Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chari's Million Dollar "Western Blue Jeans"

Taken from a speeches by Chari, The current Master of the SRCM (California-1997) in their September, 2009 Newsletter: Echoes of North America

Comments by 4d-don are in "red italics"

"I mean, what are we to think of such a civilization, such a modernization, such a comfort- seeking environment where the bottom end of your alimentary system is more important than the top end? You put in filth through the top end, and worship at the other end. I mean, this is my comment. I mean, I don’t pull punches, as William Waycott at least should know, having given him my address long ago when he tried to twist my tail about the first pair of jeans I ever wore. [Laughter]"

On one of Chari's trip to the USA, a photo of him "sporting" some new "western blue jeans", was posted on the INTERNET and was removed just as quickly .... WHY?? Notice the "blue jeans" issue again and again in other speeches!! So how much to get Chari to promote a "product"...say... "western blue jeans" manufactured in India by the "denim baron", a member of the funding body of SRCM (California-1997) called: Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF)? How much to have him WEAR some "western blue jeans", that have become a "commercial" symbol from the "corrupt west"?


Everyone Deserves to Become
Talk given by Shri P. Rajagopalachari at Westport, Connecticut, USA on August 31, 2003

"Have we the guts? Have we the love for that man who's leading you to say, "Come with me" and you come. A mere fellow in, shall we say, Armani jeans costing $777, looks at you, winks, and you follow him. Disgraceful! Jeans are attracting, not the man. Do we see the worth of people with whom we are interacting? Do we judge with the heart or with the head? Do we see with our eyes or with the divine wisdom with which the heart is endowed? Our life has become very trivial, very superficial. "Beautiful ice cream!" "Lovely pizza!" [chuckles] I don't know - all these terms, which, we have you know, misplaced. There are no more lovely girls. There are lovely pizzas. There are no beautiful girls, there are beautiful ice-creams. No? Transposition of values in the wrong apertures, avenues."

(Fixated on the "material"?? But targeting Armani jeans "negatively". Some seem to judge with their "butts"!! The "heart" is a PUMP... The Divine is EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHEN ... or NOTHING at ALL ... or ALL!! ... USE your head Chari... as you do to make MONEY!! Don't "dense" our children so as to "control" them and have them obey you and your "clan"!! )

Adding Spirit to Knowledge
A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari during the Republic Day Celebrations on 26th January, 2006 at Lalaji Memorial Omega School, Chennai, India.

"We have even received a donation from the U.S.A. for one million dollars—one single donation"

(Putting pressure on other potential "donors"??)

What is it with "Blue Jeans", Chari ?? Are you being "subliminal" in your advertising?

Read this "interview" ...


Interview with Sanjay Lalbhai, Managing Director of Arvind Mills Ltd.
Arvind Mills Ltd is one of India's largest composite manufacturer of textiles, denims, shirting's, knits and khakis. It has today acquired fame and position as one of the foremost denim and jeans manufacturer of the world.

Founded by scion Kasturbhai Lalbhai, the Lalbhai's are one of the leading families of the State of Gujarat, India, and Ahmedabad City, in particular.

If Ahmedabad City was known as 'Manchester of the East,' then it owes a lot to the Lalbhai family. Thus, Arvind Mills Limited has a rich legacy.

Following the rich and checkered tradition, Mr Sanjay Lalbhai, Managing Director, M/s Arvind Mills Ltd., leads the third generation of the Lalbhai family in the business and who has over a quarter century of experience leading the company to its present stature.

Face2Face presents Mr Sanjay Lalbhai, who in his inimitable style speaks about the company and shares its vision.

Who "owns" the Sahaj Marg Sprirituality Foundation (SMSF), the funding body of SRCM (California-1997) beside Chari and his real-estate "developer" son?

Patent Office records. Look under SMSF (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation), the funding body for SRCM (California-1997).

Trade Mark Journal No. 1350, Regular, August 16, 2006. CLASS 9 (page 1502)


Advertised before acceptance under section(20)1 proviso
1335779 - 02/02/2005


1332218 - 14/01/2005



Address for service in India/Agents address:
SUITE 404, LAW ARCADE, 18, - PUSA ROAD, NEW DELHI - 110 005.
User claimed since 01/01/2002


From: 2. Master's visit to Kolkata (25th to 30th December, 2008)
It was a rare occasion when all the five trustees (Br. Ajay Bhatter, Br. Sanjay Lallbhai, Br. P. R. Krishna, Br. R. P. Uma Shankar and Master Himself) were present for an event and Master was quite pleased with this, explicitly mentioning this in His talk and subsequently, even taking a photo with the trustees outside His resting area.

Listen Imbibe and Follow

A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari partly in Hindi and Gujarati on 11th July 2006 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

"So I have especially to bring our Gujarati brothers and sisters to some state of awakening, that unless you are able to give, not your money, not your house, not your flat (because flat you are only giving to your children), you must give your heart. And I must say that I am proud to have a brother in Sanjay Lalbhai, and a sister in Jayshreeben, who have given so much to make this ashram a reality. Without them this ashram would not be here. Because I have been hearing and talking of an ashram even when Babuji Maharaj was with us, twenty-five years ago, thirty-five years ago. We have seen pieces of land—but there it remained. Nobody wants to bell the cat, because they say, “If I put my foot forward first, I will have to give the first donation.” And then they will proceed with all sorts of excuses: “We have a big room at home,” “We have Surajbhanji who has provided a subterranean, magnificent meditation hall, which we used for many years. So what is the need for today?” With the result that what was one rupee per square foot or whatever, today has become a lakh of [hundred thousand] rupees per square foot."

In a Speech on Dec. 29, 2008, at Kharaghpur, India, called: Love Alone Prevails Chari says:

"And I have pleasure in saying that all the five trustees of the Foundation will be here. Four are already here, the fifth is on the way. Brother Ajay Bhatter, brother Sanjay Lalbhai from Ahmedabad, brother Umashankar from Allahabad, P.R. Krishna from Madras, and myself."

Now everybody in Sahaj Marg or the SRCM (California-1997) go out and buy some "western blue jeans" and hang around their "SPURS" ranch, so as to look like "Chari", and the other "inner circle" members of your Master clan !!

Ah!! The power of "COMMERCIALISM"... is that not of the MATERIAL? ... not of the SPIRITUAL! Are all other "RELIGIONS" so corrupt? Will there now be a "dress code" for Sahaj Marg? Denim or khaki??

Does the POPE sell himself and/or his "blessings" (or indulgences) as a "commercial pay back" for donations? Yes!! ... but that was in the 14th century ... and that brought about the "Protestant REFORMATION"!! Do other "Masters" of religion sell themselves to promote consumer "products"? Does the Dalai Lama?

Religion and Business as "strange bed-fellows" is not "NEW"!! Nationalists doing business in (or invading) a foreign market where the "consumers" are first made "obedient" and called "serfs" and where the Master and/or his "Master clan" is manufacturer, advertiser, promoter and salesman of the consumer products, is like having a license to print money!! ... How "convenient"!!

Sahaj Marg's Reformation is at Hand!!

When one donates to SMSF, one donates to the equivalent of a "PRIVATELY" owned foundation. SRCM (California-1997) claims to be a charity registered under the "societies" act, and is claiming "tax-exempt" status in many other countries. The SRCM (California-1997) "charity" with "tax-exempt" status is to build Ashrams to spread Sahaj Marg (tm), and to build "private schools" in some other "foreign" country (India) for the children of the "well-to-do", not as charity for the "poor". The poor can't afford "private school" fees.

Sahaj Marg as a Spiritual Natural Path? It's all about MONEY, and MARKETS!! See where the "inner circle" is doing business and you will see where the next "ashram" will be. They will be near a "technical school" or a "University", and some "student" will become "preceptor" and cast the "spider's web" (Chari's metaphor). Babuji would weep! But you won't see that in the "whispers" channeled daily by the anonymous French Lady Medium who's messages from "beyond the grave", are to be used to write the NEW SAHAJ MARG BIBLE!! What a joke!! A Master who can't get his messages directly from either the Founder of the "unique" system or the Divine, and a Master (founder) who has attained such a lowly status in their "Brighter world" that he is now reach-able by an anonymous French Lady MEDIUM, who can't be a Master in Sahaj Marg because she's a woman.  That is according to the current Master, Chari!!  What a farce !! Their Founder has obviously not reached the "un-attainable" Central Region but is on a lowly "ghostly plane" ...  so lowly that when he chose a wife for his son, the stipulation (in letters to Chari) were that she not have "slava" (dark) complexion and be of the right "height and cut" (not too tall, and not too "fat").  They are making it up as they go along ...

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad!! Some poor "westerners" are so desperate that they actually believe that spiritualist "fairy tale". They believe that they are going to "heaven" or the "Brighter World" when they (75% are middle-aged women) die ... so they too can send messages to the Sahaj Marg MEDIUMS ... lol lol ;-)) Baa! Baa! The poor lost sheep from other RELIGIONS !! Supporting and even worshiping foreign businessmen as they invade their domestic markets, and continue their developing (increasing their carbon footprint) as the planet "weeps" and the (judas goat) abhyasis try to have our national "carbon quotas" reduced !! ...

Don't ask questions, little "serfs" (using your head), or you will be called the "enemies of Spirituality" as Chari has done with anyone who leaves his "herd" and questions his "divine wisdom". Just bring the Master and his "Master clan" (caste) some more "NUMBERS" ... use his SPIDER's WEB on your friends and family and compatriots !!

As with the old philosophical question: "Would you rather be a "contented pig" or Plato?"

In Sahaj Marg, the answer is a "resounding": OINK, OINK!!



Anonymous said...

The contradictions in Charis speeches are so blatant it would take until next year to search through them all. November 2009 he claims 1 hour and 18 minutes is all you need to do. January 2009 new year speech you have to meditate ALL THE TIME!!! Otherwise the practice is useless. That is one of a thousand. Every speech and sandesh he produces wipes out the other. He must read the blogs too. Since a lot of the defensive material is taken from the dicussions eg NPD has been brought up during his speeches. So Chari is aloud to look up mental disorders and find out all about them. While blocking out all distractions and focusing on the heart. The contradictions for a thinking person like Chari never bore him either. He seriously needs to read the pile of crap he has projected onto the humans who were unfortunate enough to cross the path of a man who believes he is GOD.

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

Flawed theology leads to a flawed philosophy (or "no philosophy" as Chari likes to say about Sahaj Marg), which then leads to a flawed psychology, flawed institutions, and then flawed members of those institutions ...

But SRCM (California-1997) is about nationalism, imperialism, and capitalism ... It is about the invasion and expansion of MARKETS in line with the philosophy of the Indian Chamber of Commerce "DIASPORA", which they support, and encourage, and who's members "FUND".

They are creating markets for "Indian" products ... "OBEDIENCE" is the TOOL of the pseudo-religious, nationalist, imperialist clan that is Chari's Inner Circle at SRCM(California-1997).

Just my humble opinion...

There is only one, ONE, what some call by the Germanic (Gothic) word G-O-D. And IT is not called by a "name" but can be said to have an attribute of ONE-ness (a number?)

Moses in the Jewish Bible, said that the CREATOR spoke to him from the burning "BUSH" ;-)), and called ITSELF: "I AM THAT I AM" (not a "WHO" (a personal pronoun) or not a PERSON, but a "THAT", or a Principle, a SPIRIT, or a THING.)

Then the neo-religious refer to the ONE, Creative force that CREATED the ALL, as "Him" (male).

Such Flawed theology allows the dis-empowerment, control, and discrimination of over half of the population (the females), who will never be "Master" in Sahaj Marg, according to Chari.

Then we have the religious persecution by the same "god-inspired" pseudo-religious set, of the gays, lesbians, and trans-genders!!

What a mess!! ... What a mess!!