spread that disease to the World via the UN DPI also... That is not a "Product" that is beneficial to society and the PLANET...We need to come together and to learn from one another. These are not MASTERS of anything except the same "PROBLEM" and ATTITUDE that brought the Planet to the point where we are at.

These are TIMES of REFORMATION (that means to FORM AGAIN) and to do it right this time...Those who go to INDIA to find SPIRITUALITY and come back to our families with that "disease" are going to be "shunned" by us and marginalized so as to protect our families and friends...

Our Native Spirituality is much more in Harmony with Nature and MORE NATURAL than the SRCM of Chari.

Michael, (ex preceptor and inner circle of Chari member) said that UMESH was not even into "spirituality" when he was in India...Is that true?

There is no "REGION" closer to the ONE than any other...We are all CLOSE TO THE ONE...

All the other "IDOLS" of yours are made of CLAY and not worthy of our consideration...If they are "saintly" let them live a saintly life and leave the World to find the ONE on their own...IT will take less time than by going to INDIA and increasing the "carbon footprint" so as to "FIND" the ONE which is everywhere...even HERE!!