Friday, April 10, 2009

Sahaj Marg, SRCM(California 1997), and the "Fake Spiritual Guru"!

See this short but great article using a Youtube interview by Dr. Acharya Shree Yogeesh, the founding Guru of Yogeesh Ashram, founded in the Anaheim hills, and now registered as a "non-profit" organization, in Riverside, California in 1995, with a retreat center opened in April, 2008, near Dallas,Texas. The author uses the words from Chari's speeches, the current Master of SRCM (California-1997), to expose an alleged "fake guru":

(click here) A Fake Spiritual Guru

Will we soon have "certification" bodies for Gurus and their "preceptors" (priests), as we have for other "mental health" professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and/or therapists? Even with pharmacists, the "preceptors" (clinical teachers) of the pharmacists teaching program at the University of Texas, has established some criteria and standards. See: Becoming an Effective Preceptor Program at University of Texas.

Some religious and spiritual practitioners, much like many pharmaceuticals used by Mental Health practitioners target (knowingly or not) the pineal and other glands, and their secretions (melatonin, dopamine, etc...) in their claims to scientifically "balance" the individual, thus making him/her happy, content or blissful. Whether the "targets" are called by the more religious "disciple, follower, adept, abhyasis, etc... or the more secular and/or medical: client, patient, case, etc..., the claims of the religious/spiritual "preceptor", and the "pharmacist" establishment "preceptor" should be overseen by an "at arm's length" body.

This is more so, specially when the founders of these "meditation" systems include in their material an "age warning" (18 yrs old) and when their literature contains the dangers, and incidents of "over-dose" in the past. When the "hammered" (see Speech by Chari) pressure of believing and adhering to certain "religious dogmas and rituals" leads to documented cases of suicide or attempted murder (arranged marriages by the "sect leader"), is it not a sign that the "medicine" (blind obedience or becoming a "living dead") is handled too "cavalierly" and that the "cure" is more harmful than the disease in some cases. Is it not time for "oversight"?

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