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Fear and Money at Sahaj Marg (tm)

Taken from an article on the French blog of Elodie in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg Titled: Fear and Money

November 1, 2010

Fear And Money

Claude (from previous article) pointed out to me this article in the last issue of Echoes of Africa and the Indian Ocean. According to officials of the area, many misconceptions still exist between the expectations of African abhyasis and what is offered by Sahaj Marg. Primarily on the recurring questions around fear, and the finances of the Mission. The explanations offered have not been enough to dispel the rumors.

According to the article, one misconception which is circulating, states that preceptors claim to be volunteers, but that they (allegedly) receive money from the Mission. Overall, this is a misconception. But we can not forget the case of the Centre-in-Charge of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission in Mauritius (August 22, 2008), who did not hesitate to seek outside funding so he could quit his job and exercise his role of "spiritual worker" full time, (sic) at a rate of U.S. $ 50,000 per year.

To learn more, read 4d-Don (Sahaj Marg(tm) Preceptor Wants To Be Paid)

The African abhyasis are perhaps not wrong to remain vigilant as there are occasional abuses, and what is true for Africa is perhaps also true elsewhere.

Chari's Mission is constantly questioned about money and fear.
Is that surprising?


See comments by 4d-don at the end of this article and in "red italics".

This is the article which appeared in
Echoes of Africa (Oct. 1, 2010)
(for study and discussion only)

This clarification is deemed essential insofar as it’s repeatedly reported in the current context that, despite the information provided by prefects, many misconceptions remain regarding the expectations of our brothers and sisters in the Region about Sahaj Marg and the Mission. To confirm the topicality of these expectations, we asked prefects in Abidjan, Brazzaville and Douala to send us a list of questions commonly asked by brothers and sisters on the functioning of the Mission and on what abhyasis can “expect” of it.

The questions asked, confirm previous observations and emphasize that these expectations are generally out of sync with the objectives of our Mission and its modus operandi. A series of articles is being prepared as an open discussion meant to defuse this information gap. It will include two parts: this very introductory article and a subsequent article to be published in the next issue, focusing on questions asked by our brothers and sisters. These comments are intended for brothers and sisters in our centers and are justified as this lack of information seriously hampers the functioning and evolution of some of our centers.

Joining a spiritual way *

When he decides to join a spiritual way, the abhyasi in Africa generally remains overwhelmed with doubts and fears originating in his family, community and workplace which manifest themselves in different ways. Fears and rumours transpire in various discussions and questions raised during questions and answers sessions or visits in the centres. Rumours are also spread about the finances of the Mission.* These recurring questions are sheer evidence that the explanations provided so far have failed to dispel rumours and misconceptions. We find it useful to address two aspects - fear and the finance of the Mission – that emerge in expectations that are rooted in the context of modern African societies, disintegrated, where fear is exploited and money is considered the driving force of all organizations: worldly and spiritual. (...and?? What's new?? Some of us can read! The history of groups, specially the political power struggles to control the "material" and the court cases are now "on-line"...see the "Index Of Articles On This Blog" on the right margin of this blog ... all with "hypertext" so you can click on the word and it will take you to the "SOURCE" ... Or Google any topic about Sahaj Marg(tm) or Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM), and you will find an article on this blog which is pertinent to your searched topic.)


Today’s African is no longer necessarily the member of a group sharing the same beliefs and systems of values. Prevailing societal systems are no longer integrated in terms of their key aspects - material, social, spiritual, law, etc. Therefore the individual in modernizing societies is prey to all sorts of upheavals in groups that lost most of their values and integrated regulatory mechanisms. Safeguards that were supposed to prevent an individual from making a selfish use of collective, religious or occult powers were destroyed. The mechanisms of mutual assistance, solidarity and individual participation on a voluntary basis to collective projects whether mundane, religious or initiatory have collapsed. And whereas the group was a protective institution, today’s modern groups are expressions of selfishness, egotistic powers, fear, intimidation, fierce competition, fake/useless democracy** and encouragement to find in charismatic temples, material solutions to one’s problems. (So, how about you join us, who are blessed with much "material", and everytime we go there, we bring something to give them. Or else, we stay home and BE SPIRITUAL, and the money we would spend to "go there", we send them that money, directly to your "abhyasi brothers and sisters" ... We can call it: Survival spirituality for the Planet and for the Societies who are at the "survival thresholds"... WE may be there next... It is our survival also... We don't just "send a prayer"... that is for religions to do... But we send them the MONEY!! or the FOOD! And put away your collection plate, your receipt books, and your "STUFF FOR SALE so the buyer can be blessed for the "other life". Put it all (books, photos, etc...) on-line for FREE!! Sell your retreats, spas, commercial properties, and your "luxuries" of material things (statues, busts, icons, etc...) which are not used most of the time, like the many "cottages", your "6 story commercial buildings", and give the money to the needy and live by the standards of SPIRIT!!

Or else, don't sell words of SPIRITUALITY (book knowledge), if you don't "LIVE IT" ... )

Fear (for one's life, and/or for one's family's life) is the most serious consequence of the disintegration of the traditional holistic system. The sense of respect for religious principles, law and community rules that was taught and instilled through various methods: child education, theatrical performances, rites of passage, initiation, poems, evening tales and stories, songs – enchanting or frightening. The truth, purpose or principles underlying the approaches used were only revealed to initiated people or some specific segments of the group. What has remained of this after the collapse of the traditional system is fear. To enforce some rules, reference to ancestors or spirits was also invoked. This also has now turned into fear – fear of the evil eye, of curse, of spirits and dead people– in the face of which all sorts of solutions are implemented. This includes consulting fetish practitioners, “marabouts” and magicians, and joining religious, esoteric and spiritual movements to secure spiritual protection. (You, the religious, and the Spiritualists (Mediums, messages from the dead, egregores, etc...) are the magicians, the marabouts, who are still trying to get a penny or a pound of flesh from the workers and the poor. GIVE and BE!!... on your way!! )

The current proliferation and craze for Pentecostal and Evangelical groups in most Sub-Saharan countries also stems from the above. (You, at Sahaj Marg(tm), (trade-marked for trade and commerce) are the proselytizers, the dogmatic, the Pentacostal and the Evangelist groups, the RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUALIST, the know-it-alls ... the "representatives of God (male), who don't DO and Give, but DO and Take. Might as well go home with your "mediums" and your "messages from the dead, your egregores, and simply BE, and send the MONEY you would spend (on oil and gas) GOING there!! ) The expansion is particularly manifest in urban cities where the groups’ clientele include men and women from all social segments. They reportedly deliver from evil and demonic forces and provide counselling services. As per their prosperity gospel, they also promise quick success – professional and family – miraculous healings and material prosperity, for which miracle rallies are organised.


This is the context in which one may find oneself in Africa while struggling for spiritual growth. The calling to spiritual growth can be easily marred by "noises" which at first will sound as "emergencies" to be attended - protection against the evil eye and improvement of material life - by joining groups purportedly effective in that.

This problem manifests itself in Mission centers: Abidjan, Douala and Bafoussam, and elsewhere. As elsewhere in deliverance assemblies, money is associated with fear, many people believe that in the Mission too, the propagation of spiritual teachings is money-oriented.

Very many misconceptions are being spread, including:

• The Mission is rich. One should simply to ask for the necessary overheads money for the centers, instead of seeking it from abhyasis;

• The prefects pretend they are volunteers, when in fact they are compensated for that, or at least they receive money from the Mission.

Yet it is essential for our spiritual development as well as for the growth of the Mission in Africa, that abhyasis should be sufficiently mature and responsible to clearly understand a number of facts. They should understand the specificities of our way and that there is no hidden strategy to our teaching system being free. There is "no trap" - as some people believe - meant to lure them in. In a general context of lost values and suspicion more explanations may be required. In such a context, one may be tempted to resort to all sorts of pretexts to shy away from contributing to the functioning of the centers.

At Sahaj Marg, like with all religions, they expand by selling "stuff", (material stuff such as books, photos, dvd's, cd's,), then there are the "tourism" to India, so as to be "blessed" properly by the Master, and there, buy more "stuff"... The Africans are "mature" and can also do their own research on-line ... Much as Sahaj Marg divides the families in the western societies where they move into, the do the same in Africa ... They are addicted to growth, cancerous growth so as to egotistically claim to have "conquered the world" for "mother India" ... The Christians and the Muslims and other religious colononialists have done the same with their nationalist and imperialist dreams ...

In centers where a meditation room is leased, like in Abidjan, Douala and Bafoussam,
centres-in-charge and other prefects try in vain, on a regular basis, to prod the brothers and sisters into contributing financially to the rental and running costs of the centers. Suggestions that they can contribute services as volunteers are ineffective likewise. (The Africans are wise!! Let the wealthy "inner circle" of Sahaj Marg (tm), pay for them, their "brothers and sisters") It is always the same few people, a handful of them, who contribute regularly, taking on a too heavy financial burden which would be lighter if there were a greater number of contributors. Some abhyasis ask for money from prefects for their transport from home to the meditation places. It’s worth underlining that their requests don’t necessarily stem from poverty as most of them believe that prefects receive funding from the Headquarters. (Let Chari and the inner circle, pay for his many "cottages" around India and the world, and their "retreats, ranches, castles, and spas", and give the money to the African "brothers and sisters" so they might have a "first HOME" and food ... not a second or third house as some in Sahaj Marg(tm))

Some abhyasis make it clear that unless they are provided money for transport, they will not attend spiritual activities on a regular basis, as if they had to be "compensated" for their involvement in the centre’s activities. (They have become like your "MASTER" and leadership and are trying to live off "they system"... just like many of you ... )

The requests mentioned here are not justified by the paucity of financial resources. Indeed, most of these very brothers and sisters will easily spend more money for their favourite leisure activities *** . A brother can find it difficult to spend FCFA 1000 (about $ 2) on transport to the centres, but he will not mind and will instead do everything possible to spend 10 times more, say FCFA 10 000 (about $ 20) to watch the game of his favourite soccer team. Similarly, a brother may consider that he cannot afford to contribute FCFA 2000 ($ 4) monthly for the center, yet they will easily offer FCFA 150,000 ($ 300) to a "witch doctor" supposed to "fix" their problems. (Arrogance... and un-founded accusations)

Therefore, poverty or lack of resources are not necessarily the reasons why our brothers and sisters expect to be financially as assisted or why they don’t engage in the running of the centres. It’s worth noting that conversely, the most deprived abhyasis do strive to contribute something and become actively involved in the activities of the centres. These attitudes are sheer evidence that for some brothers and sisters, spiritual practice as proposed in our way is not a real priority. (Their eyes are open...)

The Mission

It should be recalled that the Mission is a non-profit organization incorporated as such in India in 1945. (wrong! *) Its branches in the different countries around the world are likewise officially registered under equivalent status in accordance with the law of those countries. Wherever the mission is officially recognized, a Board of Directors is formed whose members are elected (appointed... then rubber-stamped by an OBEDIENT and submissive membership ... no dissent is tolerated) for a limited period, generally three years. The duties of a Board member, in any association whatever it is, are discharged on a voluntary basis. Exclusively as volunteers. They don’t benefit from any compensation or defrayal of expenses incurred in performing their duties.

Persons who wish to serve Master as prefect volunteer their services. Prefects are not compensated for their services monetarily. They don’t receive from the Mission any material or financial benefit of any kind whatsoever. (Words are cheap! ... And you obviously are not privy to all the information. So prove that statement! ... Make all financial records of the SRCM (California-1997) PUBLIC! You are supposed to be a Charity and operating by the "democratic" principles, right?? You are not the kind of people who would mark "donation" on a receit for the sale of food, book, etc.. (lies), so as to avoid paying taxes in other countries?? Are you??

Sources of income of the Mission, either at the central level in India, or in any center in a country consist of membership fees - as per the terms and conditions set forth by the Board of Directors - and donations granted by its members at their free will. (for Charity?? RIGHT?? So Give as Charity!! Don't use it for your "comfort" (retreats, spas, ranches, castles, etc..) and opulence (statues, busts, idolatry, etc..) as with the "corrupt" religions!! ...

Indeed, under as per its statutes, the Mission does not ask for, nor does it receive any payment for the services rendered by the spiritual Master to the members of the Mission, whether these are visible and invisible services directly provided by the Master, or those relayed by the prefects and other functionaries of the Mission. (What religions practice is the "Fear and Temptation" to sell their books, services, magic, spiritualism, etc... by so-called "volunteers" who are really "judas-goats" who deliver their friends and family to the foreign control of the Pyramids of Power which are "RELIGIONS" and "spiritualist" groups such as Sahaj Marg(tm)!!)

The funds collected by the Mission, in centers where contributions are actually collected and where donations are received, are used in their entirety to achieve the spiritual goals of the mission and are in no way invested in money-making or material-related business. * To date, in Francophone Africa, no center has managed as yet to secure the minimum contribution required to rent a meditation room on a regular basis, let alone to acquire or build a center worthy of the name. The meditation premises in Abidjan, Douala and Bafoussam, to only name these three examples, are rented using voluntary donations from a handful of members only. This means that if the present conditions – insufficient contributions and scarcity of local donations – persist, in the absence of exceptional donations, these three centers will stop hiring the said meditation places.

In the centers in India, many ashrams are built with donations from generous benefactors. Likewise, relatively speaking - in terms of financial and demographic levels - in Africa, the abhyasis should be able, in proportion to their number and their financial resources, to meet the basic material needs of the centers. They have yet to be truly willing to do so, by aligning their material contribution – voluntarily, steadily and on a regular basis – with their spiritual commitment. Only in this way will they be able to create and maintain the material conditions conducive to sheltering the spiritual activities necessary for their spiritual growth.


Don's Comments:

Become a "skeptic" and Research before you join and "pay" to a group of nationalist, imperialist, spiritualist "businessmen" ... Like all "businessmen", they "SELL" stuff (books, icons, souvenirs, favours, magic, promises of rewards on the "other side", in another life, etc ... and collect "donations" now, as if they were a "CHARITY" (tax-exempt ... the wealthy taking from the poor, and using religion and their "insured beyond the grave", scam? What is wrong with this picture?? )

Look at who "owns" the Material: The Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (see who are the directors)

The "not for profit" Shri Ram Chandra Mission (California-1997) does not own any of the material for which they ask you to donate your time and money to "build", and which they control from "outside" the society ... you will never control anything in such a pseudo-non-profit society which is supposed to be "democratic" according to the laws of most countries and the UN DPI (United Nations Department of Public Information) ... SRCM(California-1997) is a DICTATORSHIP controlled and operated by businessmen ... wealthy businessmen who want to expand their commercial "markets" of MATERIAL products and services.

* Sahaj Marg(tm) is more accurately a "SPIRITUALIST" way, which uses "FEAR and TEMPTATION as it's "come-on" or as a way to lure and then to keep the "serfs" in line. Sahaj Marg(tm) uses anonymous Mediums, channeled messages from the dead, egregores, and an invented or made-up lineage ... (The anonymous French Medium claims to love her "channeled" anonymous "beings of Light"!! (Lucifer? Lux=Light Fer=Bearer) Who are they?? How many are they??

* Sell the 25 acre Spurs Ranch (retreat for the well-to-do) and the many commercial buildings (material) in Europe, and help your African Brothers and Sisters who are in "material" need.

* Chari's "break-away" group, the SRCM (California-1997) was registered in San Luis Obispo, California, USA in 1997. That year, the SMRTI (which was Dr. Varadachari's invention, and called the SMRI (Sahaj Marg Research Institute... Chari added "teaching"..) was registered in Austin, Texas, USA in 1997.

* Sell one of Chari's many "cottages" paid for and built by the MISSION, (a Charity??) and help your African Brothers and Sisters who are in "material" need ... Give one of Chari's many 'homes" to some who have no HOME!! Have a HEART!! If you can't find your heart, (as you gaze at your "navel"), then use your BRAIN and THINK!! Science now has proof that love is of and from the BRAIN, not of and from the lowly PUMP, the heart...

* What about the 6 storey commercial buildings "invested" in Europe (Lyon, France). Give some of that money (profit) , which you took from the FRENCH economy (tax-free??), to your African Brothers and Sisters, who need some "material".

** How fake is your Sahaj Marg(tm) SPIRITUALISM? (trade marked for commerce and trade (materialism) ... Representative Democracy is a start in empowering the PEOPLE ... It will "evolve" to Direct Democracy ... It is much better than the "religious" THEOCRACY!! That "divine rights of kings" (of of Godmen), is what we in the WEST "ousted" in a series of "revolutions" starting in the 12th Century to the 20th Century ... This "revolution of the Peasants" (the independent bloggers) is the last ... We are taking our FREEDOM from the "GODMEN" and the GOD-KINGS of RELIGION and SPIRITUALISM (wealthy nationalists, imperialists, and materialists who fraudulently call themselves "spirituality") !!

*** Spurious accusation!! Rumours and LIES !! ... Prove that or "shut it" !! How SPIRITUAL!! ;-0)

Sell the 25 acre SPURS Ranch (SPURS are tools of pain, invented by "meat-eating" cowboys to inflict pain to a horse) where you (wealthy businessmen) take a "retreat from making money", and give the money you gathered as a "charity" (tax-exempt), to those who have no "HOME"!! I guess the wealthy businessmen just love the "myth" of the wild west cowboy and, being addicts to POWER, they can't change the name to one which is more "spiritual" or compassionate ... One can only guess that: "They just don't think that way!!"


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