Friday, April 29, 2011

Chari of Sahaj Marg(tm) Invents Democracy!

Taken and translated from an article: "Chari Invente la Démocratie", by Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

4d-Don said:

Here Chari, the self-appointed, autocratic leader of a society which claims to be a "dictatorhip in favour of the president" in its own Constitution and By-Laws of 1945, and which is at best a "theocracy", is trying to lecture about the values of democracy.

Our western society is trying to evolve from a "Representative Democracy" into a more DIRECT DEMOCRACY (voting on the issues directly in binding "initiatives" originated and penned by the electorate) and Chari's regressive religious (elitist, sexist, racist, homophobic) SRCM(California-1997), spews the values of "representative" democracy (our current so-called: "four-year dictatorship").

Catch up to the morality of the civilized PEOPLE of the world, Chari, and stop persecuting our (and your) gay, lesbian and trans-gender brothers and sisters. Let us not forget the "darker than thou". (see here)

Catch up also, you SPIRITUAL adherent, who are stuck in regressive dictatorial religions, and their regressive religious immorality (kill the mother? God is male? Homosexuality is "un-natural"? Women can't be Masters? Babuji (the founder) chosing a mate for his son, by "skin complexion, height, cut"??), and who drag behind the societal pack. Spirituality (and its leaders) should lead, should it not?

To lead morally and ethically, the religious leader should be more moral and ethical than the lowly masses of "serfs" (as Babuji called the abhyasis). But, in Sahaj Marg(tm), they are not! They are not more moral, ehtical, loving, chanritable, evolved, etc... So they can't lead. They can only preach and point at others. Then, we will expose them and their spiritualist scams, and point at them!! We are their KARMA, accumulated by their "samskaras". ;-))

The methods used by our society for making decisions around the management of our collective political house (the town, the nation, and now: the Planet, Earth) are always evolving, as they must, or they will regress into anarchy and/or dictatorship, or worse, into theocracy. Our "representatives", the so-called "servants" may simply do NOTHING, thus giving us, the Masters of the House, a "dictatorship" between elections!! Or they will have PARTIES (Birthdays, weddings, games, congresses, seminars, retreats, etc )... as the religious and the spiritualists do!!

We will trans-form our collective selves (our house, our planet) and our individual selves at the same time.

April 29, 2011

Chari Invents Democracy

Excerpt from one of the latest speech Chari (Scatter the Seeds of Spirituality, March 9, 2011):


I pray that (…) this spirituality becomes something not exclusive to the few but common to the many, which is what should be the meaning of democracy. Democracy is not a vote. Democracy is a state where every individual has the same right to progress, and that right is guaranteed only in the spiritual field because it cannot be guaranteed in any other field."

(Translated to French)

Chari, the autocrat, the self-proclaimed master of Sahaj Marg, the self appointed president of the SRCM, claims to bring us spiritual democracy.

Certainly, democracy does not necessarily mean elections, it's just the case for our representative democracy, which is the model or example (your choice) most often put forward today.

For Chari, democracy is the right to progress for all, that is to say, spiritual progress, because there can be no other progress. There he goes inventing a kind of "spirito-cracy"

Let us remember that the SRCM and Sahaj Marg is not prohibited. Today nothing prevents the spiritual progress of the abhyasis. This democracy exists today, and if abhyasis are not progressing, the reasons are to be sought within the "House of SRCM(tm)" and nowhere else.

The abject failure of spiritual Sahaj Marg(tm) should not be blamed on the society that surrounds it; that would be too easy. The scapegoat is always the other ...

Our democracies are far from perfect, but the political project of Sahaj Marg is undemocratic; quite the contrary ...


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