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Why Does Sahaj Marg Use Egregores? A Freemason Perspective!!

Taken from the ILLUMINATI NEWS article:

Exerpts from:
Understanding the Occult: What is an Egregore?
by Theron Dunn, 32° Freemason

Category: Occultism Explained

4d-Don's Comment: Chari and the SRCM (California -1997) claim that there are no rituals in Sahaj Marg!! That is not the case according to this article, as the freemasons who apparently call on an "egregore", call that a "ritual" as it should be called. At least the Freemasons seem to be honest about that fact. Why is the SRCM (California - 1997) still claiming to be "spirituality" and not "spiritualism". This is obvious with the messages channeled by an anonymous French lady from the "spirits" of the deceased, that will become their "Bible" according to Chari, the President, and now, an "urging" by this same President/Master, for the "abhyasis" to "create an egregore" (a ritual). So Sahaj Marg apparently is Raja Yoga, Spiritualism, and ritualistically using autonomous psychic entities called: "egregores".

Tell that to your new "recruits". Tell them that the experience in Sahaj Marg comes from an "egregore" and is partly due to "lack of oxygen" as Chari said in a speech. (see here)
. Sahaj Marg is simply re-gurgitating the psychic energy of the GROUP... So Frank (Pitfalls of Spirituality blog) seems to have been right about the "groupthink" (egregore) going on in Sahaj Marg.

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From the "Illuminati News" article:

Following are the four primary occultist definitions: (see article for references)

An energized astral form produced consciously or unconsciously by human agency. In particular, (a) a strongly characterized form, usually an archetypal image, produced by the imaginative and emotional energies of a religious or magical group collectively, or (b) an astral shape of any kind, deliberately formulated by a magician to carry a specific force.[1]

…from a Greek word meaning “watcher.” A thought-form created by will and visualization. A group egregore is the distinctive energy of a specific group of magicians who are working together, creating and building the same thought-form or energy-form.[2]

Any symbolic pattern that has served as a focus for human emotion and energy will build up an egregore of its own over time, and the more energy that is put into such a pattern, the more potent the egregore that will form around it. The gods and goddesses of every religion, past and present, are at the centers of vast egregore charged with specific kinds of power. This power is defined by, and contacted through, the traditional symbolism of the deity in question.[3]

An egregore is an angel, sometimes called watcher; in Hebrew the word is ir, and the concept appears in The Book of Enoch.... Thus, Irim, the city of the Nephilim is again linked with the Book of Enoch, since the Nephilim, according to that Book, were the sons of the Irim (the egregores.)....Although the Irim, the egregores, are angels on both sides of the camp - fallen angels as well as faithful ones.[4]

(see the full article here) The author continues...

René Guénon, a prolific writer on Masonic philosophy offers the following:

In a lodge of freemasons, the egregore is strengthened by time and experience, and the will and intention of good men. The strength of the egregore is patent in the effect the ritual has on the candidate, and effect that cannot be accounted for simply in the execution of the ritual itself.

We have all experienced the thrill, the exhilaration of the initiation, and the emotional high that carries us for days afterward as the flame is kindled in our breast. This is the spirit the egregore connects us with that fills us and carries us. It is this spirit that breathes in us, inspires us with brotherly love, relief, truth and charity.

The spirit is from the divine. The egregore is the psychic link between the mortal to the spirit. The mason is inspired by the breath of the spirit.

And thus: freemasonry.

4d-Don said:

And thus Sahaj Marg?? So much for "UNIQUENESS" of the "Easy path" or the "all new" NATURAL PATH that has become: Sahaj Marg under Chari. Abhyasis should become "freemasons" or join the "Illuminati" ... they seem to be more UP FRONT!! Also, the freemasons seem to do "charity" and they also seem to be getting "transmisssion" from the "divine"?
Navneet is a Mason, is Chari? Is Sahaj Marg still claimed to be "UNIQUE"? With a straight face? The Preceptors can lie because they don't seem to be able to think critically for themselves, and simply repeat what they have been "indoctrinated" to say, by the group, (groupthink) and/or do not seem to have much "morality" and/or "ethics" transmitted to them by their "egregore"!!

According to social psychologist Stanley Milgram (1933-1984), and confirmed in 2008 by P. Burger, (Dept of Psychology, Santa Clara University, California) with a contemporary population, 70% of those around you (friends, family) would apparently chose to put your life in peril by blindly obeying an authority figure, rather than questionning the meaning of, and/or the reason for the order and to disobey. Hence the power of RELIGION!!

Hence the temptation and the area of possible corruption in religion, harmful sects (cults...of a PERSON), and some self-called "spiritual groups" !!

And Babuji claimed that in Sahaj Marg, the ability to use such "powers" (of egregores), was taken away. Not so ... It was just "wishful thinking" on Babuji's part. Thus making Sahaj Marg a "dangerous" or a "harmful sect". The "egregore" created by decree from Chari may or may not use its power autonomously, through "GROUPTHINK", because of the sub-conscious activity of the self-titled "good men (and women)" in the all-new SRCM (California - 1997). Of course, all sub-consciously!! In dreams. Or as Freud, the first MASTER of psychology, might have said when he was living: "The Monster is of the id" ... the violence and much of the manifestations of corruption come from the "lunatic fringe" that hangs around those who claim to give, but who sell, POWER ! The PRICE? OBEDIENCE!

And all in the name of BROTHERHOOD! He's (Chari) too Heavy (too much material or "mass") ! He ain't aware of the REALITY of being my (Spiritual) BROTHER ... yet !! He calls me "enemy"! And he would not use an "egregore" and its "divisions"?  Or would he?  I don't, even though I can !! We don't use that "archangelic" POWER!! We gave it up and we (the followers of Christ) also limited its use by taking that manipulative power away from the VATICAN in the 12th century.  And that is what Babuji also taught for the followers of his Sahaj Marg!! He knew!!

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